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300+ Best Names for Pekingese Dogs – Popular & Unique

Choosing a name for your new Pekingese can be a fun and exciting experience. Do you want to find a perfect one? This blog post lists over 300 names for Pekingese dogs, ranging from popular picks to cool and cute suggestions. Let’s find it!

What to look for when choosing a dog name

pekingese dog breed

Choosing the perfect name for your furry friend is exciting! Here are some tips to help you pick the ideal name for your Pekingese pup:

    • LengthKeep it short (1-2 syllables) for easy learning and recall.
    • Pronunciation: Choose a name you can say clearly and consistently.
    • Sound: Avoid names that sound similar to commands like “stay” or “no.”
    • Personality: Reflect your Pekingese’s unique temperament and quirks.
    • Appearance: Consider their fur color, markings, or size for inspiration.
    • Meaning: Choose a name with a positive or special meaning you enjoy.
    • Uniqueness: Avoid overly common names to make your pup stand out.
    • Familiarity: Test the name out by saying it aloud to see if it feels right.
    • Reaction: See how your four-legged friend reacts to different name options.

Ultimately, the best name is one that you love and feels perfect for your precious Pekingese. Trust your intuition and have fun with the process! I hope these tips help you find the perfect name for your furry friend! ❤️

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Top 300+ names for Pekingese dogs

The most popular Pekingese names

    1. Bamboo (Lucky)
    2. Coco (Sweet)
    3. Emperor (Majestic)
    4. Fuzi (Fluffy)
    5. Jade (Precious)
    6. Leo (Lion)
    7. Lotus (Elegant)
    8. Mao (Cat)
    9. Mei (Beautiful)
    10. Nala (Queen)
    11. Noodle (Stretchy)
    12. Opal (Sparkling)
    13. Princess (Royalty)
    14. Qi (Energy)
    15. Ren (Compassion)
    16. Ruby (Precious)
    17. Shu (Happiness)
    18. Snowflake (Delicate)
    19. Sprout (Growing)
    20. Sunny (Cheerful)
    21. Teddy (Cuddly)
    22. Tiger (Fierce)
    23. Tiny Tim (Small)
    24. Winston (Dignified)
    25. Yin (Harmony)

Male Pekingese names

    1. Ahki (Brave)
    2. Basil (Kingly)
    3. Bodhi (Awakened)
    4. Dax (Great)
    5. Dharma (Righteousness)
    6. Enzo (Champion)
    7. Fuji (Wisteria)
    8. Genghis (Bold)
    9. Hanzo (Hero)
    10. Humphrey (Energetic)
    11. Kami (God)
    12. Khan (Ruler)
    13. Koa (Strong)
    14. Lao (Old)
    15. Marco (Warlike)
    16. Masao (True)
    17. Mushu (Lucky Cricket)
    18. Odin (Chieftain)
    19. Pipsqueak (Tiny)
    20. Po (Precious)
    21. Rango (Color)
    22. Rex (King)
    23. Shiro (White)
    24. Sparky (Energetic)
    25. Taro (Bold)
    26. Thor (Thunder)
    27. Wu (Warrior)
    28. Xiǎowàng (Little King)
    29. Yang (Balance)

Female Pekingese names

pekingese dog breed
    1. Akira (Bright)
    2. Amethyst (Precious)
    3. Baobei (Treasure)
    4. Belle (Beauty)
    5. Bijou (Jewel)
    6. Blossom (Delicate)
    7. Chai (Fate)
    8. Cinnamon (Sweet)
    9. Empress (Royalty)
    10. Flora (Flower)
    11. Fortune (Blessed)
    12. Fuji (Wisteria)
    13. Ginger (Spunky)
    14. Hanami (Cherry Blossom)
    15. Honey (Sweet)
    16. Jasmine (Fragrant)
    17. Juniper (Enduring)
    18. Koko (Little Princess)
    19. Layla (Night)
    20. Lilac (Graceful)
    21. Lotus (Elegant)
    22. Lucky (Fortunate)
    23. Pearl (Rare)
    24. Peony (Prosperity)
    25. Poppy (Delicate)
    26. Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
    27. Winnie (Gentle)
    28. Yuki (Snow)

