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100 Famous Names From Harry Potter for Dogs & Meanings

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter and want to give your dog a magical name, you’re in the right place. We’ve made a list of 100 names from Harry Potter for dogs based on the traits of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, as well as other things related to the series. Plus, we even offer some tips to help you find the perfect name for your pup. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Tips for choosing a Harry Potter dog name

names from harry potter for dogs

First, think about your dog’s looks, personality, and your favorite characters. You can choose a name based on the Hogwarts houses, like Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, or pick a name inspired by magical creatures or objects. Just make sure it’s easy to say and suits your furry friend. But most importantly, have fun with it! Your dog will love being part of the wizarding world.

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100 best names from Harry Potter for dogs

Favorite male Harry Potter dog names

    1. Harry  The protagonist of the series, an orphan who discovers he is a wizard on his 11th birthday and attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    2. Sirius  Harry’s godfather and a member of the rebellious group known as the Order of the Phoenix. He was wrongly accused of betraying Harry’s parents.
    3. Draco  A student at Hogwarts, belonging to the Slytherin house. He often serves as a rival to Harry and is known for his family’s association with dark magic.
    4. Ron  Harry’s best friend and one of the Weasley siblings. He comes from a large, loving wizarding family and is known for his loyalty and bravery.
    5. Neville Initially portrayed as clumsy, Neville grows into a courageous and skilled wizard. He becomes an integral part of Harry’s group of friends.
    6. Remus  A former Hogwarts professor and a werewolf. He is also one of Harry’s father’s friends and a member of the Order of the Phoenix.
    7. Cedric  A student from Hogwarts and a skilled wizard. He plays a significant role in the Triwizard Tournament, a magical competition between three wizarding schools.
    8. Rubeus  Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, as well as the Care of Magical Creatures professor. He is a half-giant and a close friend and ally to Harry.
    9. Severus  The Potions Master at Hogwarts and a complex character with a mysterious past. He is often a source of tension for Harry but plays a crucial role in the series.
    10. Dumbledore  The wise and powerful headmaster of Hogwarts. He is a mentor to Harry and a key figure in the fight against the dark wizard Lord Voldemort.

Favorite female Harry Potter dog names

    1. Hermione  One of Harry’s best friends and a highly intelligent and resourceful witch. She is known for her academic prowess and strong sense of justice.
    2. Luna A unique and eccentric student at Hogwarts. Luna is open-minded and believes in creatures and phenomena that others find strange.
    3. Ginny  Ron’s younger sister and later Harry’s love interest. Ginny is a talented and determined witch, known for her skill in Quidditch.
    4. Bellatrix  A loyal follower of Lord Voldemort and a Death Eater. Bellatrix is known for her cruelty and unwavering devotion to the Dark Lord.
    5. Tonks  An Auror and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Tonks is a Metamorphmagus, allowing her to change her appearance at will.
    6. Cho  A Hogwarts student and briefly Harry’s love interest. She is a talented Quidditch player and a member of the Ravenclaw house.
    7. Narcissa  Draco’s mother and a member of the pure-blood Malfoy family. She plays a significant role in the events surrounding Voldemort’s return.
    8. Fleur  A skilled witch from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She participates in the Triwizard Tournament and later becomes part of the Weasley family.
    9. McGonagall  The Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts and the head of Gryffindor House. She is also the Deputy Headmistress and later becomes the Headmistress.
    10. Lily  Harry’s mother, who sacrificed herself to save him from Lord Voldemort. Her love and sacrifice form a powerful protective charm around Harry.

Harry Potter dog names inspired by Gryffindor house

    1. Gryff – Short for Gryffindor
    2. Harry – Famous Gryffindor wizard
    3. Hermione – Gryffindor’s brightest witch
    4. Ron – Loyal Gryffindor friend
    5. Ginny – Skilled Gryffindor witch
    6. Sirius – After Sirius Black, a Gryffindor
    7. Neville – Brave Gryffindor student
    8. Luna – Fearless Gryffindor ally
    9. Godric – Gryffindor founder
    10. Bravery – Reflecting Gryffindor’s trait

Harry Potter dog names inspired by Slytherin house

    1. Draco – Slytherin student
    2. Severus – Slytherin head of house
    3. Bellatrix – Notorious Slytherin
    4. Lucius – Slytherin pure-blood
    5. Narcissa – Slytherin family member
    6. Salazar – Slytherin founder
    7. Ambition – Reflecting Slytherin’s trait
    8. Serpent – Slytherin house symbol
    9. Malfoy – Iconic Slytherin surname
    10. Zabini – Slytherin student

