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300+ Food Names for a Dog Inspired by Famous Cuisines

Looking for a funky name for your furry buddy? Why not explore the yummy world of global cuisine? We have a list of over 300 food names for a dog that will make your pet stand out. We’ve covered everything, from “Biscotto” with Italian vibes to “Pho” inspired by Vietnamese cuisine. Now it’s time to give them a yummy name!

300+ food names for a dog with meanings

Italian food names for dogs

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    1. Biscotto (Cookie)
    2. Pesto (Italian sauce made with basil, pine nuts, and garlic)
    3. Cannoli (Italian pastry filled with sweet cream)
    4. Fettuccine (Type of pasta)
    5. Linguine (Type of pasta)
    6. Caprese (Salad with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil)
    7. Ravioli (Stuffed pasta)
    8. Espresso (Strong coffee)
    9. Cappuccino (Coffee with frothy milk)
    10. Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
    11. Gnocchi (Dumplings)
    12. Panino (Sandwich)
    13. Calzone (Folded pizza)
    14. Prosciutto (Italian cured ham)
    15. Risotto (Creamy rice dish)
    16. Cannelloni (Tube-shaped pasta)
    17. Mozzarella (Type of cheese)
    18. Bruschetta (Toasted bread with toppings)
    19. Amaretto (Almond-flavored liqueur)

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Spanish food names for dogs

    1. Churro (Fried dough pastry, often coated in sugar)
    2. Paella (Spanish rice dish with various ingredients)
    3. Tapas (Assorted small appetizers or snacks)
    4. Sangria (Spanish wine punch with fruit)
    5. Empanada (Stuffed pastry or turnover)
    6. Pulpo (Octopus, a common seafood ingredient)
    7. Manchego (Type of Spanish cheese)
    8. Jamón (Cured Spanish ham)
    9. Gazpacho (Cold tomato soup)
    10. Tortilla (Spanish omelette with potatoes)
    11. Chorizo (Spicy sausage)
    12. Piquillo (Type of sweet red pepper)
    13. Albondigas (Meatballs)
    14. Serrano (Type of cured ham)
    15. Calamari (Fried squid)
    16. Flan (Caramel custard dessert)
    17. Almendra (Almond)
    18. Aceituna (Olive)
    19. Queso (Cheese)

Greek food names for dogs

    1. Souvlaki (Grilled meat skewers)
    2. Feta (Type of Greek cheese)
    3. Gyro (Rotating meat dish)
    4. Olive (Common Mediterranean fruit)
    5. Tzatziki (Yogurt and cucumber sauce)
    6. Spanakopita (Spinach and feta pastry)
    7. Dolma (Grape leaves stuffed with rice)
    8. Baklava (Sweet pastry with nuts and honey)
    9. Moussaka (Layered eggplant and meat dish)
    10. Kalamata (Type of olive)
    11. Pita (Flatbread)
    12. Hummus (Chickpea dip)
    13. Halva (Sweet confection)
    14. Saganaki (Fried cheese)
    15. Kokoretsi (Grilled organ meat)
    16. Loukoumades (Honey-soaked dough balls)
    17. Taramosalata (Fish roe spread)
    18. Avgolemono (Egg and lemon soup)
    19. Pastitsio (Baked pasta dish)
    20. Kleftiko (Slow-cooked lamb)

Turkish food names for dogs

    1. Kebab (Grilled or roasted meat dish)
    2. Baklava (Sweet pastry with nuts and honey)
    3. Meze (Assorted appetizers)
    4. Simit (Circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds)
    5. Pide (Turkish flatbread)
    6. Ayran (Yogurt-based drink)
    7. Lahmacun (Turkish pizza with minced meat)
    8. Manti (Turkish dumplings)
    9. Turşu (Pickled vegetables)
    10. Köfte (Seasoned meatballs)
    11. Döner (Rotating meat cone for sandwiches)
    12. Pilav (Rice dish)
    13. Kuzu Tandır (Slow-roasted lamb)
    14. Kısır (Bulgur salad)
    15. Fırın Tavuk (Oven-baked chicken)
    16. Helva (Sweet confection)
    17. Sucuk (Spicy sausage)
    18. Kumpir (Stuffed baked potatoes)
    19. Cezerye (Turkish candy with carrots and nuts)
    20. Kadayıf (Shredded pastry soaked in syrup)

