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Chinese Chongqing Puppies: Comprehensive Guide in 2024

Let me tell you about the fascinating Chinese Chongqing puppies! These delightful dogs have been around for centuries and originated in China. Not only were they skilled hunters, but they were also expert protectors of livestock and farms. They have a short, spiky coat, which often reveals their cool black skin. They’re also super muscular and have an adorable, short nose. But that’s not all! Chongqings have distinctive features that make them even more special: their ears and tail taper to a point and are often hairless.

If you’re interested in learning about the Chongqing dog, you’ve come to the right place! This post will give you the lowdown on this adorable pup. So sit tight and get ready to discover everything you need to know!


Asian origin:China
Height:12-16 inches
Weight:26-44 pounds
Lifespan:12-16 years
Coat type:Short, straight, sparse
Colors:Brown, red, isabella
Temperament:Loyal, protective, suspicious of new people
Suitable for:Experienced owner, hot climate



Energy level:


Tendency to bark:

Shedding amount:


The Chinese Chongqing dog breed originated in South Western China, in the regions of Chongqing and Sichuan. They were depicted in Chinese artwork during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) as a dog used for hunting rabbits, wild boars, deer, and birds. Chinese farmers also used them to protect their livestock and homes. Unfortunately, the breed suffered when the Chinese Communist Party placed a ban on pet dogs, slaughtering many of them. However, this breed was saved from extinction because of their isolated location in remote mountains, and they were deemed working canines. 

When the ban was lifted 30 years later, their popularity began to recover and spread. In 2003, China suffered from a viral respiratory disease (SARS) outbreak, which caused a significant decrease in the Chinese Chongqing population. Today, the breed is extremely rare. However, national interest in native dog breeds within China has increased, and the Chinese Chongqing dog has seen an increase in numbers. 


chinese chongqing puppies

The Chinese Chongqing dog has a strong body and a short coat with black skin visible underneath. They have a wrinkled face that gives them a curious yet dignified look. Their ears are triangular and erect, and their tail is hairless, straight, and pointed. Some parts of their body are also hairless, exposing their black, leathery skin. 

One unique feature of the Chinese Chongqing is the blue-black discoloration of their tongue, which is similar to other Chinese dog breeds such as the Chow Chow and the Shar-Pei. They have strong, straight legs, a deep chest, and a thick neck that supports their regal face with watchful eyes and droopy folds around the muzzle. Female Chinese Chongqing dogs are slightly different in build and are more slender.


Chongqing dogs from China can have different personalities depending on their purpose. If they are working dogs, they may be reserved with people and more focused on their tasks. As companions, they are very loyal and protective of their family and belongings. They form strong bonds with their human members but can be wary of strangers. Due to their hunting instincts, they may not be suitable to live with small animals, even if trained to do so, as they can be triggered to hunt them. Additionally, this breed can be aggressive toward dogs of the same sex.


Chinese Chongqing dogs are low-maintenance because of their short and sparse coat. To keep their coat healthy, brush them weekly to remove loose hair and distribute natural oils. You shouldn’t give them frequent baths as it may dry out their skin and cause health issues. You can clean your dog with a soft, damp cloth unless they are covered in mud. 

Getting them used to grooming procedures like teeth cleaning, ear wiping, and nail trimming when young is vital to avoid resistance. Due to the folds of skin around their face, back, and shoulders, it’s necessary to clean and dry the folds often to prevent skin issues. 


The Chinese Chongqing dog is a moderately active pet, but they love to go for a good 30 to 60-minute walk every day. If you’re into hiking or exploring the outdoors, you’ll have a great companion who’ll want to come along with you. Keeping this dog occupied will help you keep them happy and outgoing. When they’re busy, they’re less likely to develop bad habits.


chinese chongqing puppies

This breed is not suitable for first-time dog owners due to their physical strength, territorial nature, and potential for aggression. But if trained well, the Chinese Chongqing can be an intelligent and obedient pet. Be aware, though, they can be pretty stubborn and don’t always aim to please. To train them, you must be patient and dedicated and show them you’re the boss. But don’t be surprised if they challenge your authority every so often, as they’re proud and confident animals.

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The Chinese Chongqing dog is a breed that has been allowed to grow naturally over time without human interference. They have survived in harsh conditions for hundreds of years without being bred in captivity. This has made them a particularly healthy breed.

Since there have been no scientific studies done on this breed and only a small number of dogs to assess, it’s hard to know for sure what health conditions they might have. However, there have been reports of skin issues due to their partial hairlessness. Despite this, Chongqing dogs are known to be a particularly long-lived breed, often living up to sixteen and sometimes even eighteen years old.


