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345+ Pawesome Spiritual Names for Dogs and Meanings

Naming your dog is fun, but have you ever considered giving them a spiritual name? You can find more than 345 spiritual names for dogs in this guide, sorted by themes and meanings. Before you dive in, check out some useful tips on how to pick the perfect name that both you and your furry buddy will love.

What to consider when choosing a name for your dog?

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Tips for choosing an ideal dog name: 

    • Keep it short and easy to remember 
    • Avoid names that sound like commands or common words 
    • Try out different names to see what your dog responds to best 
    • Don’t be afraid to change the name if it doesn’t feel right 
    • Have fun with it!

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why I’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

345 spiritual names for dogs with meanings

Spiritual names for female dogs

    1. Amara (eternal)
    2. Athena (goddess of wisdom)
    3. Aurora (dawn)
    4. Calista (most beautiful)
    5. Cassiopeia (constellation)
    6. Celestia (heavenly)
    7. Ceres (goddess of agriculture)
    8. Divinity (god-like)
    9. Esprit (spirit)
    10. Harmony (balance)
    11. Lotus (symbol of purity)
    12. Mystique (mysterious)
    13. Nyx (night)
    14. Oriel (angel of destiny)
    15. Radiance (brightness)
    16. Sable (black)
    17. Selene (moon goddess)
    18. Seraphina (angelic)
    19. Solstice (celestial event)
    20. Sonnet (poetic)
    21. Thalia (joyful spirit)
    22. Trinity (threefold unity)
    23. Veda (sacred knowledge)
    24. Whisper (gentle communication)
    25. Zephyra (gentle breeze)

Spiritual names for male dogs

    1. Apollo (god of music and poetry)
    2. Asher (blessed)
    3. Atlas (bearer of the heavens)
    4. Bodhi (enlightenment)
    5. Cascade (flowing)
    6. Cosmo (universe)
    7. Dharma (cosmic law)
    8. Elysium (paradise)
    9. Ember (glowing)
    10. Everest (highest point)
    11. Galadriel (elf queen)
    12. Indigo (deep blue)
    13. Kairo (the right moment)
    14. Koda (friend)
    15. Neo (new)
    16. Nimbus (shining cloud)
    17. Odin (god of wisdom)
    18. Orion (mighty hunter)
    19. Rune (mystical symbol)
    20. Shanti (peace)
    21. Sirius (brightest star)
    22. Thorne (strong and sharp)
    23. Titan (powerful deity)
    24. Valor (courage)
    25. Zen (state of meditation)

Spiritual names for black dogs

    1. Carbon (elemental black)
    2. Charcoal (black color)
    3. Cinder (black ash)
    4. Cosmos (universe)
    5. Darth (inspired by Darth Vader)
    6. Diablo (devil)
    7. Ebony (dark wood)
    8. Eclipse (celestial event)
    9. Grim (ominous)
    10. Hades (god of the underworld)
    11. Jet (black mineral)
    12. Midnight (middle of the night)
    13. Morpheus (god of dreams)
    14. Noir (French for black)
    15. Nuit (French for night)
    16. Obsidian (black volcanic glass)
    17. Onyx (black gemstone)
    18. Panther (sleek and black)
    19. Phantom (ghostly)
    20. Raven (black bird)
    21. Shadow (dark silhouette)
    22. Soot (black residue)
    23. Styx (river in the underworld)
    24. Tempest (violent storm)
    25. Thunder (dark and powerful)
    26. Umbra (shadow)
    27. Velvet (smooth and black)
    28. Vesper (evening)
    29. Wraith (ghost-like)

Free spirit dog names

    1. Blaze (fiery spirit)
    2. Breeze (gentle wind)
    3. Gypsy (free-spirited traveler)
    4. Horizon (limitless view)
    5. Indie (independent)
    6. Infinity (endless)
    7. Jubilee (celebration)
    8. Liberty (freedom)
    9. Lyric (melodic spirit)
    10. Maverick (nonconformist)
    11. Mirage (illusion)
    12. Nirvana (state of bliss)
    13. Nomad (wanderer)
    14. Oasis (refuge)
    15. Odyssey (epic journey)
    16. Pegasus (free-flying horse)
    17. Quest (search for adventure)
    18. Rapture (intense joy)
    19. Rebel (against the norm)
    20. Rhapsody (ecstasy)
    21. Solitude (enjoys alone time)
    22. Spirit (free-spirited)
    23. Vagabond (nomadic)
    24. Wander (roam freely)
    25. Wilderness (untamed)
    26. Wisp (delicate spirit)

