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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet: 14 Tested Methods

Last updated on January 12th, 2024 at 10:51 pm

Got a furry friend who loves to ride in your car with you? But are you tired of finding stubborn dog hair entwined in your car’s carpet? No worries, we have 14 tried-and-true methods that will help you get rid of those pesky furs, making your car clean and hair-free. So, read until the end to discover the ultimate solutions for a spotless car interior!

How to get dog hair out of car carpet

1. Rubber gloves

If you want to remove dog hair from your car’s carpet, here’s a simple and efficient way to do it. Start by putting on a pair of rubber gloves. They will help you gather the hair easily. Dampen the gloves with water to enhance their hair-collecting capabilities. Then, run your hands over the carpet, and the hair will stick to the gloves. This way, you will be able to gather and dispose of the hair without any hassle.

2. Balloon

Grab a balloon, blow it up, and remove pet hair from your car carpet like a pro. All you gotta do is rub the balloon over the carpet, and voila! The static electricity created by the rubbing will attract and lift those pesky hairs. The best part? The hair will cling to the balloon’s surface, leaving your carpet hair-free!

3. Velcro curlers

Another way is using velcro hair curlers. Roll them over the areas you want, and the hair will stick to the velcro. This method not only removes hair effectively but also stops it from spreading.

4. Lint roller

how to get dog hair out of car carpet

Pretty similar to the above method, you can use a lint roller specifically designed to keep pet fur. This tool is effective at picking up loose hairs from your carpet. It’s quick, convenient, and easy to use. 

5. Duct tape

First, wrap duct tape around your hand with the sticky side facing out. Then, simply pat the carpet with the tape. The adhesive quality of the duct tape will effectively pick up and trap the dog hair. This is an easy and affordable solution that you can try at home.

6. Fabric softener and water

Mix fabric softener and water in a spray bottle in equal amounts. Lightly spray the carpet with the solution and wipe it with a cloth. This will help remove dog hair from the carpet and leave a pleasant scent, making the car interior fresh and clean.

7. Baking soda

This method is about sprinkling baking soda on the carpet and using a brush to work it into the fibers. Let it sit for a while, and then vacuum it up. Baking soda is not only good for removing dog hair but also for eliminating odors and leaving your car fresh and smelling good.

8. Pet hair removal brush

To effectively remove pet hair, using a brush designed specifically for this purpose is a good idea. Why not, right? Brush in one direction to gather the hair into clumps, making it easier to dispose of. 

9. Use a brush for car interiors

Brush made for car interiors? Have you ever used it? This simple method can be very effective at reaching deep into the fibers of your carpet to collect embedded hair. Remember to brush it gently to avoid damaging it.

10. Sponge or damp cloth

Dampen a sponge or cloth, and then wipe it over the carpet to pick up loose dog hair. The moisture helps to capture and hold the hair. Consequently, this leaves your car’s carpet looking fresh and clean.

11. Spray bottle and squeegee

Spray water on the carpet, and then use a rubber squeegee to push the dog hair into clumps for easier pickup. By combining the effectiveness of moisture with the squeegee’s rubber surface, this method streamlines the hair removal process.

12. Compressed air

You can employ a can of compressed air to blow the dog hair out of the carpet fibers. The force of the air helps dislodge and remove trapped hair, which makes it easier to vacuum or collect with other cleaning methods.

13. Rubber broom

The rubber bristle broom is particularly useful for larger surfaces. This type of broom creates static electricity that helps gather the hair into piles and makes it easier to clean up. 

14. Cordless vacuum

how to get dog hair out of car carpet

This is probably the most effective way to easily and quickly remove dog hair from your car’s carpet. If your budget allows you to do so, investing in a cordless handheld vacuum will make your life much easier. These vacuums are portable, simple to use, and provide a convenient solution to remove pet hair from various surfaces. The result is that you can keep your car interior looking inviting and enjoyable.

How to get rid of dog smell in the car

To remove pet odors in your car, start by deep cleaning upholstered surfaces. Begin by vacuuming thoroughly to remove loose hair and debris. If you suspect there have been accidents, use a blacklight to identify stained areas. Treat these spots with an enzyme cleaner and wait for the recommended time before rinsing or wiping clean.

To freshen up the air, open the windows and let fresh air circulate. Park in the shade to avoid excessive heat buildup while airing out the car. You can also sprinkle baking soda on carpets and upholstery, leave it for 30 minutes to absorb odors, then vacuum thoroughly. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that neutralizes unpleasant smells.

Alternatively, you can mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then lightly mist fabric surfaces, avoiding over-saturation. The vinegar’s acidity cuts through doggy odors, leaving a clean scent.

Finally, to boost the good vibes, place cotton balls drizzled with a few drops of pet-safe essential oils like lavender or lemongrass in discreet corners of your car. Or you can place bowls filled with fresh coffee grounds in your car overnight. Coffee grounds absorb and neutralize odors, leaving a subtle, pleasant scent.

Best ways to dog-proof your car

how to get dog hair out of car carpet

To protect your car’s interior, use washable seat covers that can withstand scratches, dirt, and fur. Look for hammock-style covers for extra protection and easy cleaning. Also, consider all-weather floor mats made of rubber or waterproof material. They’re easy to clean and can trap mud and spills. 

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