Cute Pekingese names

    1. Baozi (Dumpling)
    2. Button (Tiny charm) 
    3. Cloud (Fluffy wonder) 
    4. Dumpling (Cuddly companion) 
    5. Ebi (Shrimp) 
    6. Floof (Fuzzy friend) 
    7. Gnocchi (Soft delight)
    8. Kiwi (Playful zest) 
    9. Momo (Peach)
    10. Muffin (Sweet comfort) 
    11. Nugget (Precious treasure) 
    12. Peanut (Tiny wonder)
    13. Poppet (Precious sweetheart)
    14. Pumpkin (Plump & friendly) 
    15. Puffball (Fluffy cloud)
    16. Teddy (Cuddly companion) 
    17. Truffle (Delicious surprise)
    18. Whiskers (Curious explorer) 
    19. Woofles (Playful bark)
    20. Ziggy (Wriggly charm)
    21. Squish (Cuddle magnet)
    22. Socks (Adorable paws) 
    23. Pipkin (Tiny darling) 
    24. Munchkin (Little snacker) 
    25. Noodle (Stretchy friend) 

Cool Pekingese dog names

names for pekingese dogs
    1. Ash (Fiery spirit)
    2. Bandit (Sly charm)
    3. Blitz (Electric energy)
    4. Bowie (Rebellious soul)
    5. Clutch (Unwavering confidence)
    6. Dakota (Fierce independence)
    7. Echo (Mystical presence)
    8. Ember (Smoldering spirit)
    9. Gambit (Playful risk-taker)
    10. Hendrix (Rockstar style)
    11. Hunter (Sharp instincts)
    12. Jazz (Smooth swagger)
    13. Jinx (Lucky mischief)
    14. Kai (Shadow warrior)
    15. Kash (Mysterious allure)
    16. Maverick (Nonconformist spirit)
    17. Moxie (Spirited sass)
    18. Nova (Dazzling supernova)
    19. Nyx (Dark goddess)
    20. Ocho (Streetwise charm)
    21. Phoenix (Resilient survivor)
    22. Rogue (Enigmatic wanderer)
    23. Rumble (Deep, confident growl)
    24. Shadow (Silent mystery)
    25. Smoke (Elusive spirit)
    26. Spike (Punk rock personality)
    27. Spitfire (Fiery sass)
    28. Switchblade (Hidden strength)
    29. Tank (Unbreakable force)
    30. Twitch (Quirky charm)
    31. Uno (Unique individual)
    32. Viper (Quick, stealthy)

Classy Pekingese names

    1. Adelaide (Noble)
    2. Alistair (Defender)
    3. Amadeus (Love of music)
    4. Beaumont (Mountainous)
    5. Bentley (Luxury)
    6. Bianca (White, pure)
    7. Camille (Gracious)
    8. Caspian (Deep blue sea)
    9. Emerson (Wise, literary)
    10. Fitzgerald (Sophisticated, literary)
    11. Gisele (Pledge)
    12. Horatio (Noble defender)
    13. Indiana (Adventurous)
    14. Isabella (Pledged to God)
    15. Jasper (Precious stone)
    16. Josephine (Charming, gracious)
    17. Kensington (Royal borough)
    18. Lafayette (Noble, loyal)
    19. Louis (Famous warrior)
    20. Marquise (Elegant nobility)
    21. Monroe (Gracious, stylish)
    22. Neville (New town)
    23. Octavia (Eighth)
    24. Penelope (Weaver)
    25. Percival (Piercer)
    26. Remington (Strong, wise)
    27. Renfrew (Peaceful stream)
    28. Rosalind (Rose, beautiful)
    29. Sabine (Woman of the Sabines)
    30. Scarlett (Fiery)
    31. Sebastian (Reverence)
    32. Sinclair (Clear, pure)
    33. Sterling (Pure, excellent)
    34. Tennyson (Poet)
    35. Valentina (Strong, healthy)
    36. Vanderbilt (Wealthy family)
    37. Windsor (Royal castle)
    38. Wynona (First-born)
    39. Xanthe (Golden-haired)

