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400+ Akita Names | Great Ideas for New Puppies (Updated)

Last updated on March 10th, 2024 at 04:13 pm

The Akita is a noble and independent dog breed originating from Japan with a dignified expression. If you’re looking for an Akita name, you’re in the right place! What are good names for them? We’ve got the ultimate list of 400+ best ideas for Akita names and meanings, so check them out below and see if any are a good fit for your new pup.

What is a good name for an Akita?

When selecting a name for your Akita, it’s important to consider a few things. Firstly, keep it short and sweet, ideally one or two syllables. This will make it easier for your dog to learn and respond to the name. Additionally, choose a name with clear pronunciation and avoid ones with complex sounds or silent letters that may confuse them.

Make sure to test out the name by saying it out loud and seeing how it feels. You can also ask your family and friends for their feedback. Remember, don’t rush the process and take your time to find the perfect name for your dog.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why we’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

400+ best Akita names for your beloved pet

Male Akita names

  1. Akira (Bright, clear)
  2. Daichi (Great wisdom)
  3. Genji (Original; beginning)
  4. Haru (Spring)
  5. Haruki (Shining brightly)
  6. Hideo (Excellent man)
  7. Hiroshi (Generous)
  8. Isamu (Courageous)
  9. Jiro (Second son)
  10. Kai (Ocean)
  11. Kaito (Ocean flying)
  12. Kazuki (Harmony and hope)
  13. Kenji (Intelligent ruler)
  14. Koji (Light, sun)
  15. Kuma (Bear)
  16. Mochi (Rice cake)
  17. Nobu (Trustworthy)
  18. Raiden (Thunder and lightning)
  19. Ren (Lotus)
  20. Ryo (Refreshing, cool)
  21. Ryu (Dragon)
  22. Satoshi (Wise)
  23. Shiro (Fourth son)
  24. Taiga (Big and great)
  25. Takeshi (Fierce warrior)
  26. Taro (Firstborn son)
  27. Yukio (Happy man)

Female Akita names

white akita
  1. Akemi (Beautiful sunrise)
  2. Amaya (Night rain)
  3. Asuka (Tomorrow, fragrance)
  4. Aya (Color, design)
  5. Emi (Beautiful blessing)
  6. Hana (Flower)
  7. Hikari (Light)
  8. Hoshi (Star)
  9. Kaori (Fragrance)
  10. Keiko (Blessed child)
  11. Kiko (Be happy)
  12. Kimiko (Empress child)
  13. Kira (Glittering)
  14. Kohana (Little flower)
  15. Luna (Moon)
  16. Mei (Beautiful)
  17. Midori (Green)
  18. Mika (Beautiful fragrance)
  19. Miko (Priestess)
  20. Nami (Wave)
  21. Natsuki (Summer hope)
  22. Rei (Beautiful, elegant)
  23. Riko (Jasmine child)
  24. Sakura (Cherry blossom)
  25. Suki (Beloved)
  26. Yume (Dream)
  27. Yuna (Gentle, kind-hearted)

Gender-neutral Akita Inu names

akita names
  1. Haru (Spring)
  2. Kiku (Chrysanthemum)
  3. Kimi (Noble)
  4. Kiri (Mist)
  5. Kitsune (Fox)
  6. Kona (Lady)
  7. Kumo (Cloud)
  8. Miko (Shrine maiden)
  9. Mitsu (Light)
  10. Niko (Hope)
  11. Noodle (Playful)
  12. Ren (Lotus)
  13. Sable (Black)
  14. Sen (Forest)
  15. Sora (Sky)
  16. Tofu (Bean curd)
  17. Yoshi (Good luck)
  18. Yuki (Snow)

Unique Akita dog names

brindle akita
  1. Amethyst (Precious gemstone)
  2. Calypso (Mythical sea nymph)
  3. Cypher (Secret code)
  4. Draco (Dragon)
  5. Elysium (Paradise)
  6. Ember (Glowing coal)
  7. Havoc (Chaos)
  8. Kismet (Destiny)
  9. Lucian (Light)
  10. Nova (New)
  11. Nyx (Goddess of night)
  12. Obsidian (Dark volcanic glass)
  13. Orion (Hunter in Greek mythology)
  14. Quasar (Bright celestial object)
  15. Quill (Feather pen)
  16. Seraph (Angelic being)
  17. Solara (Solar, related to the sun)
  18. Solstice (Celestial event)
  19. Spectra (Range of colors)
  20. Thorne (Sharp projection)
  21. Valkyrie (Mythological warrior maiden)
  22. Vesper (Evening star)
  23. Zara (Princess)
  24. Zenith (Highest point)
  25. Zephyr (Gentle breeze)
  26. Zephyra (Gentle west wind)

