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296 Best Chinese Names for Puppies – Popular & Unique

Last updated on December 23rd, 2023 at 06:52 pm

We’ve got a list of 296 Chinese names for puppies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Chinese culture or if your dog has roots in China. We’re here to help you find the perfect name for them. Let’s dive in!

296 best Chinese names for puppies

Most popular Chinese puppy names

chow dog breed
    1. Anan (Peaceful)
    2. Beibei (Shell)
    3. Duoduo (Much, many)
    4. Feifei (Fly)
    5. Fufu (Fortune)
    6. Guaiguai (Good, obedient)
    7. Huanhuan (Joyful)
    8. Jianjian (Healthy)
    9. Keke (Adorable)
    10. Lele (Happy)
    11. Liangliang (Bright)
    12. Maomao (Fluffy)
    13. Nuannuan (Warm)
    14. Pipi (Mischievous)
    15. Shuaishuai (Handsome)
    16. Tiantian (Sweet)
    17. Wangwang (Prosperous)
    18. Xixi (Happy)
    19. Yangyang (Vast, broad)
    20. Youyou (Leisurely)

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Male Chinese puppy names

    1. Bao (Treasure)
    2. Dai (Greatness)
    3. Guo (Country)
    4. Jie (Pure)
    5. Ming (Bright)
    6. Ning (Peace)
    7. Ren (Benevolent)
    8. Tao (Peach)
    9. Wei (Powerful)
    10. Xing (Star)
    11. Ao (Proud)
    12. Du (Capital)
    13. Gen (Root)
    14. Huan (Happy)
    15. Jian (Healthy)
    16. Long (Dragon)
    17. Pan (Hope)
    18. Qiang (Strong)
    19. Sheng (Victorious)
    20. Wu (Warrior)
    21. Xin (Heart)
    22. Zong (Respected)

Female Chinese puppy names

purebred pug
    1. Ai (Love)
    2. Cui (Graceful)
    3. Dandan (Cute)
    4. Emei (Beautiful)
    5. Fen (Fragrance)
    6. Gui (Precious)
    7. Hua (Flower)
    8. Jiao (Delicate)
    9. Lian (Lotus)
    10. Nuo (Elegant)
    11. Ping (Peaceful)
    12. Rong (Melodious)
    13. Tian (Sweet)
    14. Wei (Gracious)
    15. Xiu (Elegant)
    16. Zhen (True)
    17. Feng (Phoenix)
    18. Li (Beautiful)
    19. Ping (Peaceful)
    20. Qing (Blue)
    21. Shuang (Frost)
    22. Xue (Snow)
    23. Yan (Swallow)
    24. Zhi (Ambition)

Cute Chinese puppy names

    1. Cai (Color)
    2. Didi (Little brother)
    3. Enen (Cute)
    4. Fufu (Fluffy)
    5. Gugu (Sweetie)
    6. Haha (Laugh)
    7. Jiji (Chicken)
    8. Kaka (Cookie)
    9. Lulu (Dew)
    10. Mimi (Tiny)
    11. Nini (Little Girl)
    12. Pupu (Pearl)
    13. Qiqi (Cute)
    14. Riri (Sunshine)
    15. Sisi (Silk)
    16. Tutu (Rabbit)
    17. Wawa (Baby)
    18. Xixi (Giggles)
    19. Yoyo (Playful)
    20. Zaza (Cherish)
    21. Bibi (Nose)
    22. Coco (Melon)
    23. Dodo (Sweets)
    24. Fifi (Fragrance)
    25. Gigi (Giraffe)
    26. Hoho (Joy)
    27. Jujube (Sweet)
    28. Kiki (Lively)
    29. Lala (Chirp)
    30. Momo (Peach)
    31. Nana (Nectar)
    32. Poco (Little)
    33. Qiao (Adorable)
    34. Rara (Soft)