Temperament-inspired Pekingese puppy names

names for pekingese dogs
    1. Ace (Confident, playful)
    2. Bandit (Mischievous, sly)
    3. Bo (Bold, outgoing)
    4. Buddha (Calm, peaceful)
    5. Comet (Energetic, bright)
    6. Figaro (Curious, adventurous)
    7. Fitz (Dignified, independent)
    8. Gizmo (Clever, quirky)
    9. Gus (Grumpy, lovable)
    10. Honey (Sweet, friendly)
    11. Jagger (Rockstar, playful)
    12. Jester (Jokester, charming)
    13. Jinx (Lucky, mischievous)
    14. Karma (Chill, carefree)
    15. Luna (Mysterious, elegant)
    16. Ninja (Stealthy, watchful)
    17. Pip (Tiny, cheeky)
    18. Poe (Witty, sarcastic)
    19. Rebel (Independent, spirited)
    20. Rocket (Fast, playful)
    21. Scout (Observant, protective)
    22. Sherlock (Clever, curious)
    23. Spark (Energetic, lively)
    24. Sugar (Sweet, affectionate)
    25. Venus (Lovely, charming)
    26. Willow (Graceful, gentle)
    27. Ziggy (Enthusiastic, quirky)

Appearance-inspired Pekingese names

    1. Ashy (Cool, grey fur)
    2. Cinder (Smoky black coat)
    3. Cottonball (Fluffy white pup)
    4. Duchess (Elegant, regal face)
    5. Ebi (Tiny, shrimp-like)
    6. Floof (Voluminous fur)
    7. Foxy (Sharp, cunning eyes)
    8. Ginger (Fiery orange fur)
    9. Jet (Sleek, black coat)
    10. Kiwi (Tart, green-tinged fur)
    11. Mask (Dark facial markings)
    12. Panda (Black and white markings)
    13. Pepper (Tiny, black pepper-like)
    14. Pom Pom (Round, fluffy tail)
    15. Pumpkin (Round, orange pup)
    16. Sable (Rich, luxurious brown fur)
    17. Sesame (Tiny, black spots)
    18. Sock (White paws)
    19. Spice (Warm, cinnamon-colored fur)
    20. Teddy (Cuddly, bear-like face)
    21. Toast (Golden brown markings)
    22. Tuxedo (Formal black and white markings)
    23. Whiskers (Prominent facial hair)
    24. Wren (Tiny, delicate features)
    25. Zig Zag (Striped markings)
    26. Zoom (Speedy, energetic)
    27. Zippy (Tiny, quick)
    28. Zorro (Black mask)
    29. Zuki (Bright, alert eyes)

Pop culture Pekingese names

    1. Arya (Fierce Stark – Game of Thrones)
    2. Boba (Tiny bounty hunter – Star Wars)
    3. Bucky (Loyal sidekick – Marvel)
    4. Chewie (Fuzzball with bite – Star Wars)
    5. Cosmo (Quirky Kramer dog – Seinfeld)
    6. Dobby (Adorable house-elf – Harry Potter)
    7. Drogon (Fiery Khaleesi companion – Game of Thrones)
    8. Eleven (Mysterious telekinetic – Stranger Things)
    9. Groot (Adorable talking tree – Guardians of the Galaxy)
    10. Hedwig (Wise snowy owl – Harry Potter)
    11. Loki (Trickster god of mischief – Marvel)
    12. Mando (Gruff bounty hunter – The Mandalorian)
    13. Meowth (Team Rocket troublemaker – Pokemon)
    14. Mushu (Tiny but brave dragon – Mulan)
    15. Olaf (Warm-hearted snowman – Frozen)
    16. Patronus (Majestic magical protector – Harry Potter)
    17. Pikachu (Electric cutie – Pokemon)
    18. Poe (Snarky droid pilot – Star Wars)
    19. Professor X (Telepathic leader – X-Men)
    20. Ron (Loyal best friend – Harry Potter)
    21. Samwise (Devoted companion – Lord of the Rings)
    22. Stitch (Mischievous alien – Lilo & Stitch)
    23. Toothless (Adorable Night Fury – How to Train Your Dragon)
    24. Totoro (Giant forest spirit – My Neighbor Totoro)
    25. Tyrion (Wily Lannister – Game of Thrones)
    26. Ursula (Sea witch diva – The Little Mermaid)
    27. Vader (Dark Lord – Star Wars)
    28. Vision (Sentient android – Marvel)
    29. Wednesday (Goth queen – Addams Family)
    30. Wolverine (Gruff mutant hero – X-Men)
    31. Yoda (Wise Jedi Master – Star Wars)
    32. Zero (Loyal ghost dog – Nightmare Before Christmas)
    33. Zuko (Honored banished prince – Avatar: The Last Airbender)
    34. Zooey (Quirky indie girl – New Girl)
    35. Ziggy Stardust (Glam rock icon – David Bowie)

