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Top 260 Badass Spanish Dog Names With Meanings (A-Z)

Are you looking for an impressive name for your new dog? If yes, then you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of 260 badass Spanish dog names that not only sound bold but also have a deep meaning. These names are perfect for pet owners who want their furry companions to have a memorable and unique title. So, go ahead and check out the list below to pick an ideal name for your new furry friend!

Considerations when naming your dog

chow chow puppy names

When picking a name for your dog, choose one that you like and reflects their personality. That way, you’ll feel closer to your pet. Remember that dogs respond better to clear and concise words, so short names will make it easier to talk to them during training and everyday interactions. Also, ensure the name you choose won’t be confused with common commands which might confuse them. By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose a title that both you and your dog will love.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why I’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

260 badass Spanish dog names with meanings

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  • Acrux (star in the Southern Cross)
  • Aegis (shield)
  • Aether (ether)
  • Alma (soul)
  • Amo (master)
  • Araña (spider)
  • Aro (ring)
  • Astro (star)
  • Atroz (atrocious)
  • Azote (whip)


  • Bandido (bandit)
  • Bardo (bard)
  • Barril (barrel)
  • Blitz (lightning)
  • Bravo (brave)
  • Bronco (rough)
  • Buitre (vulture)
  • Bárbaro (barbarian)
  • Bólido (fireball)
  • Bóxer (boxer)


  • Cazador (hunter)
  • Ciclón (cyclone)
  • Cien (hundred)
  • Cifra (cipher)
  • Cobra (cobra)
  • Colmillo (fang)
  • Coloso (colossus)
  • Crudo (raw)
  • Cráneo (skull)
  • Cóndor (condor)


  • Daga (dagger)
  • Dardo (dart)
  • Demonio (demon)
  • Despierto (awake)
  • Divo (divine)
  • Draco (dragon)
  • Drago (dragon tree)
  • Dubio (dubious)
  • Dártagnan (d’Artagnan)
  • Dólar (dollar)


  • Eclipse (eclipse)
  • Ego (ego)
  • Elixir (elixir)
  • Eslavo (Slavic)
  • Espectro (specter)
  • Eón (eon)
  • Ébano (ebony)
  • Élite (elite)
  • Épico (epic)
  • Éter (ether)


  • Fauno (faun)
  • Fiero (fierce)
  • Fobia (phobia)
  • Forajido (outlaw)
  • Fuego (fire)
  • Fugaz (fleeting)
  • Furia (fury)
  • Fénix (phoenix)
  • Fórmula (formula)
  • Fósforo (phosphorus)


  • Gaucho (gaucho)
  • Gavilán (sparrowhawk)
  • Gladio (gladius)
  • Gracia (grace)
  • Grifo (griffin)
  • Grito (shout)
  • Gárgola (gargoyle)
  • Gélido (icy)
  • Gólem (golem)
  • Górgona (gorgon)


  • Hacha (axe)
  • Halcón (falcon)
  • Hervor (boiling)
  • Hielo (ice)
  • Hiriente (wounding)
  • Hoz (sickle)
  • Huracán (hurricane)
  • Héroe (hero)
  • Híbrido (hybrid)
  • Hórrido (hideous)


  • Iraudo (furious)
  • Iraza (wrathful)
  • Izar (to adorn with stars)
  • Ícaro (Icarus)
  • Ídolo (idol)
  • Ígneo (igneous)
  • Ímpetu (impetus)
  • Íncubo (incubus)
  • Índigo (indigo)
  • Íntimo (intimate)


  • Jardín (garden)
  • Jauría (pack)
  • Jefe (chief)
  • Jerga (slang)
  • Jinx (jinx)
  • Jirón (shred)
  • Jota (jot)
  • Jíbaro (hillbilly)
  • Jóker (joker)
  • Júbilo (joy)


  • Kinetico (kinetic)
  • Kombat (combat)
  • Koraje (courage)
  • Kripto (crypto)
  • Krypton (krypton)
  • Kráneo (cranium)
  • Káiser (kaiser)
  • Kóbold (kobold)
  • Kódigo (code)
  • Kósmico (cosmic)


  • Lanza (lance)
  • Latigo (whip)
  • Lince (lynx)
  • Lobo (wolf)
  • Loto (lotus)
  • Lumbre (blaze)
  • Láser (laser)
  • Límite (limit)
  • Lívido (livid)
  • Lúgubre (lugubrious)


  • Maligno (malignant)
  • Maléfico (malefic)
  • Mordaz (biting)
  • Mordida (bite)
  • Murmullo (murmur)
  • Murmuroso (murmurous)
  • Máquina (machine)
  • Máscara (mask)
  • Máximo (maximum)
  • Místico (mystic)


  • Nexo (nexus)
  • Nirvana (nirvana)
  • Nubarrón (dark cloud)
  • Nudillo (knuckle)
  • Náufrago (shipwrecked)
  • Nébula (nebula)
  • Néctar (nectar)
  • Némesis (nemesis)
  • Néon (neon)
  • Núcleo (core)