Cool Chinese puppy names

pekingese dog breed
    1. Ao (Proud)
    2. Bing (Ice)
    3. Cuan (Brave)
    4. Duan (Short)
    5. En (Kind)
    6. Gao (Tall)
    7. Hei (Black)
    8. Jie (Street)
    9. Kuai (Fast)
    10. Lei (Thunder)
    11. Ouyang (Bright)
    12. Pu (Simplicity)
    13. Qi (Mystic)
    14. Rui (Sharp)
    15. Shuai (Handsome)
    16. Tai (Big)
    17. Ushi (Brave)
    18. Vang (Leader)
    19. Wu (Warrior)
    20. Xiong (Brave)
    21. Yu (Brave)
    22. Aoshi (Pride)
    23. Bo (Wave)
    24. Chao (Surpass)
    25. Da (Big)
    26. Fang (Square)
    27. Geng (Sturdy)
    28. Hai (Sea)
    29. Jue (Determined)
    30. Kuan (Wide)
    31. Ling (Spirit)

Appearance-inspired Chinese dog names

    1. Juan (Beautiful)
    2. Xin (Beautiful) 
    3. Yan (Beautiful)
    4. Yazhu (Elegant build)
    5. Yun (Cloud)
    6. Juanqu (Curly)
    7. Keai (Cute)
    8. Yating (Elegant)
    9. Ju (Enormous)
    10. Haokan (Good-looking)
    11. Piaoliang (Gorgeous)
    12. Jun (Handsome) 
    13. Pei (Match)
    14. Fengmǎn (Plump)
    15. Xiao de (Small)
    16. Dian (Spot) 
    17. Ban (Spotted) 
    18. Tiaowen (Stripe)

Temperament-inspired Chinese puppy names

    1. An (Peaceful)
    2. Cong (Clever)
    3. Di (Dignified)
    4. Hao (Good)
    5. Jing (Calm)
    6. Kuan (Kind-hearted)
    7. Ou (Elegant)
    8. Ping (Calm)
    9. Quan (Gentle)
    10. Zhong (Loyal)
    11. Cao (Brave)
    12. Dang (Steady)
    13. Gan (Bold)
    14. Gang (Strong)
    15. Fan (Sophisticated)
    16. Hui (Graceful)
    17. Jian (Healthy)
    18. Liang (Good)
    19. Min (Clever)
    20. Nuannuan (Affectionate)
    21. Qing (Clear)
    22. Ru (Soft)
    23. Sheng (Gentle)
    24. Yuan (Kind)

Color-inspired Chinese puppy names

best pug dog names
    1. Bai (White)
    2. Hong (Red)
    3. Huang (Yellow)
    4. Jin (Gold)
    5. Lan (Blue)
    6. Wu (Black)
    7. Yi (Elegant)
    8. Yin (Silver)
    9. Hui (Gray)
    10. Lu (Green)

Food-inspired Chinese puppy names

    1. Cong (Scallion)
    2. Dou (Bean)
    3. Fen (Rice)
    4. Gao (Cake)
    5. Guo (Fruit)
    6. Jiao (Dumpling)
    7. Ke (Coconut)
    8. Noodle (Noodle)
    9. Oolong (Oolong Tea)
    10. Pao (Bun)
    11. Qu (Curry)
    12. Rou (Meat)
    13. Shu (Radish)
    14. Tang (Soup)
    15. Udon (Udon Noodle)
    16. Vinegar (Vinegar)
    17. Wonton (Wonton)
    18. Xia (Shrimp)
    19. Yuba (Tofu Skin)
    20. Zong (Sticky Rice Dumpling)
    21. An (Apricot)
    22. Chao (Stir-fry)
    23. Daikon (Daikon Radish)
    24. Geng (Ginger)
    25. Jujube (Jujube)
    26. Mian (Noodle)
    27. Nori (Nori Seaweed)