Cuisine-inspired Pekingese names

pekingese dog breed
    1. Bao (Steamed bun, fluffy treat)
    2. Biscotti (Crunchy, sweet cookie)
    3. Croissant (Flaky, delightful)
    4. Curry (Exotic, vibrant)
    5. Dango (Sweet Japanese dumpling)
    6. Dimsum (Small bites, delightful variety)
    7. Eclair (Rich, creamy delight)
    8. Feta (Tangy, salty cheese)
    9. Fig (Sweet, unique fruit)
    10. Gnocchi (Soft, pillowy potato dumpling)
    11. Honeycomb (Sweet, golden treasure)
    12. Kimchi (Fermented, spicy)
    13. Latte (Creamy, comforting caffeine)
    14. Mochi (Squishy, sweet rice cake)
    15. Muffin (Sweet, comforting treat)
    16. Nori (Crispy seaweed, sea-salty)
    17. Nutmeg (Warm, fragrant spice)
    18. Olive (Small, savory delight)
    19. Pad Thai (Sweet, salty peanut noodle dish)
    20. Panna Cotta (Silky, creamy dessert)
    21. Pepperoni (Spicy, playful)
    22. Pho (Steaming, fragrant Vietnamese soup)
    23. Poutine (Savory, cheesy delight)
    24. Queso (Melty, cheesy goodness)
    25. Ramen (Noodles with endless possibilities)
    26. Roti (Flaky, versatile flatbread)
    27. Saffron (Precious, golden spice)
    28. Scone (Warm, crumbly comfort)
    29. Sorbet (Light, refreshing sweetness)
    30. Sushi (Tiny, bite-sized delight)
    31. Tamale (Warm, comforting pocket of joy)
    32. Teacup (Tiny, delicate sip)
    33. Thyme (Fragrant, versatile herb)
    34. Udon (Thick, comforting noodles)
    35. Waffles (Light, fluffy treat)
    36. Wasabi (Spicy green kick)
    37. Wonton (Tiny, delectable parcel)

Nature-inspired Pekingese names

    1. Aspen (Tremble like leaves)
    2. Breeze (Light, swift)
    3. Cedar (Strength, endurance)
    4. Cloud (Fluffy, dreamy)
    5. Ember (Sparkling spirit)
    6. Fern (Delicate grace)
    7. Flint (Spark of mischief)
    8. Glacier (Calm, majestic)
    9. Honey (Sweet charm)
    10. Jasper (Speckled beauty)
    11. Kiwi (Tarty zest)
    12. Lake (Still, reflective)
    13. Luna (Mysterious moon)
    14. Mist (Elusive charm)
    15. Moss (Resilient greenery)
    16. Nugget (Precious treasure)
    17. Ocean (Boundless spirit)
    18. Onyx (Polished, black gem)
    19. Opal (Dazzling iridescence)
    20. Pebble (Small, smooth wonder)
    21. Rain (Cleansing, refreshing)
    22. River (Flowing with life)
    23. Shimmer (Sparkling delight)
    24. Sky (Vast, boundless)
    25. Smoke (Elusive intrigue)
    26. Spark (Energetic joy)
    27. Spruce (Evergreen spirit)
    28. Sunrise (Hopeful, radiant)
    29. Sunset (Beautiful transition)
    30. Thunder (Powerful voice)
    31. Tide (Ever-changing rhythm)
    32. Zephyr (Gentle breeze)
    33. Zigzag (Lively wanderer)
    34. Zuma (Ocean goddess)
    35. Ember (Fiery spirit)
    36. Onyx (Elegant mystery)

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