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350+ Best Chow Chow Puppy Names – Popular & Unique

Last updated on February 20th, 2024 at 05:10 pm

If you’ve decided to get a Chow Chow puppy, it’s important to choose the right name that reflects your furry friend’s unique traits. With so many name options available, you might feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry, I’m here to help! Together, let’s find the perfect name for your furry friend from these 350+ Chow Chow puppy names.

5 things to consider when choosing a dog name

chow dog breed

Choosing the perfect name for your new Chow Chow puppy is an exciting and personal decision. Here are a few things to consider:

    • Choose a name that is easy for your pup to learn. One or two syllables are ideal. In addition, avoid words that sound too similar to commands like “No” or “Stay” to prevent confusion.
    • Pick a name with a positive meaning.
    • Get creative with your inspiration. You can choose names from pop culture, mythology, food, or drinks. 
    • Consider your family and living situation. Involve your family in brainstorming and ensure the name is appropriate for where you live.
    • Most importantly, choose a name that resonates with you and feels right for your new furry friend.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why I’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

350+ best Chow Chow puppy name ideas

Most popular Chow Chow puppy names

    1. Axel (Strong, Brave)
    2. Bear (Fluffy, Cuddly)
    3. Bella (Beautiful, Elegant)
    4. Bo (Happy, Friendly)
    5. Chai (Tea, Chinese Origin)
    6. Charlie (Loyal, Protective)
    7. Chewie (Adorable, Fuzzy)
    8. Dusty (Gray Coat, Playful)
    9. Echo (Silent, Loyal)
    10. Fuji (Mountain, Majestic)
    11. Ginger (Red Coat, Lively)
    12. Kai (Ocean, Blue Coat)
    13. Lan (Orchid, Graceful)
    14. Luna (Moon, Mysterious)
    15. Maple (Autumn, Golden Coat)
    16. Mocha (Brown Coat, Sweet)
    17. Nori (Seaweed, Unique)
    18. Panda (Black & White, Playful)
    19. Peanut (Small, Cute)
    20. Pepper (Black Coat, Feisty)
    21. Phoenix (Reborn, Fierce)
    22. Pollo (Fluffy, Cloud)
    23. Qin (Dynasty, Regal)
    24. Teddy (Fluffy, Cuddly)

Male Chow Chow puppy names

    1. Atlas (Strength, Mighty)
    2. Bandit (Mischievous, Playful)
    3. Baron (Noble, Regal)
    4. Bao (Treasure, Precious)
    5. Bentley (Sophisticated, Loyal)
    6. Bodi (Enlightened, Peaceful)
    7. Bolt (Fast, Energetic)
    8. Bruno (Bear-like, Strong)
    9. Cairo (Powerful, Ancient)
    10. Caspian (Sea Prince, Majestic)
    11. Chief (Leader, Protector)
    12. Dax (Giant, Powerful)
    13. Drax (Guardian, Dragon-like)
    14. Duke (Noble, Leader)
    15. Enzo (Wise, Leader)
    16. Feng (Wind, Elegant)
    17. Flynn (Fierce, Adventurous)
    18. Grizzly (Bear-like, Gentle)
    19. Gus (Big Heart, Gentle)
    20. Hank (Loyal, Reliable)
    21. Havoc (Mischievous, Joyful)
    22. Jax (Strong, Warrior)
    23. Koda (Bear Cub, Playful)
    24. Loki (Trickster, Clever)
    25. Magnus (Great, Powerful)
    26. Mochi (Fluffy, Sweet)
    27. Odin (Wise, All-Father)
    28. Thor (God of Thunder, Brave)

Female Chow Chow puppy names

chow dog breed
    1. Ai (Love, Beautiful)
    2. Aki (Autumn, Red Coat)
    3. Aurora (Dawn, Hopeful)
    4. Bai (White, Pure)
    5. Bei (Precious, Jade)
    6. Blossom (Flower, Delicate)
    7. Coco (Chocolate, Sweet)
    8. Hana (Flower, Blossom)
    9. Honey (Golden Coat, Sweet)
    10. Ichi (One, Special)
    11. Izumi (Clear Spring, Pure)
    12. Jasmine (Flower, Graceful)
    13. Juno (Roman Queen, Regal)
    14. Kohaku (Amber, Jewel)
    15. Laila (Night, Mysterious)
    16. Lilo (Stitch, Loyal)
    17. Mei (Beautiful, Plum)
    18. Mika (Beautiful, Three)
    19. Momo (Peach, Delicate)
    20. Nala (Lotus, Achievement)
    21. Nami (Wave, Gentle)
    22. Poppy (Red Flower, Cheerful)
    23. Sakura (Cherry Blossom, Beauty)
    24. Sesame (Gray Coat, Unique)
    25. Shiro (White, Pure)
    26. Suri (Jasmine, Purity)
    27. Tama (Jewel, Ball)
    28. Yuki (Snow, Innocent)

