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280+ Best Names for a Shar Pei – Popular & Unique

Naming your Shar Pei can be super fun, as it says a lot about your dog’s personality and your relationship. This guide has tons of cool and meaningful names for both boy and girl Shar Peis, inspired by movies, Chinese culture, food, nature, music, etc. With these ideals, you can find the perfect one that matches your pup’s unique traits and creates a strong bond between the two of you. Let’s dive in!

What is a good name for a Shar Pei dog?

chinese shar pei dog breed

First, consider your furry friend’s unique personality and looks; that can be a great source of inspiration. Also, consider your own interests. Maybe you’re a fan of a particular TV show or band and can draw some inspiration there. Once you’ve got a name in mind, make sure it’s short, sweet, and easy to say. Try saying it with your dog’s last name or usual commands to ensure it’s not confusing. And don’t rush it; take your time and enjoy the process of finding the perfect name for your four-legged buddy.

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Top 280+ names for a Shar Pei with meanings

Female Shar Pei names

    1. Angel (heavenly)
    2. Bella (beautiful)
    3. Cinnamon (spice)
    4. Cleo (pride, fame)
    5. Coco (chocolate)
    6. Daisy (innocence and purity)
    7. Gypsy (free-spirited)
    8. Harmony (peaceful blend)
    9. Jazz (rhythmic and lively)
    10. Lulu (precious)
    11. Luna (celestial)
    12. Mabel (lovable)
    13. Mia (mine)
    14. Misty (mist-like)
    15. Mocha (rich brown)
    16. Nala (gift)
    17. Olive (symbol of peace)
    18. Pebbles (small stones)
    19. Pippin (playful)
    20. Roxy (dawn)
    21. Ruby (red gemstone)
    22. Sassy (spirited and lively)
    23. Serenity (calm and peaceful)
    24. Sky (limitless)
    25. Stella (star)
    26. Tessa (harvester)
    27. Willow (slender and graceful)
    28. Zara (princess)
    29. Zola (life)

Male Shar Pei names

    1. Ace (top-notch)
    2. Atlas (enduring)
    3. Axel (father of peace)
    4. Bandit (bold outlaw)
    5. Bear (strong and fierce)
    6. Bentley (meadow with coarse grass)
    7. Bruno (brown-haired)
    8. Caesar (ruler)
    9. Casper (treasurer)
    10. Cody (helpful)
    11. Cooper (barrel maker)
    12. Diesel (powerful)
    13. Django (unchained)
    14. Duke (noble)
    15. Finn (fair)
    16. Gizmo (clever gadget)
    17. Harley (meadow of the hares)
    18. Hunter (skilled tracker)
    19. Jasper (precious stone)
    20. Koda (friend)
    21. Leo (lion)
    22. Maverick (independent thinker)
    23. Max (greatest)
    24. Remy (oarsman)
    25. Rocky (robust and sturdy)
    26. Simba (lion king)
    27. Thor (god of thunder)
    28. Titan (powerful giant)
    29. Tyson (firebrand)
    30. Zeus (god of the sky)

Funny Chinese Shar Pei names

    1. Bao Bao (precious treasure)
    2. Bonsai (small and perfectly formed)
    3. Chopstick (slender and nimble)
    4. Dimsum (bite-sized joy)
    5. Dumpling (cute and round)
    6. Fortune (bringer of good luck)
    7. Giggles (always in a good mood)
    8. Gigglypuff (infectious laughter)
    9. Gyoza (Japanese dumpling, a twist of cultures!)
    10. Kung Pao (spicy and spirited)
    11. Mischief (full of playful antics)
    12. Noodle (long and squiggly)
    13. Noodle Doodle (creative and quirky)
    14. Pawsperity (living the good life)
    15. Peking (after Peking duck)
    16. Puddle (loves to splash around)
    17. Soybean (tiny and full of energy)
    18. Wonton (playful and delicious)

