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400+ Best Korean Puppy Names – Popular & Unique

Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 05:01 pm

Hey there! Are you a fan of all things Korean, or is your furry friend a Korean breed? Either way, I’ve got some exciting news for you! I’ve put together a fantastic list of over 400 Korean puppy names that are just perfect for your newest family member. From trendy picks to more unique options, each name is paired with a brief meaning to help you find the ideal match. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and find the perfect name for your furry companion!

What are good Korean dog names?

When choosing a name for your dog, consider their personality, breed, and size. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce, short, and doesn’t sound like a command. Pick a positive name that will still be suitable as your dog ages. Involve everyone in your household in the decision-making process and test the name by saying it out loud.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why I’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

400+ best Korean puppy names

Most popular Korean puppy names

korean jindo dog
    1. Aeri (love)
    2. Bomi (spring)
    3. Chul (iron)
    4. Eun (silver)
    5. Gi (brave)
    6. Haan (sky)
    7. Han (grace)
    8. Hee (joy)
    9. Ho (tiger)
    10. Hoon (handsome)
    11. Hwa (flower)
    12. Hyun (wise)
    13. In (benevolent)
    14. Joon (talented)
    15. Kang (river)
    16. Ki (energy)
    17. Kwon (strong)
    18. Kyung (respect)
    19. Min (clever)
    20. Moon (smart)
    21. Nari (lily)
    22. Oli (glow)
    23. Seo (auspicious)
    24. Seok (rock)
    25. Seong (success)
    26. Shin (belief)
    27. Si (poetry)
    28. Soo (excellent)
    29. Tae (greatness)
    30. U-il (happiness)
    31. Won (circle)
    32. Woo (rain)
    33. Yang (sun)
    34. Yoon (soft)
    35. Young (forever)
    36. Yul (passion)
    37. Yun (cloud)
    38. Zin (precious)

Korean puppy names for male

    1. Baek (white)
    2. Bum (spring)
    3. Chul (iron)
    4. Dae (great)
    5. Gi (brave)
    6. Haan (sky)
    7. Han (grace)
    8. Hee (joy)
    9. Ho (tiger)
    10. Hoon (handsome)
    11. Hwa (flower)
    12. In (benevolent)
    13. Joon (talented)
    14. Kang (river)
    15. Ki (energy)
    16. Kwon (strong)
    17. Min (clever)
    18. Moon (smart)
    19. Oli (glow)
    20. Shin (belief)
    21. Si (poetry)
    22. Tae (greatness)
    23. U-il (happiness)
    24. Won (circle)
    25. Woo (rain)
    26. Yang (sun)
    27. Young (forever)
    28. Yul (passion)
    29. Yun (cloud)
    30. Zin (precious)

Korean puppy names for female

    1. Aeri (love)
    2. Bomi (spring)
    3. Chae (wealth)
    4. Da-hae (graceful)
    5. Eun-bi (kindness)
    6. Ga-ram (river)
    7. Haeun (sunshine)
    8. Hee-jin (grace)
    9. Hye (bright)
    10. In-na (graceful)
    11. Ji-ah (wisdom)
    12. Joo-eun (gentle)
    13. Kyung (happiness)
    14. Mi-ae (beautiful love)
    15. Min-ji (clever)
    16. Na-ri (lily)
    17. Nari (blossom)
    18. Rae (joy)
    19. Seul-gi (wisdom)
    20. Soo-mi (beautiful)
    21. Su-bin (crystal clear)
    22. Tae-ri (clever)
    23. U-ri (ours)
    24. Yoo-ri (glass)
    25. Yoo-jin (treasure)
    26. Eun-ji (graceful wisdom)
    27. Hae (summer)
    28. Sol (pine tree)
    29. Jin (truth)
    30. Hae-rim (beautiful forest)
    31. Seon-mi (kind beauty)
    32. Soo-jeong (pure)
    33. Jisoo (genuine)
    34. Yeon (blossom)