Drink-inspired Chinese puppy names

    1. Baijiu (Clear liquor)
    2. Cha (Tea)
    3. Chenghua (Floral aroma)
    4. Dapu (Big Goblet)
    5. Dongchang (Frozen daiquiri)
    6. Hongjiu (Red wine)
    7. Huliu (Coconut milk)
    8. Juzhao (Orange juice)
    9. Kafei (Coffee)
    10. Mưixi (Plum wine)
    11. Putaojiu (Grape wine)
    12. Shuijing (Clear water)
    13. Wulong (Oolong tea)

Destination-inspired Chinese puppy names

chow dog breed
    1. Jinsha (A museum that houses countless ancient artifacts)
    2. Terracotta (The Terracotta Warriors are a popular tourist attraction)
    3. Houhai (A lake popular with tourists in Beijing)
    4. Lama (A beautiful temple in Beijing)
    5. Tiananmen (A massive square in Beijing)
    6. Leshan (A giant Buddha carving)
    7. Mogao (A series of caves featuring ancient carvings)
    8. Emei (A sacred mountain in central China)
    9. Qinghai (The largest lake in China)
    10. Taihu (One of the largest lakes in China)
    11. Ussuri (A river that runs through Russia and China)
    12. Beijing (China’s capital city)
    13. Macau (A densely-populated southern city)
    14. Bozhou (A small but developing city)
    15. Tianjin (A northern city)
    16. Changsha (A central city sometimes called “Star City”)
    17. Chongqing (A southwestern city)
    18. Putuo (A mountain located on an island off the Chinese coast)
    19. Gobi (A vast desert)
    20. Ludi (Ludi Yan is a popular cave destination)
    21. Harbin (A city popular with winter travelers, home to a world-famous ice festival)
    22. Canton (A mega-tall tower in Guangzhou)
    23. Ashi (A river located near the city of Harbin)
    24. Jinan (A large city and transportation hub)
    25. Shenzhen (A major city and economic hub)
    26. Bengbu (A city with a booming pearl industry)
    27. Ningbo (A city rich in culture and industry)
    28. Dianchi (A large green-blue lake)
    29. Erhai (An alpine lake)
    30. Tianzi (A sharp-peaked mountain)
    31. Wutai (A northern mountain)
    32. Everest (The tallest mountain in the world sits on the border of China and Nepal)
    33. Makalu (A mountain that borders China and Nepal)
    34. Chimelong (Chimelong Paradise is a popular theme park)
    35. Hua (A dangerous hiking trail and mountain peak)
    36. Mudan (A river whose name means “peony”)
    37. Qilian (A northern mountain range)
    38. Wuyi (A gorgeous mountain range)
    39. Nanjing (A large city rich in history; also a road/famous shopping destination in Shanghai)
    40. Tai (A gorgeous mountain near Tai’an)
    41. Longhu (A mountain with numerous temples)
    42. Shanghai (One of the most populous cities in the world)
    43. Yangtze (The third longest river in the world)

Nature-inspired Chinese puppy names

    1. Shui (Water)
    2. Gu (Valley)
    3. Shan (Mountain)
    4. Huo (Fire)
    5. Lu (Deer)
    6. Xia (Summer)
    7. Jing (Calm)
    8. Pu (Plain)
    9. Ling (Spirit)
    10. Dong (East)
    11. Xi (West)
    12. Bei (North)
    13. Nan (South)
    14. Cui (Emerald)
    15. Hai (Ocean)
    16. Ma (Horse)
    17. Shuang (Frost)
    18. Lao (Old)
    19. Hu (Tiger)
    20. Yun (Cloud)
    21. Chen (Morning)
    22. Jia (Family)
    23. Ju (Chrysanthemum)
    24. Chuan (River)
    25. Gao (Tall)
    26. Xue (Snow)
    27. Yin (Shadow)
    28. Bo (Wave)
    29. Qing (Clear)
    30. Xiang (Aroma)

What is the best way to teach a puppy their name?

chinese names for puppies

To teach your puppy their name, start in a distraction-free space. Say their name and reward them when they respond. Incorporate their name into everyday activities like mealtime or playtime. This creates a positive association between their name and good things, making them more likely to listen when you call. Give it a try and see how quickly your pup catches on!

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