Chinese food names for dogs

    1. Dim Sum (Assorted bite-sized Chinese dishes)
    2. Bao Bao (Steamed buns)
    3. Wonton (Dumplings filled with meat or seafood)
    4. Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings)
    5. Chow Mein (Stir-fried noodles)
    6. Peking (Associated with Peking duck or Peking sauce)
    7. Sesame (Sesame seeds or dishes with sesame flavor)
    8. Congee (Rice porridge)
    9. Panda (Symbol of China, also associated with bamboo shoots)
    10. Litchi (Type of Chinese fruit)
    11. Kung Pao (Spicy stir-fry with peanuts and chili peppers)
    12. Mooncake (Traditional Chinese pastry)
    13. Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage)
    14. Hoisin (Sweet and savory sauce)
    15. Lo Mein (Egg noodles)
    16. Fu Yung (Egg foo young, omelet with vegetables and meat)
    17. Soy (Soy sauce or soy-related names)

Japanese food names for dogs

    1. Sushi (Japanese dish with vinegared rice and various ingredients)
    2. Mochi (Chewy rice cake)
    3. Ramen (Japanese noodle soup)
    4. Soba (Buckwheat noodles)
    5. Tempura (Battered and fried seafood or vegetables)
    6. Udon (Thick wheat noodles)
    7. Matcha (Powdered green tea)
    8. Wasabi (Spicy green condiment)
    9. Sashimi (Thinly sliced raw fish)
    10. Teriyaki (Grilled or broiled dish with sweet soy glaze)
    11. Dango (Sweet rice dumplings on a skewer)
    12. Edamame (Steamed soybeans)
    13. Gyoza (Japanese dumplings)
    14. Miso (Fermented soybean paste)
    15. Yuzu (Citrus fruit)
    16. Nigiri (Hand-pressed sushi)
    17. Yakitori (Grilled chicken skewers)
    18. Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake)
    19. Chawanmushi (Steamed egg custard)
    20. Onigiri (Rice ball wrapped in seaweed)

Vietnamese food names for dogs

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    1. Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup)
    2. Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich)
    3. Goi Cuon (Spring rolls)
    4. Bun Cha (Grilled pork with vermicelli noodles)
    5. Com Tam (Broken rice)
    6. Cao Lau (Regional noodle dish)
    7. Nuoc Mam (Fish sauce)
    8. Cha Gio (Fried spring rolls)
    9. Banh Xeo (Savory Vietnamese pancake)
    10. Hu Tieu (Noodle soup with various toppings)
    11. Mi Quang (Turmeric-infused noodle dish)
    12. Ca Phe (Vietnamese coffee)
    13. Chao (Congee or rice porridge)
    14. Bun Bo (Beef noodle soup)
    15. Canh Chua (Sour soup)
    16. Xoi (Sticky rice)
    17. Rau Muong (Water spinach)
    18. Bun Rieu (Crab noodle soup)
    19. Che (Vietnamese sweet dessert soup)

Thai food names for dogs

    1. Tom Yum (Spicy and sour soup)
    2. Pad Thai (Stir-fried rice noodles)
    3. Som Tum (Green papaya salad)
    4. Satay (Grilled meat skewers with peanut sauce)
    5. Khao Soi (Coconut curry noodle soup)
    6. Mango (Reference to Thai mango salads and desserts)
    7. Green Curry (Spicy Thai curry with green chilies)
    8. Tom Kha (Coconut milk soup)
    9. Panang (Rich and creamy Thai curry)
    10. Basil (Reference to Thai basil used in dishes)
    11. Prik Nam Pla (Fish sauce with chilies)
    12. Pad See Ew (Stir-fried wide rice noodles)
    13. Tamarind (Used in various Thai sauces and dishes)
    14. Pad Kra Pao (Stir-fried holy basil dish)
    15. Miang Kham (Leaf-wrapped snack)
    16. Pla Rad Prik (Fried fish with chili sauce)

Indian food dog names

    1. Naan (Indian bread)
    2. Masala (Mixture of spices)
    3. Chai (Spiced tea)
    4. Biryani (Fragrant rice dish)
    5. Paneer (Indian cottage cheese)
    6. Lassi (Yogurt-based drink)
    7. Samosa (Fried or baked pastry with filling)
    8. Tandoori (Cooked in a tandoor, clay oven)
    9. Curry (Spiced dish with sauce)
    10. Dosa (Thin rice crepe)
    11. Korma (Creamy and flavorful dish)
    12. Garam (Hot/spicy)
    13. Roti (Unleavened flatbread)
    14. Jalebi (Spiral-shaped sweet)
    15. Aloo (Potato)
    16. Chana (Chickpea)
    17. Pakora (Fritters)
    18. Saffron (Spice with a distinctive color and flavor)
    19. Ghee (Clarified butter)