Cool spiritual names for dogs

japanese dog names
    1. Astral (relating to stars)
    2. Cipher (hidden meaning)
    3. Echo (reflective spirit)
    4. Electra (shining)
    5. Kismet (destiny)
    6. Mystic (mysterious)
    7. Nebula (celestial cloud)
    8. Nexus (connection)
    9. Nova (explosive burst)
    10. Oracle (divine source)
    11. Phoenix (rebirth)
    12. Pulse (vital force)
    13. Quantum (subatomic level)
    14. Sirocco (Mediterranean wind)
    15. Synergy (combined energy)
    16. Valkyrie (warrior spirit)
    17. Vortex (whirling energy)
    18. Zenith (highest point)

Cute spiritual names for dogs

    1. Bambi (gentle spirit)
    2. Bubbles (effervescent)
    3. Bunny (gentle and hoppy)
    4. Cuddles (affectionate)
    5. Cupid (love)
    6. Doodle (playful drawing)
    7. Giggles (happy laughter)
    8. Jellybean (colorful joy)
    9. Marshmallow (soft and sweet)
    10. Mochi (soft and chewy)
    11. Muffin (sweet and soft)
    12. Nectar (sweetness)
    13. Nugget (small and precious)
    14. Pippin (small and lively)
    15. Pixie (playful spirit)
    16. Puddle (small and sweet)
    17. Snickers (playful laughter)
    18. Snuggles (loving cuddles)
    19. Sparkle (shining brightness)
    20. Sparky (energetic)
    21. Sprinkle (delicate touch)
    22. Sprout (new growth)
    23. Tinkerbell (mischievous fairy)
    24. Twinkle (sparkling)

Spiritual dog names in Japan

    1. Amaya (night rain)
    2. Asahi (sunlight)
    3. Chikara (power)
    4. Haru (spring)
    5. Hikari (light)
    6. Hiroshi (generous)
    7. Izumi (spring water)
    8. Kaito (fly like the wind)
    9. Kaiyo (ocean)
    10. Kazuki (harmony)
    11. Kiko (hope)
    12. Kimi (noble)
    13. Kiyomi (pure beauty)
    14. Kohana (little flower)
    15. Kokoro (heart)
    16. Kuma (bear)
    17. Megumi (blessing)
    18. Michi (path)
    19. Midori (green)
    20. Nobu (faith)
    21. Ren (lotus)
    22. Ryu (dragon)
    23. Sakura (cherry blossom)
    24. Shiro (white)
    25. Sora (sky)
    26. Tenshi (angel)
    27. Tora (tiger)
    28. Yuki (snow)
    29. Yume (dream)

Spiritual dog names in Korea

    1. Bada (ocean)
    2. Boksoon (luck)
    3. Bomi (spring)
    4. Byeol (star)
    5. Daeun (kindness)
    6. Eunji (kindness and wisdom)
    7. Gahyeon (inspiration)
    8. Gyeong (respect)
    9. Haeun (graceful grace)
    10. Haneul (sky)
    11. Heejae (sunlight)
    12. Hwan (shining)
    13. Iseul (dew)
    14. Jiho (harmony)
    15. Jina (treasure)
    16. Jinwoo (benevolent)
    17. Jisoo (wisdom)
    18. Jiwon (wisdom and grace)
    19. Kwon (strong)
    20. Kyungsoo (soothing)
    21. Minji (gentle and kind)
    22. Mirae (future)
    23. Nari (lily)
    24. Nuri (world)
    25. Saebyeol (new star)
    26. Sangha (community)
    27. Sarang (love)
    28. Seok (rock)
    29. Seulgi (wisdom and joy)
    30. Yujin (precious)