Badass Akita puppy names

  1. Avalanche (Powerful force)
  2. Axle (Axis or pivot)
  3. Blade (Sharp and powerful)
  4. Blaze (Intense fire)
  5. Chaos (Complete disorder)
  6. Cobra (Venomous snake)
  7. Cypher (Secret code)
  8. Diesel (Strong and powerful)
  9. Eclipse (Total obscuring)
  10. Enigma (Mystery)
  11. Fang (Sharp tooth)
  12. Jinx (Bringer of bad luck)
  13. Koda (Friend)
  14. Nyx (Goddess of night)
  15. Phantom (Ghostly apparition)
  16. Ragnor (Warrior)
  17. Raptor (Bird of prey)
  18. Reaper (One who harvests)
  19. Saber (Sword)
  20. Storm (Violent disturbance)
  21. Thor (God of thunder)
  22. Titan (Giant deity)
  23. Vandal (Destroyer of property)
  24. Viper (Venomous snake)
  25. Vortex (Whirling mass)
  26. Wraith (Ghostly figure)

Cute Akita names

  1. Bambi (Young deer)
  2. Biscuit (Small baked treat)
  3. Bubbles (Floating spheres)
  4. Buttercup (Yellow flower)
  5. Cinnamon (Sweet spice)
  6. Cookie (Sweet baked delight)
  7. Cupcake (Small cake)
  8. Daisy (Delicate flower)
  9. Giggles (Light laughter)
  10. Jellybean (Small, sweet candy)
  11. Lulu (Affectionate name)
  12. Marshmallow (Soft confection)
  13. Mimi (Pet name)
  14. Muffin (Sweet baked treat)
  15. Noodle (Long, thin pasta)
  16. Peaches (Sweet fruit)
  17. Pippin (Small apple)
  18. Pudding (Sweet dessert)
  19. Pumpkin (Orange squash)
  20. S’mores (Campfire treat)
  21. Snickers (Chocolate bar)
  22. Snuggles (Close, affectionate contact)
  23. Sprinkles (Small candy decorations)
  24. Sprout (Young plant)
  25. Sunny (Bright and cheerful)
  26. Teddy (Cuddly stuffed animal)
  27. Tinkerbell (Fictional fairy)
  28. Twinkle (Glimmering light)
  29. Waffles (Breakfast treat)

Famous Akita names

  1. Akamaru (Bright red)
  2. Aki (Autumn)
  3. Apollo (Divine)
  4. Athena (Wise)
  5. Balto (Heroic sled dog)
  6. Bento (Japanese lunchbox)
  7. Bowie (Bold)
  8. Chaplin (Comical)
  9. Chomei (Butterfly)
  10. Cleopatra (Regal)
  11. Clever (Quick-witted)
  12. Dali (Eccentric)
  13. Einstein (Smart)
  14. Frida (Creative)
  15. Galileo (Observant)
  16. Gatsby (Sophisticated)
  17. Hachiko (Faithful)
  18. Haru (Spring)
  19. Hemingway (Adventurous)
  20. Hera (Queenly)
  21. Jiro (Second son)
  22. Kaida (Little dragon)
  23. Katsu (Victorious)
  24. Kenzan-go (Achievement)
  25. Kishu (Precious gem)
  26. Kuro (Black)
  27. Loki (Mischievous)
  28. Maya (Illusion)
  29. Merlin (Magical)
  30. Miki (Beautiful princess)
  31. Miso (Fermented soybean paste)
  32. Momo (Peach)
  33. Mozart (Musical)
  34. Nala (Beloved)
  35. Nebula (Cosmic)
  36. Nikita (Victorious people)
  37. Picasso (Artistic)
  38. Sachi (Happiness)
  39. Sake (Japanese rice wine)
  40. Shakespeare (Literary)
  41. Shiba (Brushwood)
  42. Sinatra (Suave)
  43. Sirius (Bright)
  44. Tesla (Innovative)
  45. Togo (Legendary sled dog)
  46. Tora (Tiger)