Harry Potter dog names inspired by Hufflepuff house

shiba inu names
    1. Cedric – Notable Hufflepuff
    2. Tonks – Hufflepuff Auror
    3. Newt – Hufflepuff magizoologist
    4. Helga – Hufflepuff founder
    5. Diggory – Hufflepuff family name
    6. Loyalty – Reflecting Hufflepuff’s trait
    7. Badger – Hufflepuff house symbol
    8. Honey – Sweet Hufflepuff trait
    9. Puff – Short for Hufflepuff
    10. Pomona – Hufflepuff head of house

Harry Potter dog names inspired by Ravenclaw house

    1. Luna – Wise Ravenclaw
    2. Cho – Ravenclaw seeker
    3. Rowena – Ravenclaw founder
    4. Filius – Ravenclaw head of house
    5. Wisdom – Reflecting Ravenclaw’s trait
    6. Eagle – Ravenclaw house symbol
    7. Blue – Ravenclaw house color
    8. Diadem – Famous Ravenclaw artifact
    9. Quill – Ravenclaw symbol
    10. Wit – Ravenclaw quality

Harry Potter dog names inspired by professors

    1. Dumbledore – Headmaster
    2. McGonagall – Transfiguration professor
    3. Snape – Potions master
    4. Sprout – Herbology professor
    5. Flitwick – Charms professor
    6. Trelawney – Divination professor
    7. Lupin – Defense Against the Dark Arts professor
    8. Hagrid – Keeper of Keys and Grounds
    9. Lockhart – Famous wizarding author
    10. Slughorn – Potions professor

Harry Potter dog names inspired by magical objects

    1. Wand – Essential magical tool
    2. Invisibility – Invisibility Cloak
    3. Mirror – Mirror of Erised
    4. Time-Turner – Time-travel device
    5. Pensieve – Memory-viewing basin
    6. Howler – Magical letter
    7. Portkey – Object for teleportation
    8. Remembrall – Memory aid
    9. Deluminator – Light-removing device
    10. Horcrux – Object containing a piece of a soul

Harry Potter dog names inspired by pets from the series

    1. Hedwig – Harry’s owl
    2. Crookshanks – Hermione’s cat
    3. Scabbers – Ron’s rat
    4. Fluffy – Three-headed dog
    5. Buckbeak – Hagrid’s hippogriff
    6. Fawkes – Dumbledore’s phoenix
    7. Norbert – Hagrid’s dragon
    8. Trevor – Neville’s toad
    9. Mrs. Norris – Filch’s cat
    10. Pigwidgeon – Ron’s owl

Place-inspired names in Harry Potter for dogs

    1. Diagon – Diagon Alley
    2. Hogsmeade – Wizarding village
    3. Azkaban – Notorious wizarding prison
    4. Gringott – Wizard bank
    5. Forbidden – Forbidden Forest
    6. Platform – Platform 9¾
    7. Godric’s – Godric’s Hollow
    8. Shrieking – Shrieking Shack
    9. Quidditch – Magical sport
    10. Ollivander – Wand shop

Food and drink names in Harry Potter for dogs

    1. Pumpkin – Pumpkin juice
    2. Butterbeer – Wizarding beverage
    3. Treacle – Treacle tart
    4. Bertie – Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans
    5. Fizzing – Fizzing Whizzbees
    6. Chocolate – Chocolate Frogs
    7. Cauldron – Cauldron Cakes
    8. Gillyweed – Magical plant
    9. Sherbet – Sherbet Lemon
    10. Licorice – Licorice Wand

How to teach your dog their Harry Potter name

games to play with dogs outside

When teaching your dog their name, it’s important to keep things positive and fun. Repetition and rewards are key. Say your dog’s name in a happy voice when they’re calm and not distracted. As soon as they look at you, mark it with a clicker or a positive word like “yes!” or “good dog!” and immediately reward them with a treat or toy. Repeat this sequence 10-15 times in a session, but stop before they lose interest.  

If they’re ignoring you, try different activities to pique their interest. Also, get everyone in the household involved in calling their name and offering rewards. You can gradually increase distractions as they progress, like calling them from another room or with background noise. And don’t forget to use their name in everyday situations, like “Come on, [dog’s name], let’s go for a walk!” 

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