How To Bathe an Akita At Home Tutorial (11 Easy Steps)

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Bathing plays an important role in keeping your Akita’s coat healthy, clean, and free from parasites. In addition, it also helps your dog smell good and spread the scent throughout the house. In this post, we will walk through everything related to bathing a dog. Especially guiding you how to bathe an Akita like a pro in 11 steps.

Let’s dive right in!

How to bathe an Akita video:

Here are a few you need to know first before we get into the best guide that shows you how to bathe an Akita at home like a professional!

Do Akitas like baths?

Most Akitas like a good petting or massage, but they don’t like bath time. However, if you can make them comfortable and happy, your dog might enjoy it. Then they will trust you and sit obediently.

Do Akitas like water?

Many Akitas like water and are strong swimmers.

However, they are not the type of dog that will run and jump into every body of water they see, as some other breeds are known.

Do Akitas stink?

do akitas stink

Luckily, Akitas do not have a strong smell like many other breeds even though they have a dense coat. 

If you find your dog stinks, you should pay attention to their health because it might come from an infection or improper diet, or they simply need a bath.

Do Akitas clean themselves?

Yes, Akitas clean themselves. If they get in something dirty, you could see your dog cleaning up like a cat. These actions keep them clean and eliminate unpleasant smells, also making regular bathing unnecessary.

Do Akitas shed a lot?

Akitashed continuously throughout the year, but they have two large shedding events in a year.

How often do you brush an Akita?

An Akita should brush weekly to maintain a healthy coat. It helps them get rid of old hair and stimulates new hair growth.

How often should you bathe an Akita?

how to bathe an akita

You should bathe your Akita once every six weeks to three months.

Of course, there are many factors that affect this routine like environment, their daily activities, and shedding season… If your dog plays outside in the mud, snow, or rolls in something stinky, they probably need a bath.

But keep in mind that do not bathe your Akita too often because it can dry out their skin, deplete natural oils, and lead to scratches and irritation.

Natural oils are protective oils that help protect their coat from dirt and damage but can disappear if your dog is bathed too often.

How to prepare to bathe an Akita?

Before turning on the water and starting to bathe them, it’s best to set up a comfortable environment so your Akita can relax as much as possible and feel like a positive experience.

Thorough preparation will make it easier for you next time and create beautiful moments between you and your dog.

Let’s dive right in!

Choose a good place

First, you need to choose the right place to bathe your Akita. Make sure you have a comfortable space to get the best result. So with their large size, cleaning your dog outside instead of indoors might be a good choice in some seasons.

Prepare your dog’s coat

Take a few minutes to brush your Akita’s coat, especially if your dog has long hair that gets frequent tangles. It will help remove dirt and dead hair from their coat and make the bathing process more comfortable and easy.

Adjust water conditions

Please always adjust the water temperature and pressure, especially if you’re bathing your Akita outside. Water should be lukewarm and low pressure whether you use a hose or shower head to bathe your dog.

Collect the necessary items

How often should you bathe an Akita

Do you need high fashion clothes to bathe your dog? Of course not!

Wearing comfortable and casual clothes might be the best choice in this case, and choose outfits that you don’t mind getting dirty and soaking.

Then collect every item you need in the bathing place, including shampoo, conditioner, a set of combs and brushes, cotton balls, and absorbent towels.

Do not use human shampoo on your Akita, and always use a natural shampoo specially developed for dogs. The shampoo you choose should be free from harsh chemicals and detergents which strip the natural oils from your Akita’s skin and coat. There are many shampoos that are specifically for Akita or for any coat type.

Then you will find out advance preparation is much better than trying to find the missing items when your Akita is shaking water all over.

Our recommendations for all the items you need for your dog’s bath time:

👉 Tub

👉 Brush & comb

👉 Shampoo & conditioner

👉 Ear wipe  

👉 Towel

👉 Dog dryer

👉 Treats

Best Part: How To Bathe An Akita At Home?

Step #1 – Put cotton balls in their ears

Akitas have erect ears. It is easy for water to splash in and leads to infection. That’s why you should put cotton balls carefully in their ears to prevent water.

Step #2 – Wet their coat

Test the water temperature first to ensure it’s lukewarm. Ask your Akita to stand. You can use a shower attachment, bucket, or other appropriate containers to wet their coat.

It may be challenging because of their double coat. But you have to make sure that your dog is completely wet before moving to the next step.

Step #3 – Apply quality shampoo

Use your hands to gently apply the shampoo through their coat down to their skin. Take care to avoid sensitive areas like their eyes and face. Foam, add water if needed.

Thorough shampooing will help build a healthy coat and skin.

Step #4 – Massage your dog

Massage with a small amount of shampoo you just put into their coat just the same way you’d have your head massaged in the salon. It should be a pleasant experience.

Massaging with running water can remove some more hair. Leave the shampoo on your dog’s coat for several minutes before rinsing with water.

Step #5 – Rinse the shampoo

Thoroughly rinse the shampoo to remove all the soap. It can take some time with a thick coat like this.

It’s a good idea to lower the water temperature slightly when rinsing their coat. It’s a good idea to lower the water temperature slightly when rinsing their coat.

Step #6 – Apply conditioner

Use a light conditioner to nourish and moisturize your dog’s coat without changing its texture. Do not use heavy conditioners unless their coat is harshly damaged.

Apply conditioner to the coat and follow the direction of hair growth. Don’t scrub it as you do with shampoo, so just rub it on the surface in one direction. Then leave it on for two to three minutes.

Step #7 – Rinse the conditioner

Rinse your Akita coat like step #5. Make sure all products are removed from their coat.

Step #8 – Let them out and clean inside the ears

Let your dog out of the shower after they are rinsed thoroughly. Remove the cotton ball from their ear. Now stand back because they probably are going to shake.

Then clean inside the ears with cotton balls or ear wash solution.

Step #9 – Blot with a towel

Once the bath is complete, no matter where you bathe your Akita- indoors or outdoors – you need to dry them with a towel to remove excessive moisture. However, avoid using a circular motion to avoid any further tangles.

Step #10 – Dry the coat with a dryer

This is an important part of the bathing process to keep your Akita healthy.

Don’t let them out until their coat is completely dry. Dogs with dense coats like Akita should be dried fully to prevent wet spots in the undercoat that can lead to hot spots. This is a common skin disorder in dogs and causes sores and pain.

How to dry an Akita? So you need to set the dryer to the lowest setting and keep a far enough distance from your dog’s coat. It’s best to use your free hands to lift and separate the coat. This helps you know when the dryer is too close or far enough for comfort.

As you know, Akitas have a double coat, which means this drying takes longer than other breeds. Be patient!

Step #11 – Brush hair

Once the dog is completely dry, brush the coat in sections, until the dog is tangle-free. It is better to use your hand to review the entire coat.

For a final check, use a comb to brush their coat, and a little to no hair should be on the comb. Brush the coat thoroughly again to help remove more shedding hair and prevent knots.


Now that you already know how to bathe an Akita at home, you and your dog should be able to have a smooth experience. With practice, bath time won’t be a big deal!

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