Akita Leash Training 101: Step-by-Step Instructions

Akita Leash Training 101: Step-by-Step Instructions

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If you want to know how to leash train an Akita, you’re in the right place! This complete Akita leash training guide will take you through everything you need to know to do it successfully. There are even troubleshooting tips for when things don’t go to plan.

Let’s dive right in!

What you’ll need for Akita leash training:

#1: A collar or harness

Your Aktia needs a collar or harness that fits well. He will be less likely to pull if you use a head collar or front-attachment harness. It is a safe and easy to use no-pull device that is great for all dogs, especially for a large breed like the Akita

#2: A leash

The best leash for Akita is a leash made of good material that is 6 feet long. It gives your dog enough freedom and keeps everything under control. For strong-pulling dogs like Akitas, make sure the leash is attached to a body harness, which is much safer.

#3: Treats 

Treats or some other reward should be available for your Akita. Use what he prefers to optimize training sessions.

#4: A treat pouch

You’ll need an easily accessible container to make things easier. A treat pouch allows you to reach in and grab your Akita’s favorite treat one at a time and then reward him.

#5: An event marker (optional)

A clicker is used to tell your dog exactly which behavior you’re rewarding. It is very useful in Aktia leash training. But you can also use your voice like the emphatic word such as “YES!” if you don’t have a clicker.

Where is the best place to train a dog?

Find an open space outdoors and distraction-free locations like a quiet street or a deserted car park. A hard surface (tarmac or paved is ideal) is advantageous since it helps your dog find and pick up the treats easier. 

How often and how long should you train your dog?

For Akita leash training, you should do it for 10 minutes at least twice a day. More is better. Try not to miss a single day, at least for the first week.

How do you leash train an Akita?

Step 1: Fill your treat pouch or another container with treats

Step 2: Teach your dog to walk by your side

Choose whether you want your Akita to walk on the left or right side of the body. You will reward him on that side. Your dog will soon start to stay near it because that is where tasty rewards appear!

In most sports, dogs are taught to walk on the left side, but if you’d rather have your Akita on your right, that’s okay. It is essential to educate him to stay on one side to prevent him from weaving back and forth or running around you in circles.

Here’s how to do it correctly:

Step 3: Start walking forward

Step 4: Stop

Your dog may reach the end of the leash almost immediately. At that point, stand still.

Step 5: Wait

Wait for your Akita to pay you some attention. He will eventually get bored with pulling on the leash and turn to see what is causing the delay.

Step 6: Reward

As soon as you get your dog’s attention, encourage him to come to you. Drop a treat just behind you or give him from your hand to reward him when he gets to you.

Repeat steps three through six, then success will come. The number of treats and the amount of troubleshooting your puppy needs during a walk will gradually decrease, but it’s a good idea to always have some on hand in case you want to reinforce good leash-walking behavior at random.

Leash training troubleshooting 

how to train an akita

If your Akita pulls: 

Instead of merely stopping when he pulls, turn around and walk the other way. Don’t pull your dog, don’t talk to him, and don’t wait for him. His job is to pay attention to where you are and follow you. When he finally catches up with you, show your pleasure by giving him a treat.

If your Akita lunges: 

Be proactive and take action if your dog chases something like another dog, a cat, a car, or a skateboarder while on a walk. Before your dog has a chance to lunge, try to redirect his attention with a treat. Don’t forget to increase the distance between him and the target.

If your Akita doesn’t respond to any of your training tactics:

Depending on your budget, enrolling in an offline or online training class or hiring a private dog trainer is your best option.

Best Akita leash training tips

#1: Keep sessions short

Remember that dogs have a short attention span, so keep your sessions short. Therefore, ending them when your Akita is still eager to do more is better than when he is mentally exhausted.

#2: Reward good behavior

When you go out with your Akita, always carry a few treats to reward him from time to time when he behaves well. He deserves it! Over time, your dog won’t need frequent feeding to maintain his leash, but starting with generosity is the key.

#3: Choose an appropriate length

Keep the length of your dog’s leash short enough to prevent him from quickly leaving your side. But don’t keep it so short that you’re pulling him, though.

Key Points

how to train an akita puppy

The key to training an Akita on a leash is to reward him with his favorite treats when he walks by your side.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will make your walks with your furry friend more enjoyable.

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