Cute Chow Chow puppy names

    1. Bao Bei (Precious Treasure)
    2. Bibble (Tiny Treat)
    3. Boo Boo (Adorable Fluff)
    4. Bun Bun (Round Cuteness)
    5. Cloud (Fluffy Dream)
    6. Donut (Sweet Chub)
    7. Floof (Cozy Cloud)
    8. Gummy (Smiling Sweetness)
    9. Kiko (Tiny Gift)
    10. Lil’ Lion (Majestic Cub)
    11. Marshmallow (Soft Squish)
    12. Muffin (Sweet Roundness)
    13. Nugget (Golden Treasure)
    14. Peachy (Pink Perfection)
    15. Pudge (Huggable Puddle)
    16. Puff Puff (Cloud on Paws)
    17. Scruffy (Adorable Mess)
    18. Sesame Seed (Tiny Uniqueness)
    19. Smidge (Tiny Charm)
    20. Snugglepuff (Cuddle Cloud)
    21. Snowdrop (Winter Wonder)
    22. Tiny Tim (Little Treasure)
    23. Winston (Waddling Wonder)
    24. Wooly Bear (Fluffy Friend)
    25. Wookie (Fuzzy Cuteness)
    26. Yumi (Delicious Delight)
    27. Yuki-chan (Little Snow)

Unique Chow Chow puppy names

chow chow puppy names
    1. Aoife (Beauty, Radiant)
    2. Blizzard (Fluffy White Coat) 
    3. Ember (Sparkly, Fiery)
    4. Fenrir (Wolf God, Powerful)
    5. Indigo (Deep Blue, Royal) 
    6. Juniper (Evergreen, Enduring)
    7. Koa (Warrior, Brave)
    8. Lune (Moon, Mystical) 
    9. Mika (Three, Beautiful)
    10. Nimbus (Cloud, Soft) 
    11. Paisley (Elegant Pattern) 
    12. Pixie (Mischievous Fairy) 
    13. Quartz (Crystal, Pure) 
    14. Rahi (Traveler, Adventurous)
    15. Sable (Dark Brown, Regal) 
    16. Sora (Japanese: Sky, Limitless)
    17. Spice (Lively, Zesty)
    18. Storm (Powerful, Mysterious)
    19. Sundae (Sweet, Delicious) 
    20. Teacup (Tiny Treasure) 
    21. Terra (Earth, Grounded)
    22. Twilight (Mysterious, Graceful)
    23. Wisp (Ethereal, Delicate)
    24. Wynona (Celtic: Delightful, Fair) 
    25. Yemoja (Yoruba: Mother of Waters, Nurturing)
    26. Zuko (Fire, Strong) 

Funny Chow Chow puppy names

    1. Boo (Snorty Snugglemuffin)
    2. Einstein (Brilliant Bumwiggler)
    3. Floofzilla (King of Sploots)
    4. Grumpy (Cuddle Denier)
    5. Hurricane (Dust Bunny Blizzard)
    6. Loaf (Breadbox of Joy)
    7. Snuggles (Cuddle Pro)
    8. Pillow (Supreme Snoozer)
    9. Popcorn (Always Popping)
    10. Snort (Champion Snorter)
    11. Sock (Laundry Ninja)
    12. Squish (Wrinkles of Love)
    13. Sushi (Rolled Up Cuteness)
    14. Terror (Adorable Menace)
    15. Tofu (Silky Smooth)
    16. Wookiee (Chewy’s Mini-Me)
    17. Wrinkle (Face Full of Stories)
    18. Yoda (Wise Wookiee)
    19. Zoomie (Blur on Four Legs)
    20. Puffy (Fluffball Royalty)
    21. Cloud9 (Double Dream)
    22. Snortzilla (Snort Master Supreme)
    23. Floofington (Esquire of Fluff)
    24. Cuddlezilla (King of Snuggles)

