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Top 500+ Cute Dog Names for Female Puppies (Sorted A-Z)

Looking for the perfect name for your new girl pup? We’ve got you covered with over 500 cute dog names for female puppies sorted alphabetically, each with a short meaning to help you choose. Let her inspire you, and find the name that resonates with your heart.

What is the cutest name for a girl puppy?

Tibetan Terrier in Tibet

It’s super important to pick a cute name for your furry friend. You gotta think about her personality, how she looks, and what you like. For example, go for something like Ember, Scout, or Willow to match her vibe, or classics like Daisy or Luna if you’re feeling retro. Just make sure it’s an easy name to say and feels right for your pup.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why I’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

500+ cute dog names for female puppies 

A cute female puppy names

    1. Abby (Joyful)
    2. Addie (Noble, kind)
    3. Adelaide (Noble)
    4. Adira (Strong, noble)
    5. Alice (Noble, kind)
    6. Ally (Friend)
    7. Alma (Nourishing)
    8. Amber (Golden, like the gem)
    9. Amelia (Industrious, striving)
    10. Angel (Heavenly messenger)
    11. Annie (Grace)
    12. April (Month of spring)
    13. Aria (Melody)
    14. Ash (From the ash tree)
    15. Athena (Goddess of wisdom)
    16. Aurora (Dawn)
    17. Autumn (Season of falling leaves)
    18. Ava (Life)
    19. Azura (Sky-blue)

B cute female puppy names

    1. Bailey (Bailiff or steward)
    2. Bambi (Child)
    3. Beatrix (Voyager)
    4. Bella (Beautiful)
    5. Bianca (White)
    6. Biscuit (Small, bread-based treat)
    7. Bitsy (Tiny)
    8. Blaze (Flame)
    9. Blossom (Flower)
    10. Bluebell (Blue flower)
    11. Bolt (Fast and energetic)
    12. Bonnie (Pretty, charming)
    13. Brandy (Warm and comforting)
    14. Breezy (Fresh, gentle)
    15. Brooklyn (Water)
    16. Bubbles (Playful and bubbly)
    17. Buffy (Buff, strong)
    18. Buttercup (Yellow flower)

C cute female puppy names

    1. Callie (Beautiful)
    2. Calypso (She who hides)
    3. Cara (Dear, beloved)
    4. Cassidy (Clever) 
    5. Cassie (Pure)
    6. Celeste (Heavenly)
    7. Charli (Free man)
    8. Cherish (Hold dear)
    9. Cherry (Sweet fruit)
    10. Cheyenne (Unintelligible speakers)
    11. Chloe (Blooming)
    12. Cinder (Spark)
    13. Cinnamon (Spice)
    14. Clementine (Mild, gentle)
    15. Cleo (Pride, fame)
    16. Clover (Lucky)
    17. Coco (Chocolate)
    18. Cookie (Sweet baked treat)
    19. Cora (Maiden) 
    20. Coral (Semi-precious sea growth)
    21. Cupcake (Sweet and small)

D cute female puppy names

    1. Daisy (Flower)
    2. Dakota (Friend, ally)
    3. Daphne (Laurel tree)
    4. Dazzle (Impress strongly)
    5. Delilah (Delicate)
    6. Delta (Triangular shape)
    7. Demi (Half)
    8. Destiny (Fate, fortune)
    9. Diamond (Unbreakable, strong)
    10. Dior (Golden)
    11. Diva (Goddess-like)
    12. Dolly Pop (Gift of God)
    13. Dora (Gift)
    14. Dottie (Gift of God)
    15. Dove (Symbol of peace)
    16. Duchess (Noblewoman)

E cute female puppy names

shiba inu names
    1. Echo (Repetition of sound)
    2. Eclipse (Darkness covering light)
    3. Eden (Delight)
    4. Edith (Prosperous in war)
    5. Eevee (Energetic, lively)
    6. Elara (Gentle)
    7. Eliza (Consecrated to God)
    8. Ella (Beautiful fairy)
    9. Elle (She)
    10. Ellie (Light)
    11. Elsa (Noble)
    12. Elsie (Pledged to God)
    13. Ember (Burning coal)
    14. Emma (Universal)
    15. Enya (Little fire)
    16. Esme (Beloved)
    17. Estelle (Star-like)
    18. Esther (Star)
    19. Evangeline (Bearer of good news)
    20. Eve (Life)
    21. Everly (Always charming)
    22. Evita (Life)