Food-inspired Akita names

  1. Bento (Japanese lunchbox)
  2. Dumpling (Small savory ball of dough)
  3. Ginger (Spice)
  4. Gyoza (Japanese dumpling)
  5. Latte (Coffee with steamed milk)
  6. Maki (Rolled sushi)
  7. Marmalade (Citrus preserve)
  8. Muffin (Sweet baked treat)
  9. Noodle (Long, thin pasta)
  10. Nori (Edible seaweed)
  11. Pickle (Preserved food)
  12. Popcorn (Popped corn kernels)
  13. Ramen (Japanese noodle soup)
  14. Sashimi (Sliced raw fish)
  15. Sesame (Seed)
  16. Soba (Buckwheat noodle)
  17. Sundae (Ice cream dessert)
  18. Sushi (Japanese dish with vinegared rice)
  19. Tater Tot (Small, grated, and fried potato)
  20. Tempura (Battered and fried food)
  21. Teriyaki (Cooked in a sweet soy sauce)
  22. Tofu (Soybean curd)
  23. Truffle (Edible fungi)
  24. Tuna (Fish)
  25. Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
  26. Yuzu (Citrus fruit)

Culture-inspired Akita names

  1. Fuji (Mount Fuji)
  2. Geisha (Traditional Japanese female entertainer)
  3. Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing)
  4. Harajuku (Fashion district in Tokyo)
  5. Judo (Martial art)
  6. Kabuki (Traditional Japanese theater)
  7. Kamikaze (Divine wind)
  8. Kawaii (Cute)
  9. Kimono (Traditional Japanese garment)
  10. Kintsugi (Art of repairing broken pottery)
  11. Koi (Colorful carp fish)
  12. Kyoto (Historical city)
  13. Mikado (Emperor of Japan)
  14. Nihon (Japan)
  15. Obi (Sash for kimono)
  16. Onsen (Hot spring)
  17. Origami (Paper folding art)
  18. Ronin (Masterless samurai)
  19. Samurai (Japanese warrior)
  20. Satori (Enlightenment)
  21. Shinto (Indigenous Japanese spirituality)
  22. Shogun (Military dictator)
  23. Sumo (Traditional Japanese wrestling)
  24. Ukiyo (Floating world)
  25. Yakuza (Japanese organized crime)
  26. Yurei (Ghost or phantom)

Appearance-inspired Akita names

  1. Alpine (Mountainous)
  2. Amber (Golden-brown color)
  3. Blizzard (Snowstorm)
  4. Cobalt (Deep blue color)
  5. Copper (Metallic reddish-brown)
  6. Echo (Reverberation)
  7. Ember (Glowing coal)
  8. Frost (Frozen moisture)
  9. Ghost (Spirit or apparition)
  10. Glimmer (Faint light)
  11. Haze (Mist or fog)
  12. Henna (Reddish-brown dye)
  13. Ivory (Creamy white color)
  14. Marbles (Pattern of colors)
  15. Midnight (Darkness of night)
  16. Mink (Fur-bearing animal)
  17. Mocha (Coffee and chocolate blend)
  18. Nimbus (Cloud)
  19. Onyx (Black gemstone)
  20. Oreo (Black and white cookie)
  21. Orion (Constellation)
  22. Panda (Black and white bear)
  23. Puma (Large feline)
  24. Rusty (Reddish-brown color)
  25. Smokey (Filled with smoke)
  26. Tawny (Light brown color)
  27. Velvet (Soft, luxurious fabric)
  28. Willow (Graceful tree)

Destination-inspired Akita names

  1. Tokyo (capital city)
  2. Kyoto (historic city)
  3. Hiroshima (city)
  4. Asuka (ancient city)
  5. Nikko (historic city)
  6. Inari (Shinto deity)
  7. Miko (Shinto shrine maiden)
  8. Nara (city with historic sites)
  9. Kamakura (historic city)
  10. Aizu (region with samurai history)
  11. Chiba (prefecture near Tokyo)