Chinese Chow Chow dog names

chow chow puppy names
    1. An (Peace)
    2. Bai (Pure) 
    3. Bei (Jade) 
    4. Cai (Auspicious) 
    5. Cheng (Triumph) 
    6. Di (Grounded)
    7. Feng (Grace) 
    8. Fu (Joy) 
    9. Gong (Respect)
    10. Hong (Prosperity) 
    11. Hua (Beauty) 
    12. Jian (Defender) 
    13. Jun (Noble) 
    14. Lan (Orchid) 
    15. Lei (Roar) 
    16. Ling (Agile) 
    17. Mei (Delicate) 
    18. Ming (Clever) 
    19. Nuwa (Goddess) 
    20. Ping (Tranquil)
    21. Qi (Vibrance) 
    22. Rong (Flourish) 
    23. Shan (Strength) 
    24. Shui (Flowing) 
    25. Tian (Majestic) 
    26. Wei (Imposing)
    27. Xing (Shining) 
    28. Xue (Purity)
    29. Yang (Warmth) 

Food-inspired Chow Chow puppy names

    1. Bun (Fluffy Steamer)
    2. Cake (Sweet Surprise)
    3. Candy (Pawsitively Delicious)
    4. Caramel (Golden Gooeyness)
    5. Cookie (Chunky Cuteness)
    6. Donut (Round & Rowdy)
    7. Dumpling (Steamy Snuggle)
    8. Ginger (Spicy Charm)
    9. Honey (Sweet & Loyal)
    10. Kiwi (Tart & Playful)
    11. Mango (Sun-Kissed Floof)
    12. Muffin (Topsy-Turvy Cuteness)
    13. Nugget (Golden Treasure)
    14. Pancake (Fluffy Flapjack)
    15. Peach (Blushing Beauty)
    16. Peppermint (Cool & Minty)
    17. Pickle (Dill-icious Mischief)
    18. Popcorn (Always Popping)
    19. Pudding (Wobbly Sweetness)
    20. Ramen (Noodle-y Naps)
    21. Sesame (Tiny & Sprinkled)
    22. Spice (Fiery Spirit)
    23. Sprout (Curious Munchkin)
    24. Sushi (Rolled Up Joy)
    25. Waffle (Griddle-Worthy Cuteness)
    26. Yam (Sweet & Grounded)
    27. Yogurt (Fluffy Swirl)
    28. Zest (Tangy & Lively)

Cool Chow Chow puppy names

chow dog breed
    1. Ash (Smoldering Soul)
    2. Blitz (Lightning Fur)
    3. Dash (Speedy Spirit)
    4. Ember (Fiery Glow)
    5. Fang (Whispering Power)
    6. Flare (Radiant Charm)
    7. Flint (Sparkling Mischief)
    8. Frost (Icy Elegance)
    9. Jet (Black Velvet Shadow)
    10. Nova (Supernova Floof)
    11. Rogue (Independent Wanderer)
    12. Spark (Electric Energy)
    13. Steel (Unbreakable Loyalty)
    14. Storm (Thunderous Fluff)
    15. Titan (Mighty Teddy)
    16. Wolf (Wise & Loyal)
    17. Xe (Enigmatic Aura)
    18. Zeus (Olympian Floof)
    19. Atlas (World on Paws)
    20. Bandit (Charming Trickster)
    21. Nomad (Free-Spirited Soul)
    22. Onyx (Midnight Majesty)
    23. Maverick (Unconventional Cutie)
    24. Phantom (Elusive Whisper)
    25. Reign (Royal Fluffball)

Color-inspired Chow Chow names

    1. Ash (Smokey Elegance) 
    2. Blaze (Fiery Spirit) 
    3. Blizzard (Snowy Whisper) 
    4. Charcoal (Midnight Mystery)
    5. Citron (Sun-Kissed Lemon)
    6. Cocoa (Rich & Warm)
    7. Copper (Sparkling Sunbeam)
    8. Ebony (Polished Perfection) 
    9. Ember (Glowing Coal)
    10. Frost (Diamond Dust) 
    11. Indigo (Deep Ocean Eyes) 
    12. Ivory (Creamy Moonlight) 
    13. Jade (Emerald Treasure) 
    14. Lava (Molten Passion) 
    15. Lilac (Dreamy Twilight) 
    16. Marigold (Golden Sunrise) 
    17. Mink (Whisper of Smoke) 
    18. Moonlight (Silver Shimmer) 
    19. Oak (Earthy Strength) 
    20. Opal (Rainbow in Fur)
    21. Peach (Blushing Blossom) 
    22. Periwinkle (Ocean Mystery) 
    23. Poppy (Bold & Bright) 
    24. Rosewood (Warm Embrace)
    25. Rust (Autumn Wanderer) 
    26. Saffron (Golden Spice) 
    27. Stormcloud (Gray Majesty) 
    28. Sunrise (Golden Promise) 