Spiritual dog names in Italy

shiba inu names
    1. Amore (love)
    2. Aria (air)
    3. Bacio (kiss)
    4. Bambino (baby)
    5. Bella (beautiful)
    6. Biscotto (cookie)
    7. Cannoli (Italian pastry)
    8. Cielo (sky)
    9. Coraggio (courage)
    10. Dolce (sweet)
    11. Fiore (flower)
    12. Fresco (fresh)
    13. Giardino (garden)
    14. Gondola (boat in Venice)
    15. Luna (moon)
    16. Panino (sandwich)
    17. Perla (pearl)
    18. Piazza (public square)
    19. Pompelmo (grapefruit)
    20. Raggio (ray of light)
    21. Sereno (serene)
    22. Sogno (dream)
    23. Sole (sun)
    24. Stella (star)
    25. Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
    26. Vespa (scooter)
    27. Vino (wine)

Spiritual dog names in France

    1. Amour (love)
    2. Aube (dawn)
    3. Beau (beautiful)
    4. Belle (beautiful)
    5. Bijou (jewel)
    6. Brume (mist)
    7. Charmant (charming)
    8. Charme (charm)
    9. Chérie (darling)
    10. Ciel (sky)
    11. Coeur (heart)
    12. Douceur (sweetness)
    13. Esprit (spirit)
    14. Fauve (wild)
    15. Fleur (flower)
    16. Joyeux (joyful)
    17. Lueur (glow)
    18. Mignon (cute)
    19. Mystère (mystery)
    20. Papillon (butterfly)
    21. Paradis (paradise)
    22. Plume (feather)
    23. Rêve (dream)
    24. Savoir (knowledge)
    25. Soirée (evening)
    26. Sérénité (serenity)
    27. Trésor (treasure)
    28. Éclair (lightning)
    29. Étoile (star)

Spiritual dog names in German

    1. Blume (flower)
    2. Edelstein (gemstone)
    3. Fluss (river)
    4. Freude (joy)
    5. Frieden (peace)
    6. Geist (spirit)
    7. Glanz (radiance)
    8. Glaube (faith)
    9. Herz (heart)
    10. Himmel (sky)
    11. Klarheit (clarity)
    12. Liebe (love)
    13. Melodie (melody)
    14. Mond (moon)
    15. Mut (courage)
    16. Reise (journey)
    17. Ruhm (glory)
    18. Schatz (treasure)
    19. Schnee (snow)
    20. Schönheit (beauty)
    21. Sinn (meaning)
    22. Sonne (sun)
    23. Stern (star)
    24. Sturm (storm)
    25. Traum (dream)
    26. Wahrheit (truth)
    27. Wald (forest)
    28. Wolke (cloud)
    29. Wunder (wonder)

Spiritual dog names in Spain

    1. Aire (air)
    2. Alma (soul)
    3. Amanecer (dawn)
    4. Brisa (breeze)
    5. Cascada (waterfall)
    6. Cielo (sky)
    7. Corazón (heart)
    8. Destino (destiny)
    9. Encanto (charm)
    10. Esperanza (hope)
    11. Estrella (star)
    12. Jardín (garden)
    13. Luz (light)
    14. Mar (sea)
    15. Mariposa (butterfly)
    16. Montaña (mountain)
    17. Noche (night)
    18. Orilla (shore)
    19. Pico (peak)
    20. Piedra (stone)
    21. Reflejo (reflection)
    22. Río (river)
    23. Sereno (serene)
    24. Silencio (silence)
    25. Sol (sun)
    26. Sombra (shadow)
    27. Tesoro (treasure)
    28. Viento (wind)

Spiritual dog names in Vietnam

Southeast Asian Dog Breed
    1. Anh (sparkle)
    2. Ban (village)
    3. Bien (ocean)
    4. Dung (grace)
    5. Duyen (destiny)
    6. Hai (sea)
    7. Hoa (flower)
    8. Hue (enlightenment)
    9. Huong (fragrance)
    10. Lanh (good)
    11. Linh (spirit)
    12. Ly (wisdom)
    13. Mai Anh (forever bright)
    14. May (cloud)
    15. Ngoc (precious)
    16. Nhan (kind)
    17. Quang (light)
    18. Quoc (patriotic)
    19. Tam (heart)
    20. Thien (heavenly)
    21. Tri (intelligence)
    22. Trinh (pure)
    23. Tu (elegant)
    24. Tuan (obedient)
    25. Tuyet (snow)
    26. Van (cloud)


What dog name means healer?