F cute female puppy names

    1. Faith (Complete trust)
    2. Fawn (Young deer)
    3. Feather (Light and soft)
    4. Felicity (Happiness)
    5. Fern (Fern plant)
    6. Fifi (Jehovah increases)
    7. Fiona (Fair, white)
    8. Fizz (Bubbly and effervescent)
    9. Flora (Flower)
    10. Flossie (Flower)
    11. Fluffy (Soft and puffy)
    12. Foxy (Clever and cunning)
    13. Freckles (Small, brown spots)
    14. Freya (Noble woman)
    15. Frida (Beautiful)
    16. Frodo (Wise by experience)
    17. Frosty (Covered with frost)
    18. Fudge (Sweet chocolate flavor)

G cute female puppy names

    1. Gabby (God is my strength)
    2. Galaxy (Vast and enchanting)
    3. Garnet (Deep red gemstone)
    4. Gazelle (Graceful and swift)
    5. Gemma (Precious gem)
    6. Gia (God is gracious)
    7. Giggles (Joyful and playful)
    8. Gigi (Earth worker)
    9. Ginger (Spicy and warm)
    10. Giselle (Pledge)
    11. Gizmo (Gadget)
    12. Gladys (Lighthearted and cheerful)
    13. Glimmer (Flicker of light)
    14. Glitter (Sparkling and shining)
    15. Goldie (Golden)
    16. Gossamer (Delicate and light)
    17. Grace (Elegance and beauty)
    18. Gracie (Graceful)
    19. Greta (Pearl)
    20. Griffin (Strong and fierce)
    21. Gwen (White, fair)
    22. Gwenyth (White, fair)
    23. Gypsy (Wanderer)

H cute female puppy names

    1. Halo (Circle of light)
    2. Harbor (Safe haven)
    3. Harlow (Meadow of hares)
    4. Harmony (Agreement and peace)
    5. Harper (Harp player)
    6. Harriet (Ruler of the home)
    7. Hattie (Home ruler)
    8. Haven (Safe place)
    9. Hazel (Hazelnut)
    10. Heidi (Noble one)
    11. Hera (Goddess of marriage)
    12. Hermione (Messenger)
    13. Hitch (Quick and nimble)
    14. Holly (Holly tree)
    15. Hollyn (Variant of Holly)
    16. Honey (Sweet golden syrup)
    17. Honeybee (Sweet and buzzing)
    18. Honor (Respect and integrity)
    19. Hope (Faith and optimism)
    20. Hush (Quiet and calm)

I cute female puppy names

    1. Icarus (Mythical and daring)
    2. Ice (Frozen water)
    3. Illumina (Bright and radiant)
    4. Illyria (Bright and clear)
    5. Imani (Faith)
    6. Imara (Strong and resilient)
    7. Inara (Glowing beauty)
    8. Indie (Independent)
    9. Indigo (Deep blue color)
    10. Indira (Beautiful river)
    11. Ingrid (Beautiful)
    12. Inky (Dark and mysterious)
    13. Iris (Rainbow)
    14. Irisa (Rainbow goddess)
    15. Isadora (Gift of Isis, a goddess of ancient Egypt)
    16. Isis (Goddess of motherhood and magic)
    17. Isla (Greenery)
    18. Isolde (Beautiful, fair)
    19. Ivy (Evergreen)
    20. Izzy (Gift of God)

J cute female puppy names

    1. Jade (Green gemstone)
    2. Jadeite (Variety of jade)
    3. Jamboree (Festive gathering)
    4. Jasmine (Fragrant flower)
    5. Jazz (Musical style)
    6. Jazzlyn (Blend of Jazz and Lyn, meaning beautiful)
    7. Jellybean (Sweet and colorful)
    8. Jewel (Precious gem)
    9. Jewelina (Little jewel)
    10. Jinx (Bringer of bad luck)
    11. Jinxie (Playful and mischievous)
    12. Jolene (Pretty)
    13. Jordana (To flow down, descend)
    14. Josette (God will add, diminutive form of Josie)
    15. Josie (God will add)
    16. Journey (Travel or passage)
    17. Joy (Feeling of great pleasure and happiness)
    18. Juno (Goddess of marriage and childbirth)