Language-inspired Akita names

  1. Alejandro (Defender of the people)
  2. Amici (Friends)
  3. Amore (Love)
  4. Amélie (Hardworking)
  5. Anja (Gracious)
  6. Anneliese (Gracious, devoted)
  7. Annette (Gracious)
  8. Antoine (Invaluable)
  9. Antonia (Praiseworthy)
  10. Bastien (Revered)
  11. Bella (Beautiful)
  12. Bello (Handsome)
  13. Biscotti (Italian cookies)
  14. Brigitte (Strong)
  15. Bruno (Brown-haired)
  16. Camille (Unblemished character)
  17. Capri (Italian island)
  18. Carlos (Strong and manly)
  19. Carmen (Song)
  20. Chianti (Italian wine)
  21. Chico (Boy)
  22. Chérie (Dear one)
  23. Ciao (Italian greeting)
  24. Cisco (Free)
  25. Colette (Victorious people)
  26. Dante (Enduring)
  27. Diego (Supplanter)
  28. Dieter (Ruler of the people)
  29. Dolce (Sweet)
  30. Dulce (Sweet)
  31. Elena (Bright, shining light)
  32. Elsa (Pledged to God)
  33. Esperanza (Hope)
  34. Espresso (Strong coffee)
  35. Esteban (Crowned with laurels)
  36. Fleur (Flower)
  37. Florence (Blooming, flourishing)
  38. Franz (Free man)
  39. François (Free man)
  40. Frieda (Peaceful ruler)
  41. Fritz (Peaceful ruler)
  42. Gaston (From Gascony, a region in France)
  43. Gerhardt (Brave spear)
  44. Gilda (Servant of God)
  45. Giotto (Italian painter)
  46. Giuseppe (God will add)
  47. Gnocchi (Italian dumplings)
  48. Gondola (Traditional Italian boat)
  49. Greta (Pearl)
  50. Gretchen (Little pearl)
  51. Gunther (Warrior)
  52. Hans (God is gracious)
  53. Heidi (Noble and kind)
  54. Heinrich (Ruler of the household)
  55. Helga (Holy)
  56. Henri (Ruler of the household)
  57. Hilda (Battle maiden)
  58. Ingrid (Beautiful, loved)
  59. Isabella (God is my oath)
  60. Isidro (Gifted with many ideas)
  61. Jacques (Supplanter)
  62. Javier (Bright, shining)
  63. Juana (God is gracious)
  64. Kaiser (Emperor)
  65. Karl (Strong man)
  66. Katarina (Pure)
  67. Katja (Pure)
  68. Klara (Clear, bright)
  69. Klaus (Victory of the people)
  70. Liesa (Pledged to God)
  71. Liesel (God is my oath)
  72. Lieselotte (God is my oath)
  73. Liesl (Pledged to God)
  74. Lola (Strong woman)
  75. Louis (Famous warrior)
  76. Luc (Light)
  77. Ludwig (Famous warrior)
  78. Luigi (Famous warrior)
  79. Luna (Moon)
  80. Madeleine (Magdalene, tower)
  81. Manuela (God is with us)
  82. Marcel (Little warrior)
  83. Marco (Male, warlike)
  84. Margot (Pearl)
  85. Maria (Wished-for child)
  86. Mateo (Gift of God)
  87. Mathilde (Mighty in battle)
  88. Max (Greatest)
  89. Maya (Illusion)
  90. Mia (Mine)
  91. Miguel (Who is like God?)
  92. Monique (Advisor)
  93. Nacho (Ignatius, fiery one)
  94. Napoli (Italian name for Naples)
  95. Odette (Wealthy)
  96. Olive (Inspired by olives)
  97. Olivier (Olive tree)
  98. Otto (Wealthy)
  99. Pablo (Small)
  100. Paco (Free)
  101. Pancho (Free)
  102. Pavarotti (Famous tenor)
  103. Pedro (Rock)
  104. Pepe (God will add)
  105. Pepito (God will add)
  106. Pesto (Italian sauce)
  107. Philippe (Lover of horses)
  108. Piazza (Town square)
  109. Pierre (Stone)
  110. Pisa (Italian city)
  111. Ramon (Wise protector)
  112. Ravioli (Italian pasta)
  113. René (Reborn)
  114. Rico (Strong ruler)
  115. Risotto (Italian rice dish)
  116. Rolf (Famous wolf)
  117. Romeo (From Romeo and Juliet)
  118. Rosita (Little rose)
  119. Schnitzel (Breaded meat dish)
  120. Siena (Italian city)
  121. Sofia (Wisdom)
  122. Sophia (Italian version of Sofia)
  123. Sylvie (Forest)
  124. Teresa (Harvester)
  125. Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
  126. Truffle (Italian delicacy)
  127. Ursula (Little bear)
  128. Valentina (Strong, healthy)
  129. Vespa (Italian scooter)
  130. Vino (Wine)
  131. Vivienne (Alive)
  132. Wolfgang (Wolf path)
  133. Ziti (Type of pasta)
  134. Éloïse (Healthy)
  135. Émile (Industrious)
  136. Étienne (Crowned with laurels)

How to teach your Akita dog their name

do akitas like water

Teaching your dog their name is the foundation of all future training and communication. To effectively teach a dog to recognize and respond to their name, you should use positive reinforcement. This can be done by rewarding them with a high-value treat and enthusiastic praise every time they look at you when you say their name. Alternatively, if you use a clicker, you can click the moment your dog makes eye contact, then immediately give them the treat and praise.

Keep training sessions short (5-10 minutes) and frequent throughout the day to avoid overwhelming your dog. Avoid using their name when scolding them, as this can create negative associations. Learning takes time and repetition, so be patient and consistent with your training. With time, your dog will eventually learn to recognize and respond to their name.

To ensure that keeping your dog is not a nightmare…

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