Remi: A Norwegian name meaning “peaceful remedy.”

Asclepius: Greek god of medicine and healing.

Salvus: Latin for “safe” or “healthy.”

What dog name means angel?

Angel: Simple and straightforward, but beautiful.

Alaina: Gaelic for “little winged one.”

Serafina: Hebrew for “fiery angel.”

What dog names mean God’s gift?

Dari: Hebrew for “precious gift.”

Mateo: Spanish for “gift of God.”

Mirabel: Latin for “wonderful” or “miraculous.”

What name means blessing dog?

Beatrice: Latin for “bringer of blessedness.”

Benedictus: Latin for “blessed.”

Lucky: While not directly meaning “blessing,” it implies good fortune.

What name means destiny for dogs?

Wynter: Old English for “wind,” symbolizing change and fate.

Karma: Sanskrit for “fate” or “destiny.”

Kai: Hawaiian for “sea,” representing vastness and possibility.

What dog name means new beginning?

Phoenix: Mythical bird reborn from ashes, signifying renewal.

Aurora: Roman goddess of dawn, a fresh start after darkness.

Nova: A new, exploding star, representing a bright future.

What dog names mean love?

Cher: French for “dear” or “beloved.”

Amica: Latin for “beloved friend.”

Juno: Roman goddess of marriage and family.

What dog name means happiness?

Joy: Straightforward and cheerful.

Felicity: Latin for “happiness” or “good luck.”

Bea: Short for “beatitude,” which means blessedness or happiness.

What dog name means life?

Anima: Latin for “soul” or “life.”

Ziva: Hebrew for “alive” or “vibrant.”

Aiko: Japanese for “loved one,” emphasizing the value of life.

What dog name means luck?

Chance: A playful and hopeful name.

Félicie: French for “lucky.”

Fortuna: Roman goddess of luck and fortune.

What dog name means courage?

Leo: Latin for “lion,” symbolizing bravery and strength.

Valkyrie: Norse warrior maidens, fearless and fierce.

Dauntless: English for “without fear.”

What dog name means protect?

Aegis: Greek for “shield” or “protector.”

Guardian: Simple and clear, signifying your role as their protector.

Vigilant: Latin for “watchful” or “on guard.”

What dog name means loyal?

Fidèle: French for “faithful” or “loyal.”

Constable: French for “loyal companion.”

True: Short and sweet, indicating unwavering loyalty.

What dog name means survivor?

Phoenix: As mentioned before, rising from ashes.

Tenacious: English for “persistent” and “unyielding.”

Triumph: Representing overcoming challenges.

What dog name means pure?

Crystal: Symbolizing clarity and innocence.

Lumi: Finnish for “snow,” pure and untouched.

Purity: Straightforward and elegant.

What dog name means star?

Stella: Latin for “star.”

Sirius: The brightest star in the night sky.

Astra: Greek for “star.”

What dog name means moon?

Luna: Latin for “moon.”

Moona: Finnish for “moon.”

Lunar: Referring to the moon, ethereal and mystical.

What dog name means golden?

Aurora: Golden goddess of dawn.

Marigold: A golden flower, cheerful and bright.

Zola: Italian for “yellow” or “golden.”

What dog name means guardian?

Sentinel: Latin for “watchman” or “guard.”

Aegis: Mentioned before, a shield or protector.

Warden: English for “keeper” or “protector.”

What dog name means wanderer?

Nomad: A person who travels from place to place.

Zephyr: Greek god of the west wind, representing travel and freedom.

Journey: Symbolic of their adventurous spirit.

What dog name means sleepy?

Snooze: Simple and descriptive.

Dozer: A fun and playful name for a sleepy dog.

Napster: Perfect for a pup who loves to snooze.

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