  • Ocaso (sunset)
  • Ola (wave)
  • Olvido (oblivion)
  • Oráculo (oracle)
  • Ónice (onyx)
  • Ópalo (opal)
  • Ópera (opera)
  • Órbita (orbit)
  • Óvulo (ovule)
  • Óxido (oxide)


  • Pavor (dread)
  • Plaga (plague)
  • Prisma (prism)
  • Prowl (acechar)
  • Pánico (panic)
  • Pétalo (petal)
  • Pócima (potion)
  • Pólvora (gunpowder)
  • Púgil (boxer)
  • Pústula (pustule)


  • Quasar (quasar)
  • Qubit (qubit)
  • Querubín (cherub)
  • Quiebra (bankruptcy)
  • Quiebre (break)
  • Quilla (keel)
  • Quimera (chimera)
  • Quimico (chemical)
  • Quirón (Chiron)
  • Quokka (quokka)


  • Rapaz (raptor)
  • Rayo (ray)
  • Rebel (rebel)
  • Relámpago (lightning)
  • Rencor (resentment)
  • Rudo (rough)
  • Rugido (roar)
  • Ruina (ruin)
  • Ráfaga (gust)
  • Rápido (swift)


  • Sable (saber)
  • Sereno (serene)
  • Sigilo (stealth)
  • Sinistro (sinister)
  • Siroco (sirocco)
  • Sombra (shadow)
  • Sátiro (satyr)
  • Sílex (flint)
  • Sísmo (quake)
  • Súbito (sudden)


  • Talón (heel)
  • Titán (titan)
  • Tormenta (storm)
  • Trueno (thunder)
  • Trébol (clover)
  • Tríada (triad)
  • Tundra (tundra)
  • Tártaro (tartarus)
  • Tétrico (gloomy)
  • Tóxico (toxic)


  • Ubique (everywhere)
  • Ulular (howl)
  • Uve (V)
  • Uve Doble (W)
  • Uzi (Uzi)
  • Uzumaki (spiral)
  • Úlcera (ulcer)
  • Último (ultimate)
  • Único (unique)
  • Útero (uterus)


  • Valiente (valiant)
  • Veneno (poison)
  • Venganza (vengeance)
  • Voltio (volt)
  • Vudú (voodoo)
  • Vándalo (vandal)
  • Vértigo (vertigo)
  • Víbora (viper)
  • Vínculo (bond)
  • Vórtice (vortex)


  • Wáter (toilet)
  • Wélder (welder)
  • Wénder (wander)
  • Wéndigo (wendigo)
  • Wéster (west)
  • Wífi (wifi)
  • Wódka (vodka)
  • Wólfram (tungsten)
  • Wómbat (wombat)
  • Wúlf (wolf)


  • Xalapa (Xalapa)
  • Xero (xero)
  • Xibalbá (Xibalba)
  • Xifos (xiphos)
  • Xácara (farce)
  • Xántico (xanthic)
  • Xéfiro (zephyr)
  • Xénon (xenon)
  • Xílon (xylon)
  • Xóchitl (flower)


  • Yelmo (helm)
  • Yema (yolk)
  • Yermo (wasteland)
  • Yuga (yuga)
  • Yugo (yoke)
  • Yázar (razor)
  • Yélite (elite)
  • Yéndose (leaving)
  • Yéti (yeti)
  • Yín (yin)


  • Zafarrancho (ruckus)
  • Zafiro (sapphire)
  • Zambra (gypsy dance)
  • Zarpa (claw
  • Zorro (fox)
  • Zumbido (buzz)
  • Zéfiro (zephyr)
  • Zénit (zenith)
  • Zócalo (plinth)
  • Zódiaco (zodiac)

How to teach your dog their badass name

chow chow puppy names

If you want to teach your pets their badass Spanish dog names, first, choose a name that you love and that reflects their personality. It should be short, easy to pronounce, and have a strong sound. Once you have chosen the right name, always use it in a happy and upbeat tone to create positive associations. Avoid using their name when scolding them, as this can make a negative connection.

Next, start with short training sessions rather than long, drawn-out ones. It’s best to choose a quiet, distraction-free environment for effective learning. When your dog responds to their name, reward them with high-value treats like chicken, cheese, or their favorite toy. The more excited they are about the reward, the stronger the positive association.

Finally, incorporate games and activities to keep your dog engaged, such as playing hide-and-seek, throwing a ball for them to fetch after calling their name, or having a playful session with frequent name usage. By following these steps, your pet will learn their badass Spanish name in no time!

To ensure that keeping your dog is not a nightmare…

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About us: Pet Chao is a community for Asian dog breed enthusiasts. Our goal is to keep you and your four-legged friend healthy and happy by providing valuable resources and fostering a like-minded community.

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