K cute female puppy names

lhasa apsos
    1. Kai (Sea)
    2. Kaia (Pure)
    3. Kaiya (Forgiveness)
    4. Kalea (Bright, clear)
    5. Kalista (Most beautiful)
    6. Kashmir (Land of beauty)
    7. Katie (Pure)
    8. Kelsey (Brave, fierce)
    9. Khaleesi (Queen)
    10. Kiera (Little dark-haired one)
    11. Kiki (Double happiness)
    12. Kimono (Traditional Japanese garment)
    13. Kinsley (King’s meadow)
    14. Kira (Dark-haired)
    15. Kismet (Destiny or fate)
    16. Kiwi (Small flightless bird)
    17. Koda (Friend)
    18. Koko (Child)
    19. Kona (Lady)
    20. Kona Blu (Lady, Blue)
    21. Kylie (Boomerang)
    22. Kyra (Lady or ruler)

L cute female puppy names

    1. Lacey (Delicate and elegant)
    2. Ladybug (Colorful beetle)
    3. Lark (Songbird)
    4. Lavender (Fragrant purple flower)
    5. Leela (Playful, divine)
    6. Leia (Weary)
    7. Lennox (Strength)
    8. Lexie (Defender of the people)
    9. Libby (Devoted to God)
    10. Lila (Lovely)
    11. Lily (Purity and beauty)
    12. Lizzie (Consecrated to God)
    13. Lola (Strong woman)
    14. Loomis (Keeper of secrets)
    15. Lotus (Symbol of purity)
    16. Lovella (Little beloved)
    17. Lucy (Light)
    18. Lulu (Precious)
    19. Lumina (Shining light)
    20. Lumos (Light spell from Harry Potter)
    21. Luna (Moon)
    22. Lusha (Soft and tender)
    23. Lyla (Night beauty)
    24. Lyra (Harmony)
    25. Lyric (Musical and poetic)

M cute female puppy names

    1. Mabel (Lovable)
    2. Maddie (Woman of Magdala)
    3. Maggie (Pearl)
    4. Magnolia (Fragrant white flower)
    5. Maisy (Pearl)
    6. Maple (Sweet sap)
    7. Marigold (Bright and cheerful flower)
    8. Mia (Mine)
    9. Mila (Gracious, dear)
    10. Minnie (Love)
    11. Mira (Wonderful)
    12. Misty (Covered in mist)
    13. Mocha (Chocolate-flavored coffee)
    14. Mochi (Sweet Japanese rice cake)
    15. Molly (Bitter)
    16. Moxie (Daring and spirited)
    17. Muffin (Small, sweet bread)

N cute female puppy names

    1. Nala (Gift)
    2. Nara (Gentle breeze)
    3. Navi (Guiding light)
    4. Nellie (Cheerful)
    5. Nessa (Graceful)
    6. Nia (Purpose)
    7. Nika (Goddess of victory)
    8. Nikki (Victory)
    9. Nimbus (Soft, luminous cloud)
    10. Nina (Dreamer)
    11. Nita (Bear)
    12. Nola (Famous, renowned)
    13. Noodle (Long, thin strip of pasta)
    14. Nori (Seaweed, in Japanese)
    15. Nova (New)
    16. Nyla (Champion)
    17. Nyx (Goddess of the night)
    18. Nyxie (Little night goddess)

O cute female puppy names

    1. Oasis (Refreshing retreat)
    2. Oberon (Noble bear)
    3. Obsidian (Volcanic glass)
    4. Ocean (Vast and deep)
    5. Odessa (Long journey)
    6. Odin (Norse god of wisdom)
    7. Olive (Symbol of peace)
    8. Olivia (Olive tree)
    9. Ollie (Short for Olive)
    10. Olympia (Mountain of the gods)
    11. Onyx (Black gemstone)
    12. Opal (Precious gemstone)
    13. Oracle (Wise seer)
    14. Orca (Large marine mammal)
    15. Orchid (Beautiful flower)
    16. Oreo (Black and white cookie)
    17. Oriole (Colorful bird)
    18. Orion (Hunter constellation)
    19. Otter (Playful aquatic mammal)
    20. Outlaw (Rebel and free)
    21. Ozara (Bright and shining)
    22. Ozzy (Divine power)