Cute Korean puppy names

how to potty train an akita puppy
    1. Aengdu (sweet)
    2. Bambi (like a deer)
    3. Choco (chocolate)
    4. Dalkom (sweet)
    5. Eodiya (where)
    6. Ggomsu (cute)
    7. Hani (sweet like honey)
    8. Heuk (black)
    9. Jjingjing (round and cute)
    10. Jjal (chirp)
    11. Kkukku (cookie)
    12. Kongju (princess)
    13. Kuma (bear)
    14. Melo (melody)
    15. Mimi (ears)
    16. Mongmong (fluffy)
    17. Nabi (butterfly)
    18. Nunu (snow)
    19. Odeng (fish cake)
    20. Pongdang (fluffy)
    21. Ppoppo (kiss)
    22. Puu (cloud)
    23. Rang (lovely)
    24. Sarang (love)
    25. Shiro (white)
    26. Ssong (pine tree)
    27. Ttokki (rabbit)
    28. Umji (thumb)
    29. Woori (us)
    30. Yangee (bean)
    31. Yeowooya (darling)
    32. Yoji (gem)
    33. Yumyum (delicious)
    34. Ddung (poop)
    35. Dotori (acorn)
    36. Zizi (jjik-jjik sound)
    37. Banggu (puppy)
    38. Meonji (cotton)
    39. Poka (sparkle)

Cool Korean puppy names

    1. Aiden (handsome)
    2. Caden (fighter)
    3. Dae (great)
    4. Eun (silver)
    5. Flynn (brilliant)
    6. Gunner (warrior)
    7. Haneul (sky)
    8. Hiro (generous)
    9. Hyun (wise)
    10. Jaeger (hunter)
    11. Kenji (strong and vigorous)
    12. Leo (lion)
    13. Maverick (independent)
    14. Minho (bright and shining)
    15. Neo (new)
    16. Odin (wise)
    17. Onyx (black gemstone)
    18. Phoenix (immortal bird)
    19. Remy (oarsman)
    20. Riku (land)
    21. Ryu (dragon)
    22. Seo-jun (talented)
    23. Shadow (shade)
    24. Storm (tempest)
    25. Titan (giant)
    26. Uzi (gun)
    27. Vega (star)
    28. Volt (electricity)
    29. Xander (defender of the people)
    30. Yuki (snow)
    31. Zane (gift of God)
    32. Zeus (king of the gods)
    33. Zoro (gold)
    34. Zuko (prosperous)

Unique Korean puppy names

    1. Ae-ra (love)
    2. Bong-gu (valuable)
    3. Chae-won (wealth and garden)
    4. Duri (two)
    5. Eui (righteousness)
    6. Geon (strength)
    7. Ha-neul (sky)
    8. Iseul (dew)
    9. Jiho (wisdom and tiger)
    10. Kyo (smart)
    11. Lumi (snow)
    12. Nabi (butterfly)
    13. Omi (scenery)
    14. Pado (wave)
    15. Quinn (intelligent)
    16. Seon (goodness)
    17. Soli (castle)
    18. Taeyang (sun)
    19. Uri (us)
    20. Vivid (bright and distinct)
    21. Woojin (smart and treasure)
    22. Xara (princess)
    23. Zephyr (gentle breeze)
    24. Azura (sky blue)
    25. Byul (star)
    26. Caelum (heaven)
    27. Dune (sand dune)
    28. Eos (goddess of dawn)
    29. Faelan (little wolf)
    30. Galadriel (maiden crowned with radiant garland)
    31. Haneul (heaven)
    32. Ilma (air)
    33. Jovian (pertaining to Jupiter)
    34. Kael (mighty warrior)
    35. Luna (moon)
    36. Miro (maze)
    37. Nami (wave)
    38. Zephyros (west wind)