Nature-inspired Chow Chow puppy names

    1. Aspen (Mountain Majesty) 
    2. Breeze (Whispering Wanderer)
    3. Cedar (Evergreen Strength)
    4. Ember (Glowing Spark) 
    5. Fern (Whispering Woodland) 
    6. Flint (Sparkling Mischief) 
    7. Forest (Wild at Heart) 
    8. Moonbeam (Silver Shimmer) 
    9. Mountain (Towering Spirit) 
    10. Ocean (Deep Mystery)
    11. Pebble (Tiny Treasure)
    12. Rain (Gentle Rhythm)
    13. River (Flowing Grace) 
    14. Shadow (Silent Guardian) 
    15. Sky (Limitless Wonder)
    16. Snowflake (Unique & Delicate) 
    17. Spark (Electric Energy) 
    18. Storm (Thunderous Power)
    19. Sunrise (Golden Promise)
    20. Sunset (Fiery Farewell)
    21. Thunder (Rumbling Voice)
    22. Tidal (Ever-Changing Moods) 
    23. Timber (Earthy Wisdom) 
    24. Valley (Peaceful Haven) 
    25. Willow (Graceful Flow) 
    26. Wind (Free Spirit)
    27. Wisp (Ethereal Beauty)
    28. Yew (Ancient Guardian)

Music-inspired Chow Chow puppy names

akita chow chow mix
    1. Aria (Melodic Soul) 
    2. Cadence (Steady Rhythm) 
    3. Chorus (Joyful Harmony)
    4. Clef (Musical Mark) 
    5. Coda (Sweet Ending) 
    6. Forte (Powerful Voice) 
    7. Harmony (Peaceful Blend) 
    8. Lullaby (Gentle Melody)
    9. Maestro (Master of Music)
    10. Melody (Sweet Song) 
    11. Muse (Inspiration in Fur) 
    12. Note (Playful Tune) 
    13. Octave (High-Pitched Wonder) 
    14. Piano (Soft & Delicate)
    15. Rhythm (Energetic Beat)
    16. Staccato (Sharp & Playful)
    17. Symphony (Life’s Grand Composition) 
    18. Tempo (Setting the Pace) 
    19. Trill (Vibrant Spirit) 
    20. Tune (Whimsical Melody) 
    21. Viola (Deep & Expressive) 
    22. Vivace (Lively & Energetic) 
    23. Waltz (Graceful Flow) 
    24. Whisper (Soft & Soothing)
    25. Encore (Always Steals the Show) 
    26. Finale (Grand & Unforgettable) 
    27. Refrain (Unforgettable Melody)
    28. Rhapsody (Free-Spirited Song)
    29. Sforzando (Powerful Cuddles)
    30. Staccato Bark (Punk Rock Pup) 

Happy Chow Chow puppy names

    1. Beam (Smiling Sunshine)
    2. Boon (Joyful Surprise)
    3. Breezy (Carefree Spirit) 
    4. Bubble (Sparkling Mirth) 
    5. Chortle (Contagious Giggle) 
    6. Chuckle (Cuddle-Worthy Giggler) 
    7. Dimple (Sweet & Playful) 
    8. Elation (Pure Unbridled Joy) 
    9. Frolic (Always Up for Fun) 
    10. Glimmer (Twinkling Eyes) 
    11. Giddy (Joyful Whirlwind) 
    12. Grin (Permanent Smile) 
    13. Hoot (Happy Howler) 
    14. Jubilant (Celebrates Every Moment) 
    15. Jumpy (Bouncing Bundle of Joy) 
    16. Jolly (Good Times Embodied)
    17. Jovial (Always Up for a Laugh) 
    18. Merry (Always Making You Smile) 
    19. Peppy (Energetic Smile) 
    20. Pip (Tiny Spark of Happiness)
    21. Revel (Living Life to the Fullest) 
    22. Sunshine (Warms Your Heart) 
    23. Tickle (Cuddles that Make You Laugh)
    24. Whiz (Blur of Happy Energy)
    25. Wiggles (Dances to Their Own Tune of Joy) 
    26. Wink (Mischief with a Smile) 
    27. Zippy (Full of Life and Zest) 
    28. Zest (Always Adds Sparkle) 
    29. Zooey (Zooming Through Life with Joy)

How to teach your Chow their name

Step 1: Choose a quiet, distraction-free environment.

Step 2: Get your dog’s attention. Gently hold a treat near your face and wait for them to look at you.

Step 3: Say their name clearly and enthusiastically. The moment they make eye contact or turn towards you, say “yes” or “good boy/girl” and immediately reward them with the treat.

Step 4: Repeat this process frequently throughout the day, in different locations, and gradually increase the difficulty by saying their name from further away or when they’re distracted.

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