P cute female puppy names

    1. Panda (Black and white bear)
    2. Peaches (Sweet and juicy fruit)
    3. Peachy (Sweet and juicy like peaches)
    4. Peanut (Small and cute)
    5. Pebbles (Small rocks)
    6. Penny (Weaver)
    7. Pesto (Italian sauce)
    8. Petal (Soft, delicate flower part)
    9. Piper (Flute player)
    10. Pippa (Lover of horses)
    11. Pippin (Young, small apple)
    12. Pixie (Playful and mischievous)
    13. Pluto (Dwarf planet in our solar system)
    14. Polly (Diminutive of Mary, meaning “bitter” or “beloved”)
    15. Poppy (Red flower)
    16. Posie (Bouquet of flowers)
    17. Puddle (Small water collection)
    18. Pumpkin (Sweet, orange vegetable)

Q cute female puppy names

    1. Quaint (Charmingly old-fashioned)
    2. Quasar (Bright celestial object)
    3. Quaver (Musical note)
    4. Queenie (Queen-like)
    5. Quell (Suppress or calm)
    6. Quella (Peace)
    7. Quest (Search or pursuit)
    8. Questa (Search or pursuit)
    9. Quibble (Minor disagreement)
    10. Quill (Feather from a bird)
    11. Quillie (Small quill or feather)
    12. Quince (Fruit tree)
    13. Quincy (Estate of the fifth son)
    14. Quinn (Wisdom, reason)
    15. Quinoa (Healthy grain)
    16. Quirk (Peculiar trait)

R cute female puppy names

    1. Raina (Queen)
    2. Raine Rae (Queen, Grace)
    3. Rainey (Queen)
    4. Rascal (Playful and mischievous)
    5. Raven (Black bird)
    6. Reese (Enthusiastic)
    7. Remy (Oarsman)
    8. Reya (Queen)
    9. Rhapsody (Elation or ecstasy)
    10. Rigby (Lives by the ridge farm)
    11. Riley (Courageous)
    12. Ripple (Small wave)
    13. River (Flowing water)
    14. Rory (Red-haired king)
    15. Rosa (Rose)
    16. Rosie (Rose)
    17. Roux (Reddish-brown sauce)
    18. Roxy (Dawn)
    19. Ruby (Precious gemstone)
    20. Rustie (Reddish-brown color)

S cute female puppy names

    1. Sable (Black fur)
    2. Sable Blu (Black fur, Blue)
    3. Sabrina (Princess)
    4. Sadie (Princess)
    5. Sage (Wise and judicious)
    6. Sasha (Defender of mankind)
    7. Scout (To listen)
    8. Serena (Serene, calm)
    9. Shadow (Shade or darkness)
    10. Shelby (Willow grove)
    11. Skye (Cloud)
    12. Sophie (Wisdom)
    13. Sparrow (Small bird)
    14. Starla (Little star)
    15. Stella (Star)
    16. Sugar (Sweet)
    17. Sunny (Bright and cheerful)
    18. Sylvie (Wild, forest)

T cute female puppy names

japanese spitz puppy names
    1. Taffy (Sweet candy)
    2. Tango (Lively dance)
    3. Tasha (Born on Christmas Day)
    4. Tasha (Born on Christmas Day)
    5. Temper (Mood or disposition)
    6. Tempest (Violent storm)
    7. Tequila (Mexican spirit)
    8. Tessa (Harvester)
    9. Thistle (Spiky plant)
    10. Thunder (Loud noise during a storm)
    11. Tigress (Female tiger)
    12. Tinker (Small and delicate)
    13. Tinkerbell (Small and delicate)
    14. Tinsel (Shiny holiday decoration)
    15. Tofu (Soybean curd)
    16. Topaz (Precious gemstone)
    17. Treasure (Valuable possession)
    18. Trinket (Small, decorative item)
    19. Trixie (Bringer of joy)
    20. Truffle (Delicious fungus)
    21. Tucker (Fabric pleater)
    22. Tundra (Vast, cold landscape)
    23. Turtle (Slow-moving reptile)
    24. Twinkle (Sparkling light)
    25. Twist (Coiled shape)

U cute female puppy names

    1. Udelle (Prosperous)
    2. Ukiyo (Floating world)
    3. Ula (Precious jewel)
    4. Uma (Nation)
    5. Umber (Earthy brown color)
    6. Umbra (Shadow)
    7. Umbrella (Rain protection)
    8. Umi (Ocean)
    9. Una (One)
    10. Una (One)
    11. Unique (One of a kind)
    12. Unity (Oneness)
    13. Urania (Heavenly)
    14. Uranus (Seventh planet in our solar system)
    15. Urbane (Polite and refined)
    16. Ursa (She-bear)
    17. Ursie (Little bear)
    18. Ursula (Little bear)
    19. Usagi (Rabbit)
    20. Utah (Beautiful)
    21. Utopia (Perfect place)