Kpop-inspired dog names

korean puppy names
    1. Amber (precious gem)
    2. Bora (purple)
    3. Chen (morning)
    4. Daesung (big success)
    5. Eunbi (kind beauty)
    6. Felix (happy)
    7. Gahyeon (beautiful)
    8. Heechul (joyful)
    9. Hyuk (star)
    10. Irene (peace)
    11. Jackson (son of Jack)
    12. Jisung (wisdom)
    13. Jooheon (skillful)
    14. Kai (victory)
    15. Kihyun (strong foundation)
    16. Mina (gentle)
    17. Namjoon (south village)
    18. Nayeon (bright)
    19. Onew (unique)
    20. Peniel (face of God)
    21. Qri (clever)
    22. Ren (lotus)
    23. Sehun (charismatic)
    24. Somin (beautiful heart)
    25. Suho (guardian)
    26. Tzuyu (gem)
    27. U-Know (knowledge)
    28. V (victory)
    29. Wendy (friend)
    30. Xiumin (ice)
    31. Yeji (art)
    32. Yoona (gentle)
    33. Yugyeom (point)
    34. Zico (wise)
    35. Zion (highest point)

Kdrama-inspired dog names

    1. Ae-shin (bright person)
    2. Bok-joo (lucky)
    3. Cha-dol (money)
    4. Dal-po (straw)
    5. Eulachacha (youthful)
    6. Geum-bi (treasure)
    7. Ha-won (grace)
    8. In-ha (agreeable)
    9. Ji-an (wisdom)
    10. Kang-chul (strong and firm)
    11. Kim-bok (precious)
    12. Lee-yool (cool and refreshing)
    13. Min-joon (clever)
    14. Myeong-sook (bright)
    15. Na-bong (blossom)
    16. Oh-sol (pine tree)
    17. Pil-joo (wealth)
    18. Ra-im (wise protector)
    19. Roo-oh (turtle)
    20. Sa-rang (love)
    21. Se-ri (star)
    22. Shin-jae (faithful)
    23. Soo-mi (beautiful)
    24. Tae-eul (big and generous)
    25. Wan-seung (full victory)
    26. Woo-seok (great)
    27. Yeo-jin (beautiful treasure)
    28. Yoon-seo (captivating)
    29. Eulji (pearl)
    30. Ban-ryu (half-precious)
    31. Cho-rong (beautiful petal)
    32. Dong-man (strong and full of energy)
    33. Gong-joo (princess)
    34. Hyun-jae (wise)
    35. Ji-hoon (smart and talented)
    36. Kang-hoon (strong and noble)
    37. Kyung-soo (respectful)
    38. Na-moo (tree)
    39. Soo-hyun (excellent)
    40. Yoo-mi (beauty)

Culture-inspired Korean dog names

    1. Arirang (Korean folk song)
    2. Banchan (side dishes)
    3. Chuseok (Korean harvest festival)
    4. Dolsot (stone pot)
    5. Eunhaeng (bank)
    6. Gimbap (seaweed rice roll)
    7. Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing)
    8. Injeolmi (rice cake coated in bean flour)
    9. Janchi (celebration)
    10. Kimchi (fermented vegetables)
    11. Kisaeng (traditional female entertainers)
    12. Lantern (symbol of hope)
    13. Minari (Korean water celery)
    14. Namsan (mountain in Seoul)
    15. Ondol (heated floor system)
    16. Pansori (traditional narrative singing)
    17. Pyeongchang (host of the Winter Olympics)
    18. Qigong (traditional exercise)
    19. Rakko (deer, symbol of longevity)
    20. Samulnori (traditional percussion music)
    21. Seollal (Korean New Year)
    22. Taekwondo (martial art)
    23. Ullim (effort)
    24. Vada (traditional headpiece)
    25. Wonsam (traditional Korean outer garment)
    26. Xiangqi (Korean chess)
    27. Yutnori (traditional board game)
    28. Yuyeon (gentle stream)
    29. Zen (meditation)
    30. Buseok (gemstone)
    31. Gyeongju (historical city)
    32. Hangul (Korean alphabet)
    33. Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles)
    34. K-drama (Korean TV drama)
    35. Lotus (symbol of purity)
    36. Namsadang (itinerant performers)
    37. Onnuri (traditional mask)
    38. Pojangmacha (street food stall)
    39. Sijo (traditional poetry form)
    40. Yangban (traditional aristocrat)