If you have a Chongqing dog, it’s crucial to ensure that they receive a well-balanced diet that is tailored to their specific life stage, whether they are a puppy, adult, or senior. Obesity is becoming increasingly common in dogs and can lead to other health issues. Therefore, keep a watchful eye on your pup’s food intake and measure their portions to avoid overfeeding. As a general rule, treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. By following these guidelines, you can help your Chongqing dog maintain a healthy weight and live a happy, healthy life.

Living Condition

chinese chongqing puppies

Chinese Chongqing puppies often need a big yard to explore. But make sure it’s secure, as they have a strong prey drive and aren’t too friendly with strangers. These dogs can be stubborn and like to do things their way, so they need an experienced owner who can earn their respect and become the leader of the pack. They’re great for hot weather because of their size and short coat.

While dogs can be great companions, it’s important to do your research before making any decisions. For instance, if you have young kids, it might not be the best idea to get a dog that’s strong and dominant. Additionally, some breeds, like Chinese Chongqing, can be pretty aggressive with other animals, especially males. And if you have small pets at home, you should be aware that they still have a predator instinct that might make them a little too curious.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Chinese Chongqing Dog

1. Sometimes, the Term “Chongqing Dog” Refers to Two Different Breeds

The term “Chongqing Dog” refers to two different breeds with the same ancestry. One is a short-muzzled, molasses-like pup called the Chinese Chongqing Dog. The other is a scenthound with a longer muzzle known as the Chuandong Hound. 

The Chinese Chongqing Dog and Chuandong Hound are among China’s oldest dog breeds. They were initially bred for hunting but are often kept as companions and guard dogs today. 

2. The Chongqing Dog Breed Is Being Preserved and Promoted

Lately, people have really been into preserving and promoting the Chongqing dog breed. They want the breed to be recognized worldwide and are making efforts to spread the word about how special these dogs are. They’re also making sure the breed’s genetic diversity is not compromised.

3. They Have Many Names

Did you know that the Chinese Chongqing dog is also known as the East Sichuan Hunting Dog and the Bamboo Ratter? They call them Bamboo because their tail looks like a bamboo stick—it’s straight, skinny, and has no hair.

Chinese Chongqing Puppies for Sale

chinese chongqing puppies

Chinese Chongqing puppies are scarce, and it is believed that there are less than 2,000 of them in the world. Due to their rarity, the cost of getting one is relatively high, with prices ranging around $3,500. 

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Chinese Chongqing dogs are pretty rare, even in China, where they come from. They’ve got an adorable smile, and their faces are pretty solid, with skin folds around the muzzle and forehead. They’re not too big and have a thin coat of brown fur that’s kinda mahogany-colored. These pups are super strong, and the ladies are more slender. They’re also pretty brave and will protect you and your property at all costs. Chongqings love chilling in a nice yard with grass, but don’t be surprised if they want to play fetch or tug-of-war sometimes. 


How Much Does a Chongqing Dog Cost?

Due to their rarity and lack of official FCI recognition, finding a purebred Chongqing dog can be challenging. Costs vary depending on location and breeder but expect a price range of $2,000 to $5,000 or even higher.

What Is the History of the Chinese Chongqing Dog?

The Chinese Chongqing dog breed was used for hunting and protecting livestock in South Western China. They suffered during the Communist Party’s ban on pet dogs but were saved from extinction due to their isolated location. After the ban was lifted, their popularity began to recover. Today, the breed is rare but has increased in numbers due to national interest in native dog breeds in China.

What’s the National Dog of China?

China doesn’t have an officially designated national dog. However, some breeds, like the Pekingese and the Chow Chow, are considered national treasures and symbols.

What Makes a Chongqing Dog?

This breed is known for:

      • Medium size: Compact, muscular build with a square head and short, reddish-brown or black coat.
      • Strong character: Fearless, confident, strong prey drive, loves adventure, loves children.
      • Distinctive features: Blue-black tongue, pricked ears, short “bamboo stick” tail.
      • Loyal and alert watchdog: Protective of family and home.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Chongqing Dog?

With proper care and nutrition, Chongqing dogs can live between 12 and 16 years.

What Is a Standard Chinese Chongqing Dog?

While they have a defined type, the Chongqing dog isn’t yet officially recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Therefore, a strict standard hasn’t been established. However, responsible breeders aim to preserve their unique characteristics and temperament.


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