V cute female puppy names

    1. Valentine (Strong, healthy)
    2. Valkyrie (Warrior maiden)
    3. Vanilla (Sweet flavor)
    4. Vella (Beautiful)
    5. Velvet (Soft and luxurious)
    6. Venti (Wind)
    7. Venus (Goddess of love and beauty)
    8. Vera (Truth)
    9. Verde (Green)
    10. Verve (Lively spirit)
    11. Vesper (Evening star)
    12. Vida (Life)
    13. Violet (Purple flower)
    14. Vista (Beautiful view)
    15. Viva (Alive)
    16. Vivi (Alive)
    17. Vivian (Alive, lively)
    18. Vixen (Clever and cunning)
    19. Vortex (Whirling mass)

W cute female puppy names

    1. Waffle (Breakfast delight)
    2. Waldo (Ruler of the forest)
    3. Wally (Ruler of the army)
    4. Waltz (Graceful dance)
    5. Wander (Travel aimlessly)
    6. Wendy (Friend)
    7. Whimsy (Playfully quaint)
    8. Whiskey (Distilled alcoholic beverage)
    9. Whisper (Soft spoken)
    10. Widget (Small device)
    11. Wiggle (To move with short, quick motions)
    12. Willow (Graceful and slender)
    13. Wink (Quick closing of one eye)
    14. Winnie (Fair one)
    15. Winsome (Charming and pleasing)
    16. Wisp (Delicate and fleeting)
    17. Woozy (Dizzy or lightheaded)
    18. Wren (Small bird)
    19. Wrigley (Playful and energetic)

X cute female puppy names

    1. Xan (Short for Xandra, Defender of the people)
    2. Xandra (Defender of the people)
    3. Xanthe (Golden, yellow)
    4. Xara (Princess)
    5. Xen (Short for Xena, Hospitable)
    6. Xena (Hospitable)
    7. Xenon (Noble gas)
    8. Xia (Glow of the sunrise)
    9. Xie (Grace)
    10. Xo (Hugs and kisses)
    11. Xoe (Life)
    12. Xya (Short for Xyla, Of the woods)
    13. Xyla (Of the woods)
    14. Xylo (Musical and melodious)
    15. Xyra (Bright and radiant)

Y cute female puppy names

    1. Yara (Water lady)
    2. Yare (Quick, lively)
    3. Yareli (Sunrise)
    4. Yasmin (Jasmine flower)
    5. Yasmine (Jasmine flower)
    6. Yaya (Grandmother)
    7. Yeva (Life)
    8. Yiska (Little light)
    9. Yiskra (Sparkle)
    10. Ylva (She-wolf)
    11. Yogi (One who practices yoga)
    12. Yoko (Good child)
    13. Yolanda (Violet)
    14. Yona (Dove)
    15. Yori (Joy)
    16. Yoshi (Good)
    17. Yuki (Snow)
    18. Yumi (Beautiful)
    19. Yuna (Kindness)
    20. Yuri (Lily)
    21. Yuzu (Citrus fruit)

Z cute female puppy names

    1. Zaida (Prosperous)
    2. Zara (Precious)
    3. Zelda (Gray warrior)
    4. Zella (Caring)
    5. Zena (Gentle)
    6. Zephyr (Free spirit)
    7. Zephyra (Elegant)
    8. Ziggy (Victorious)
    9. Zinnia (Flower)
    10. Ziva (Brilliance)
    11. Zoe (Life)
    12. Zola (Charming)
    13. Zuri (Beautiful)

How to teach your puppy their cute name

dog training classes

Here are the steps to teach your puppy their name:

Step 1: Make it a game by calling their name in an excited voice.

Step 2: Use a lure to capture their attention if needed, and mark the “aha!” moment with a clicker or “Yes!” followed by a reward.

Step 3: Increase the challenge by practicing with distractions in different environments.

Step 4: Incorporate their name into everyday life, using it during playtime, mealtimes, and when calling them for walks or playtime.

To ensure that keeping your dog is not a nightmare…

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About us: Pet Chao is a community for Asian dog breed enthusiasts. Our goal is to keep you and your four-legged friend healthy and happy by providing valuable resources and fostering a like-minded community.

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