12 Akita Mixed With German Shepherd (Shepkita) Facts

12 Akita Mixed With German Shepherd (Shepkita) Facts

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The Akita mixed with German Shepherd is one of the most famous “designer” dogs, but this new breed is not for everyone. So, is Akita mixed with German Shepherd right for you and your family? 

Read on to find out all traits and facts about them!

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What is Akita mixed with German Shepherd?

The Akita mixed with German Shepherd is a cross between two famous breeds, Akita and German Shepherd, to create a strong, loyal, and active companion dog. By combining their parents’ names, they are also called Shepkita.

Although the Akita Shepherd mix may have existed naturally for many years, it’s believed that breeders only started creating them in the 1990s, after Akitas were brought to the US from Japan.

As demand for the breed increased, design breeders continued to create more Akita German Shepherd mixes. These dogs are still most commonly found in the US.

How big will an Akita German Shepherd mix get?

Akita mixed with German Shepherd

Because the Akita German Shepherd mix is relatively new, there aren’t many size standards. But you can expect Shepkitas to be large dogs since their parents are both large breeds.

Most Akita mixed with German Shepherd weigh between 75 and 120 pounds and stand between 24 and 28 inches in height from the shoulder. Females are often slightly smaller than males, and some may be smaller or larger than average.

Akita mixed with German Shepherd appearance

The physical features of Shepkita dogs carry both notable traits of Akita and German Shepherd.

Shepkitas are large, solid, and muscular. Although they have a body type that is similar to the German Shepherd, their face structure and tail frequently show more Akita genetic influence.

Shepkitas come in many colors. They have a broad shoulder, relatively small head, triangular ears, dark brown eyes, and a black nose.

German Shepherd Akita mix lifespan

do akitas like water

The average lifespan of the German Shepherd Akita mix is between 10 and 13 years. Three main factors affect the longevity of Shepkita dogs:

  • One is the genetic information they inherit from their parents.
  • The second is events that happen to them during their life such as illnesses, injuries, and accidents.
  • The third thing is their nutrition and lifestyle.

Our furry friends can live longer and be with us for many years if they receive the proper care and immense love from family members.

Shepkita’s coat types

Shepkita’s coats frequently combine the colors and patterns of their German Shepherd and Akita’s parents. Due to their thick double coats, the Shepherd Akita prefers cold weather.

Their main coat colors are white, brindle, silver, brown, red, gray, sable, and black. They can be a mix of these colors or solid.

Akita mixed with German Shepherd personality

Akita mixed with German Shepherd

Shepkita dogs are brave, alert, and incredibly loyal. They have a defensive instinct and therefore make excellent guard dogs.

A well-trained Shepkita has an independent character and doesn’t require much attention, but they still know how to have fun with their family members.

Akita mixed with German Shepherd health

The Akita Shepherd mix dogs are prone to the same health issues as their parents including bloat, allergies, hip dysplasia, and dry eyes.

As with all dogs, it’s vital to maintain good care and schedule regular veterinary check-ups to identify any health issues early. 

Akita mixed with German Shepherd exercise

akita inu

Akita Shepherds have medium energy levels and are prone to weight gain. In addition, as the offspring of two large working breeds, they need a lot of daily activities and exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Make sure you take them out for a walk for at least an hour every day. You can also take them to a dog park where they can mingle freely without territorial aggression. 

If you have a yard, take them out of the leash only if your yard is enclosed to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Training & socializing

Training Shepkita is a must. Without the proper training and socialization, their natural character can lead to aggression against people or other animals.

You should begin training them right from the moment of adoption. Shekita needs a firm trainer who can skillfully handle the dog. 

Shepkita dogs are intelligent and stubborn. However, they are eager to please and thrive with consistent training. They also need socializing to help them get used to the existence of people and other pets.

Remember, proper training is the key to success in turning your Shepkita into a well-behaved dog.

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Akita mixed with German Shepherd grooming

akita grooming

Akita mixed with German Shepherd shed heavily and seasonally. However, they are relatively easy to groom.

Brush Shepkita dogs at least once per week to keep shedding under control. Additionally, bathe them once a month to maintain the health of their coat.

Their nails need to be trimmed once you hear the clicking sounds on the floor. Brush their teeth at least once a week to maintain good dental health.

Don’t forget to check and clean their ears to avoid infection. A good rule of thumb is to check your dog’s ears once a week and clean their ears every 1 to 2 months.

List of dog grooming guides:

Feeding a Shepkita properly

Akita mixed with German Shepherd

Shepkita’s diet should be designed for large breeds with medium energy levels.

They are prone to gain weight and develop health issues like bloating and a few other digestive tract problems, so you should follow a regular feeding schedule and not leave food out during the day. 

You should select high-quality foods that don’t have a bunch of fillers. Although they may be more expensive than other options, these high-quality foods will give your dog all nutrients they need to stay healthy.

As with all dogs, their dietary needs will change from puppyhood to adulthood and into their senior years.

Are Akita mix good dogs?

Akita German Shepherd mix dogs are known for being great guard dogs to active people and loving families with older children who understand how to treat a dog respectfully. 

Proper training and socializing can help deter their unwanted habits. However, they are not recommended for multi-pet households and first-time owners.

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akita as guard dog

The Akita mixed with German Shepherd, commonly called Shepkita, is a cross between the Akita and German Shepherd breeds. They’re intelligent, bold, and devoted to their owner.

Shepkitas need adequate exercise, proper grooming, and a suitable diet for the large breed for optimal health. They’re excellent guard dogs and will protect you at any price. 

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