Unique Shar Pei dog names

    1. Aether (heavenly substance)
    2. Azul (blue)
    3. Calypso (mythical sea nymph)
    4. Canela (cinnamon)
    5. Estrella (star)
    6. Fuego (fire)
    7. Lunaire (moonlit)
    8. Mojito (refreshing cocktail)
    9. Mística (mystical)
    10. Nebula (celestial cloud)
    11. Nimbus (cloud)
    12. Orion (constellation)
    13. Quasar (intense burst of energy)
    14. Quetzal (vibrant bird)
    15. Rio (river)
    16. Seraphim (angelic)
    17. Solstice (changing seasons)
    18. Sombra (shadow)
    19. Tango (passionate dance)
    20. Tormenta (storm)
    21. Valencia (bravery)
    22. Zenith (highest point)

Cool Shar Pei dog names from movies

chinese shar pei dog breed
    1. Arwen (The Lord of the Rings)
    2. Django (Django Unchained)
    3. Frodo (The Lord of the Rings)
    4. Fury (The Avengers)
    5. Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)
    6. Gizmo (Gremlins)
    7. Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)
    8. Hermione (Harry Potter)
    9. Indy (Indiana Jones)
    10. Jedi (Star Wars)
    11. Leia (Star Wars)
    12. Logan (Logan)
    13. Loki (Thor, The Avengers)
    14. Maverick (Top Gun)
    15. Mufasa (The Lion King)
    16. Nala (The Lion King)
    17. Neo (The Matrix)
    18. Rey (Star Wars)
    19. Ripley (Alien)
    20. Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy)
    21. Simba (The Lion King)
    22. Thor (Thor)
    23. Trinity (The Matrix)
    24. Wolverine (X-Men)

What is the Chinese name for Shar Pei?

    1. Bai (white)
    2. Bao (precious)
    3. Bo (wave)
    4. Cai (colorful)
    5. Chang (smooth)
    6. Chao (surpassing)
    7. Chen (morning)
    8. Fang (fragrance)
    9. Feng (wind)
    10. Fu (lucky)
    11. Guan (watchful)
    12. Hong (vast)
    13. Hu (tiger)
    14. Hua (flower)
    15. Huan (happy)
    16. Jia (family)
    17. Jian (healthy)
    18. Jin (gold)
    19. Jing (crystal-clear)
    20. Jun (handsome)
    21. Kai (victorious)
    22. Kang (healthy)
    23. Lan (blue)
    24. Lei (thunder)
    25. Li (pretty)
    26. Ling (delicate)
    27. Lu (dew)
    28. Mei (beautiful)
    29. Mei Mei (little sister)
    30. Mei Nu (beautiful girl)
    31. Ming (bright)
    32. Nian (peaceful)
    33. Ning (peaceful)
    34. Piao (elegant)
    35. Po (treasured)
    36. Qi (energy)
    37. Qian (thousand)
    38. Qu (song)
    39. Quan (strong)
    40. Rong (glorious)
    41. Ru (scholar)
    42. Rui (auspicious)
    43. Shen (spirit)
    44. Shu (calm)
    45. Shuai (handsome)
    46. Shun (smooth)
    47. Tao (peach)
    48. Tian (sky)
    49. Wei (great)
    50. Wei Wei (little rose)
    51. Xi (happy)
    52. Xia (summer)
    53. Xiang (fragrant)
    54. Xiao (small)
    55. Xin (heart)
    56. Xing Xing (star)
    57. Xiu (elegant)
    58. Yan (swallow)
    59. Yao (mysterious)
    60. Yi (smart)
    61. Ying (cherry blossom)
    62. Yu (jade)
    63. Yuan (round)
    64. Yue (joy)
    65. Yun (cloud)
    66. Zai (victory)
    67. Zhan (battle)
    68. Zhen (precious)
    69. Zhi (wisdom)
    70. Zhu (bamboo)
    71. Zong (respectful)

Food-inspired Shar Pei dog names

    1. Basil (aromatic herb)
    2. Biscuit (baked pastry)
    3. Caramel (sweet syrup)
    4. Cinnamon (sweet spice)
    5. Cocoa (from cocoa bean)
    6. Ginger (spicy root)
    7. Kiwi (fruit)
    8. Maple (sweet syrup)
    9. Miso (fermented soybean paste)
    10. Mochi (sweet rice cake)
    11. Nutmeg (spice seed)
    12. Olive (small fruit)
    13. Pancake (flat batter cake)
    14. Pepper (spice)
    15. Pesto (herb sauce)
    16. Pickle (preserved cucumber)
    17. Pistachio (nut)
    18. Pita (bread)
    19. Pudding (sweet dessert)
    20. Saffron (expensive spice)
    21. Salsa (spicy sauce)
    22. Scone (baked bread)
    23. Sundae (ice cream dessert)
    24. Sushi (Japanese dish)
    25. Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
    26. Tofu (soybean curd)
    27. Truffle (delicious fungus)
    28. Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
    29. Wonton (filled dumpling)