Korean food-inspired dog names

japanese chin
    1. Bibim (mixed)
    2. Cha (tea)
    3. Dalkom (sweet)
    4. Eomuk (fish cake)
    5. Gamja (potato)
    6. Guksu (noodles)
    7. Hobak (pumpkin)
    8. Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles)
    9. Kimchi (fermented vegetables)
    10. Kongnamul (soybean sprouts)
    11. Miyeok (seaweed)
    12. Naengmyeon (cold noodles)
    13. Odeng (fish cake skewer)
    14. Pat (red bean)
    15. Ramyeon (instant noodles)
    16. Saengseon (fish)
    17. Samgyeopsal (pork belly)
    18. Sundubu (soft tofu)
    19. Tang (soup)
    20. Tteok (rice cake)
    21. Ugeoji (cucumber)
    22. Wonsu (perilla leaf)
    23. Yachae (vegetables)
    24. Yakgwa (honey cookie)
    25. Jjigae (stew)
    26. Bokkeum (stir-fried)
    27. Chamchi (tuna)
    28. Dak (chicken)
    29. Dotori (acorn)
    30. Gochu (chili pepper)
    31. Hobakjuk (pumpkin porridge)
    32. Jangeo (eel)
    33. Kongguksu (soy milk noodle soup)
    34. Mochi (rice cake)
    35. Mul (water)
    36. Osam (spicy stir-fried squid and pork)
    37. Patbingsu (shaved ice with red bean)
    38. Ssambap (lettuce wraps)
    39. Yubu (fried tofu)
    40. Yulmu (barley)

Korean geography-inspired dog names

    1. Ansan (peaceful mountain)
    2. Busan (mountainous region)
    3. Cheju (island)
    4. Daegu (large hill)
    5. Gangwon (river source)
    6. Gyeonggi (capital region)
    7. Han (large river)
    8. Incheon (kind river)
    9. Jeju (rocky island)
    10. Jeonju (perfect area)
    11. Jinju (pearl)
    12. Kangwon (river of strength)
    13. Mokpo (corner)
    14. Naju (rich and gentle)
    15. Namyang (south sun)
    16. Paju (wave)
    17. Pyeongchang (peaceful town)
    18. Sangju (above the river)
    19. Seoul (capital)
    20. Suwon (defend)
    21. Taebaek (great mountain)
    22. Ulsan (lazy mountain)
    23. Wonju (original district)
    24. Yanggu (willow valley)
    25. Yecheon (good stream)
    26. Yeosu (beautiful water)
    27. Yeouido (four rivers)
    28. Yeoju (bountiful region)
    29. Yeocheon (beautiful river)
    30. Andong (peaceful east)
    31. Boryeong (crescent bay)
    32. Daejeon (great field)
    33. Gochang (high town)
    34. Gwangju (broad area)
    35. Gyeongju (respectful district)
    36. Inje (gentle and honest)
    37. Jinhae (pear blossom)
    38. Masan (horse mountain)
    39. Miryang (beautiful and cool)
    40. Muan (field)

What is the best way to teach your dog their name?

Teaching a dog their name is a fundamental aspect of any training class. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose a distinct name

Select a short, distinct name for your dog. Names with one or two syllables work best. Avoid names that sound similar to common commands.

Step 2: Create a positive association

dog training classes

Start by associating the dog’s name with positive experiences. Hold a treat close to the dog’s nose to get their attention. Once they make eye contact, say their name and reward them promptly. Doing this will establish a connection between their name and positive reinforcement.

Step 3: Incorporate name into daily routine

Use the dog’s name in daily interactions, such as during feeding, walks, or playtime. This reinforces the association and helps them recognize their name in various contexts.

Remember, each dog learns at their own pace. Stay patient, stay positive, and make learning their name a rewarding and enjoyable experience for your furry friend.

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