Korean food names for dogs

    1. Kimchi (Fermented cabbage dish)
    2. Bibimbap (Mixed rice with vegetables and meat)
    3. Tteokbokki (Spicy rice cakes)
    4. Japchae (Stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables)
    5. Kimbap (Seaweed-wrapped rice rolls)
    6. Banchan (Assorted side dishes)
    7. Samgyeopsal (Grilled pork belly)
    8. Bulgogi (Marinated and grilled beef)
    9. Dakgangjeong (Crispy chicken bites)
    10. Sundubu-jjigae (Soft tofu stew)
    11. Hotteok (Sweet filled pancake)
    12. Jajangmyeon (Noodles with black bean sauce)
    13. Pajeon (Scallion pancakes)
    14. Mandu (Dumplings)
    15. Banchan (Assorted side dishes)
    16. Odeng (Fish cake skewers)
    17. Soju (Korean alcoholic beverage)
    18. Hoddeok (Sweet filled pancakes)
    19. Jeyuk Bokkeum (Spicy stir-fried pork)
    20. Makgeolli (Traditional rice wine)

Brazilian food names for dogs

    1. Feijoada (Brazilian black bean stew with pork)
    2. Pão de Queijo (Cheese bread)
    3. Açaí (Purple berry often used in smoothie bowls)
    4. Coxinha (Deep-fried chicken snack)
    5. Caipirinha (Brazilian cocktail with sugarcane liquor)
    6. Brigadeiro (Chocolate truffle)
    7. Quindim (Yellow coconut and egg dessert)
    8. Moqueca (Fish stew with coconut milk)
    9. Pastel (Deep-fried pastry with various fillings)
    10. Churrasco (Barbecue, grilled meat)
    11. Cachaça (Sugarcane liquor)
    12. Guaraná (Brazilian soda)
    13. Picanha (Top sirloin steak)
    14. Farofa (Toasted manioc flour mixture)
    15. Acarajé (Deep-fried black-eyed pea cake)
    16. Tapioca (Flatbread made from cassava starch)
    17. Beiju (Cassava pancake)
    18. Vatapá (Spicy, creamy shrimp dish)
    19. Doce de Leite (Sweet milk-based dessert)
    20. Cocada (Coconut candy)

Mexican food names for dogs

    1. Taco (Folded or rolled tortilla with filling)
    2. Salsa (Spicy sauce)
    3. Guacamole (Avocado-based dip)
    4. Burrito (Rolled flour tortilla with filling)
    5. Queso (Cheese)
    6. Enchilada (Rolled tortilla filled with meat and topped with sauce)
    7. Nachos (Tortilla chips with melted cheese and toppings)
    8. Churro (Fried dough pastry)
    9. Tamale (Steamed corn dough filled with meat or other ingredients)
    10. Tostada (Fried or toasted tortilla with toppings)
    11. Mole (Rich sauce with chili peppers and chocolate)
    12. Ceviche (Raw fish or seafood cured in citrus juices)
    13. Chilaquiles (Fried tortilla chips with sauce)
    14. Horchata (Sweet rice milk beverage)
    15. Jalapeño (Type of chili pepper)
    16. Flauta (Rolled and fried tortilla with filling)
    17. Pozole (Hominy soup)
    18. Sopes (Thick tortilla topped with beans, meat, and other toppings)
    19. Empanada (Stuffed pastry)

Peruvian food names for dogs

    1. Ceviche (Citrus-marinated seafood dish)
    2. Pisco (Peruvian grape brandy)
    3. Quinoa (Nutritious grain)
    4. Causa (Layered potato dish)
    5. Rocoto (Spicy red pepper)
    6. Anticucho (Grilled skewers, often with beef heart)
    7. Inca (Reference to ancient civilization)
    8. Chicha (Traditional fermented beverage)
    9. Huancaina (Spicy cheese sauce)
    10. Olluco (Andean root vegetable)
    11. Tacu Tacu (Mashed beans and rice)
    12. Sangrecita (Blood sausage)
    13. Chirimoya (Sweet and creamy fruit)
    14. Parihuela (Peruvian seafood soup)
    15. Lucuma (Fruit with a maple-like flavor)
    16. Cancha (Toasted corn kernels)
    17. Arequipa (City in Peru known for its cuisine)

French food names for dogs

purebred pug
    1. Baguette (Long, thin French bread)
    2. Croissant (Flaky, buttery pastry)
    3. Brie (Soft French cheese)
    4. Éclair (Long pastry filled with cream)
    5. Ratatouille (Vegetable stew)
    6. Quiche (Savory tart)
    7. Soufflé (Light, fluffy dish)
    8. Crepes (Thin pancakes)
    9. Foie Gras (Duck or goose liver)
    10. Cassoulet (Slow-cooked casserole)
    11. Champagne (Sparkling wine)
    12. Macaron (Colorful almond meringue cookies)
    13. Escargot (Snails)
    14. Truffle (Edible fungus)
    15. Pâté (Smooth spreadable paste)
    16. Tarte Tatin (Upside-down caramelized apple tart)
    17. Camembert (Creamy cheese)
    18. Madeleine (Small sponge cake)
    19. Galette (Flat, round cake or pastry)