Travel-inspired Shar Pei dog names

    1. Alpine (relating to high mountains)
    2. Aspen (a city associated with travel)
    3. Atlas (maps and navigation)
    4. Avalon (legendary island of paradise)
    5. Canyon (deep gorge)
    6. Compass (navigational tool)
    7. Cruise (voyage on water)
    8. Delta (landform at the mouth of a river)
    9. Everest (highest peak)
    10. Horizon (where the sky meets the earth)
    11. Jet (fast-traveling aircraft)
    12. Journey (adventurous excursion)
    13. Mirage (optical illusion in landscapes)
    14. Nomad (wanderer)
    15. Odyssey (long, adventurous journey)
    16. Safari (journey in Africa)
    17. Sierra (mountain range)
    18. Summit (highest point)
    19. Terra (earth or land)
    20. Voyager (traveler)
    21. Whistler (famous ski resort)

Music-inspired Shar Pei dog names

chinese shar pei dog breed
    1. Adagio (Italian – slow and stately)
    2. Allegro (Italian – fast and lively)
    3. Aria (Italian – expressive melody)
    4. Bluesy (English – characterized by blues style)
    5. Bolero (Spanish – slow-tempo dance)
    6. Cadence (English – rhythmic flow)
    7. Cadenzza (Italian – virtuosic solo passage)
    8. Calypso (English – Caribbean music style)
    9. Cello (Italian – large string instrument)
    10. Chord (English – harmonious combination)
    11. Coda (Italian – concluding passage)
    12. Dolce (Italian – sweetly)
    13. Fado (Portuguese – melancholic folk music)
    14. Harmony (English – musical consonance)
    15. Jazz (English – genre of music)
    16. Melody (English – musical tune)
    17. Minuet (French – dance in triple meter)
    18. Raga (Sanskrit – musical mode)
    19. Rhythm (English – musical beat)
    20. Samba (Portuguese – lively dance)
    21. Sitar (Hindi – traditional stringed instrument)
    22. Solo (Italian – performance by a single artist)
    23. Sonata (Italian – instrumental composition)
    24. Soprano (Italian – highest vocal range)
    25. Tango (Spanish – passionate dance)

Nature-inspired Shar Pei dog names

    1. Bear (strong and mighty)
    2. Blaze (intense and fiery)
    3. Cedar (strong and aromatic tree)
    4. Daisy (innocent and pure)
    5. Ember (glowing and fiery)
    6. Falcon (fast and agile bird)
    7. Oakley (from the oak tree)
    8. Orchid (delicate and exotic flower)
    9. Pebble (small and sturdy)
    10. Ridge (elevated and prominent)
    11. Rose (classic and beautiful flower)
    12. Sky (limitless and vast)
    13. Storm (powerful and energetic)
    14. Tiger (fierce and powerful)

How to teach your Shar Pei their name

chinese shar pei dog breed

Teaching your Shar Pei their name can be done through positive reinforcement. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a quiet environment with few distractions, like a room with no TV. This helps your Shar Pei focus on you and what you want them to learn.

Step 2: Say their name in a happy tone that grabs their attention. Use a different tone than when you’re having a normal conversation. Also, smile when saying their name to show that it’s positive.

Step 3: Reward them with treats or their favorite toy right after saying their name. This creates a positive link between their name and rewards, which encourages them to pay attention.

Step 4: Play the “look at me” game. Hold a treat near your chin and move it slowly from side to side. This will encourage your Shar Pei to look at you. When they make eye contact, say their name in a happy tone and give them the treat to help them connect their name with looking at you, which is the first step to responding when called.

Step 5. Be patient and consistent. Don’t worry if your Shar Pei doesn’t learn their name right away. Repeat these steps throughout the day in short sessions, making it fun and rewarding.

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