Akita as Guard Dog: 13 Interesting Unknown Facts

Akita as Guard Dog: 13 Interesting Unknown Facts

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With vast options for safety and security, many people prefer four-legged furry friends to protect them and their house. Now I will share with you what you need to know if you are considering the Akita as guard dog.

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Akita Physical Traits

Akitas are large dogs and have an attractive appearance and dignified expression.

They have a double-layer with a soft, dense undercoat and a short topcoat. Their identifying features are small eyes, erect ears, muscular bodies, and confident disposition.

The legs are straight and strong. The tail is large and usually curled over the body. They look powerful with their size and well-balanced proportions.

Male Akitas stand 26 to 28 inches and weigh 85 to 130 pounds. Female dogs stand 24 to 26 inches and weigh 70 to 110 pounds.

Akita temperature tolerance

Their sheer size creates a frightening sight for strangers and an effective barrier for any intruder. With a vigilance spirit and intense look, Akitas make some people feel both adorable and scary at the same time.

Akitas are noble and confident when walking. They are fast, strong, and have a lot of stamina when they need to run. With their physique, the Akita breed is a natural-born guard dog.

Akita Temperament

The Akita was bred as a hunting dog in the mountains of Japan and is independent, persistent, and alert. They are silent hunters and endurance runners. Akitas are big but not loud. They only bark when necessary. As a result, they serve as effective early warning signals.

Akitas have a calm and calculating temperament. They act like Sherlock and scan their surroundings all the time. They react to dangers in different ways that can be difficult to decipher.

The body language of Akita dogs is not expressive. Some may stare, nudge, or bark when on high alert. This dog breed is mostly quiet. Therefore, you should pay attention when Akita barks.

where is hachiko statue

Akita is one of the most loyal dog breeds. A testament is the touching story of a loyal dog named Hachiko, the dog who waited for his owner for nine years in a Japanese train station. Touched by this story, many dog owners also want to have an Akita in their life.

Akita dogs truly fit the phrase “man’s best friend.” For any owner who wants this dog breed to guard your home, their instincts will not fail you.

What makes a dog a guard dog?

guard dog (not to be confused with an attack dog) is a dog used to watch for and guard property against unwanted or unexpected human or animal intruders.

According to the American Kennel Club, good guard dogs are dedicated, brave, and know when to fight off intruders. The dog is wise so that he does not annoy or attack the resident humans of the house.

Training them since they are puppies, these dogs are willing to do whatever to protect you. They will make you feel safe and give you lifelong love and affection.

Akita as guard dog

akita as guard dog

Are Akitas good guard dogs? Akita are good guard dogs because of their natural hunting instincts, powerful physique, extremely loyal, and alertness. They possess the qualities of a good guard dog.

If you are looking for a loyal dog, alert of strangers, and will protect your family and your home, the Akita is a good choice for you. They are gentle giants who watch any intrusion into their territory.

Bred to protect royalty and nobility in feudal Japan, this brave and alert dog breed is wary of strangers naturally. In addition, in Japanese history, Samurai soldiers chose them as guardians. The Akita breed is considered a symbol of protection in Japan.

Akitas are reliable companions. They have a sweet, affectionate, and silly side unique for the owner and family.

Akitas will supervise you and your family at all times. This breed takes this duty seriously and performs guard responsibilities with little or no training.

Akitas do not like strangers. They tend to notice them as threats. If convinced of a threat, they may show aggression.

However, they need to be trained that not all strangers are dangerous. Your Akita needs early socialization for familiarity and obedience training to help prevent unnecessary aggression.

Will an Akita protect its owner?

akita as guard dog

Yes, Akita will protect their owner. Once they have formed a good relationship with you, they will protect you for life.

What happens if the Akita is left alone?

As the most loyal dog breed, they understand their duty to guard the house. Akita is cautious and may not welcome visitors if you are not at home. They will assert their dominance and make decisions based on instinct.

Are Akita dangerous?

Akitas can be aggressive, particularly in threatening situations due to their hunting instincts. They will instinctively attack if they consider it is a real threat.

When most dogs bark or growl as a warning, the Akita breed will be less noisy when attacked. But they are not aggressive for no reason.

Akitas are excellent guard dogs that can distinguish between right and wrong. The best way to limit this breed’s potential aggression is to socialize and train them as early as possible.

Are Akitas good for first time owners?

What makes a dog a guard dog

Akitas may not be good for first-time owners. They are intelligent but stubborn as well. Raising an Akita requires solid training and confidence, so first-time dog owners are not recommended.

Akita with kids

Like other large breeds, Akita should be with older children who understand they have to treat Akita well with respect. But it should still be supervised by adults.

As a tall and heavy dog, the slightest movement of the Akita can accidentally knock down a toddler.

Furthermore, small kids tend to make noises and quick movements that Akita might perceive as a potential threat. Or kids can tug on their tails while playing, and Akita can respond aggressively.

These dogs are intelligent and understand relationships with kids. They adore the kids in the family. However, their behavior depends mostly on how they are raised and socialized.

Akita with other pets


Akitas tend to be aggressive towards other pets, especially same-sex dogs. Due to their dominant nature, it is best to keep Akita as an only dog at home.

As you know, Akitas were originally hunting dogs. They chase smaller prey, including cats. Akitas tend to see birds or chickens as meals.

It will take early and constant socialization for Akitas to accept other pets as members of the family.

Are Akitas easy to train?

Akitas are stubborn and bored easily. They need firm training with respect, consistent reinforcement from their owner, and fun games that make them motivated.

Akita is not easy to train. You should start to train them as early as possible because an untrained Akita who thinks independently can be difficult to live with.

Whatever your dog’s breed is, training is a must if you want to eliminate bad behavior and create the obedient, well-behaved dog of your dreams. You can choose suitable online classes from these 20 reputable SpiritDog Training courses to learn how to “successfully” train your canine using science-based positive methods, or grab the free guide below.

Socializing your Akita

akita as guard dog

Socializing your Akita at an early age is essential so that they can adapt to your lifestyle. Your dog needs to learn acceptable behaviors and communicate with other people or pets.

You can increase their experience with friendly people or let your Akita interact with other friendly dogs, so they learn normal behaviors.

Benefits of having a guard dog:

  • Their presence discourages intruders.
  • Secure your home when you’re away
  • Protect you without being told.
  • Protect your home even when they’re away
  • These dogs provide you with extra peace of mind.
  • They make excellent companions.
  • Ideal for lone seniors & handicapped persons


It’s great to have an Akita as guard dog. They will guard your home throughout the days of their existence and are willing to do whatever to protect you.

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