German food names for dogs

    1. Bratwurst (Grilled sausage)
    2. Schnitzel (Breaded and fried meat cutlet)
    3. Pretzel (Twisted bread snack)
    4. Sauerkraut (Fermented cabbage)
    5. Kuchen (Cake or pastry)
    6. Knödel (Dumpling)
    7. Bockwurst (Smoked sausage)
    8. Lebkuchen (Gingerbread cookie)
    9. Wiener (Vienna sausage or hot dog)
    10. Strudel (Layered pastry with filling)
    11. Hefeweizen (Wheat beer)
    12. Kartoffelsalat (Potato salad)
    13. Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel)
    14. Weisswurst (White sausage)
    15. Rouladen (Thin beef rolls)
    16. Schwarzbrot (Dark rye bread)
    17. Brezn (Bavarian dialect for pretzel)

British food names for dogs

    1. Biscuit (Cookie)
    2. Crumpet (Spongy bread product)
    3. Pudding (Dessert)
    4. Scone (Baked bread product)
    5. Tea (Traditional British beverage)
    6. Crisps (Potato chips)
    7. Yorkie (Yorkshire pudding)
    8. Pasty (Savory pastry)
    9. Muffin (British-style muffin)
    10. Bubble (Bubble and squeak, mashed vegetables)
    11. Banger (Sausage)
    12. Custard (Sweet dessert sauce)
    13. Toffee (Sweet caramel candy)
    14. Branston (Branston pickle, relish)
    15. Bap (Soft bread roll)
    16. Marmite (Yeast extract spread)
    17. Pimm (Pimm’s, a popular British drink)

Moroccan food names for dogs

    1. Tagine (Stewed dish named after the traditional cooking pot)
    2. Couscous (Steamed grain dish)
    3. Harira (Traditional soup)
    4. Briouat (Savory pastry filled with meat or cheese)
    5. Zaalouk (Eggplant and tomato salad)
    6. Mint Tea (Sweet and refreshing Moroccan tea)
    7. Pastilla (Layered pastry with sweet and savory fillings)
    8. Chermoula (Herb and spice marinade)
    9. Kefta (Ground meat, often in the form of meatballs or skewers)
    10. Mrouzia (Sweet and savory lamb dish)
    11. Mechoui (Slow-roasted whole lamb)
    12. Maakouda (Potato fritters)
    13. Rfissa (Chicken and lentil dish)
    14. Bastilla (Sweet and savory pie)
    15. Shakshuka (Tomato and poached egg dish)
    16. Zellige (Traditional Moroccan mosaic pattern)
    17. Tajine (Earthenware pot used for cooking)
    18. Maghrebi (Referring to the North African region)
    19. Bissara (Fava bean soup)
    20. Sfenj (Moroccan doughnuts)

Nigerian food names for dogs

    1. Jollof (Popular rice dish)
    2. Suya (Grilled meat skewers with spicy peanut sauce)
    3. Efo Riro (Vegetable soup)
    4. Chinchinga (Spicy grilled kebabs)
    5. Akara (Fried bean cakes)
    6. Moimoi (Steamed bean pudding)
    7. Fufu (Starchy side dish)
    8. Boli (Roasted plantains)
    9. Egusi (Soup made with melon seeds)
    10. Puff Puff (Deep-fried dough balls)
    11. Semo (Semolina-based side dish)
    12. Ogbono (Soup made with ogbono seeds)
    13. Okra (Vegetable used in soups and stews)
    14. Agidi (Jellied side dish)
    15. Banga (Palm nut soup)
    16. Egusi (Melon seed used in cooking)
    17. Abacha (African salad)
    18. Oha (Leafy vegetable used in soups)
    19. Dodo (Fried plantains)

How to teach your dog their food-inspired name

Teaching your dog a name inspired by their food can be a fun and rewarding process. Here are some steps to help you succeed:

    1. Choose a quiet, distraction-free environment for the training session so your dog can focus better.
    2. Have some of their favorite treats ready for the training session. Using treats as rewards can motivate your dog to learn and respond positively.
    3. Say their new name in a happy and enthusiastic tone, followed immediately by giving a treat. Repeat this process several times to make them associate the name with good things.
    4. Gradually introduce distractions during training, such as other people, noises, or toys, as your dog becomes more familiar with their name. Practice in different environments to strengthen their response in various situations.

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About us: Pet Chao is a community for Asian dog breed enthusiasts. Our goal is to keep you and your four-legged friend healthy and happy by providing valuable resources and fostering a like-minded community.

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