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How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell Outside: 10 Easy Ways

Dealing with dog pee smell in your outdoor area can be a real headache. Have you ever wondered how long the smell of dog urine can linger in your outdoor space? If you want to eliminate that pesky odor, this guide will help. It provides a comprehensive set of tips on how to get rid of dog urine smell outside, giving you a clean and fresh environment to live in. Let’s get started!

How long does dog urine smell last outside?

The time it takes for the smell of dog urine to go away outdoors depends on several factors, and it can be anywhere from a few days to several months. These factors include the climate, surface type, urine concentration, and how the area is cleaned up. For example, hot and dry weather makes the smell disappear faster, while cooler and damp conditions make it stick around longer.

Here’s a general timeframe:

    • Fresh urine: If left untreated, fresh urine can emit a noticeable odor for several days in average weather conditions.
    • Dried urine: Dried urine on porous surfaces may linger for weeks or even months, especially in cooler climates. It might fade quicker on hard surfaces but still remain detectable for days or weeks.

How to get rid of dog urine smell outside

1. Commercial odor neutralizers

how to get rid of dog urine smell outside

If you need an easy and effective way to eliminate the stubborn urine smell outside, consider using commercial pet odor neutralizers specially designed for outdoor use. These products are formulated to fight awful dog smells and help you maintain a fresh and inviting outdoor space. To use them properly, just follow the instructions on the package. Doing so will give you the best results and keep your outdoor environment smelling great.

2. Clean up promptly

Swift action is crucial in minimizing the impact of dog urine smells outdoors. The sooner you act, the less time the urine has to soak in and create a strong odor. To prevent it from penetrating the ground and becoming a long-lasting source of unpleasant smells, use paper towels to absorb as much of it as possible.

3. Water and mild soap

After the initial cleanup, further mitigate outdoor dog urine smells by rinsing the affected area with water and mild, pet-safe soap. This not only dilutes the urine residue but also contributes to removing lingering odors. The combination of water and soap provides a gentle yet effective method to ensure a thorough and lasting cleanup.

4. Baking soda absorbs the stink

Baking soda is another excellent solution. It’s absorbent and can soak up urine and neutralize the odor. To use baking soda, sprinkle it generously over the area where the urine is and leave it for a few hours. Then, remove the baking soda using a brush or a vacuum, and you’ll see that the smell has gone away.

5. Sunlight and fresh air

Don’t forget about the natural elements of sunlight and fresh air. Let the affected area dry entirely in direct sunlight, which helps to break down the odor and creates a fresher outdoor space. Good air circulation also assists in eliminating any remaining smell, leaving behind a pleasant and refreshed area.

6. Vinegar’s acidic bite neutralizes ammonia

White vinegar emerges as a powerful ally against the pungent ammonia in dog urine. The acidity in vinegar effectively balances and neutralizes the unpleasant odor. Here’s how to apply: Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water to use, and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it on the affected area to combat the smell and refresh the air.

7. Activated charcoal absorbs like a champ

Activated charcoal is great for getting rid of dog urine smells. It’s good at absorbing odors, so it’s perfect for this kind of thing. Just put some activated charcoal on the affected area and let it sit for a few hours. Over time, the charcoal will work its magic and eliminate any smells.

8. Coffee grounds add a fresh twist

how to get rid of dog urine smell outside

Fresh coffee grounds are your next solution! They work in two ways: absorbing unpleasant smells and releasing a delightful aroma. Simply sprinkle the grounds around the affected area and leave it alone for a while. Then, rake or sweep them away and enjoy a fresh and invigorating coffee scent.

9. Plant power to the rescue

Plants like lavender, rosemary, and lemon balm will keep your outdoor space smelling fresh and pleasant. They release nice scents to help cover up unpleasant smells from dog urine. You can plant these in your yard strategically to create a natural and ongoing solution for odor control. This will also improve the overall atmosphere of your outdoor environment.

10. Lemon juice

The natural antibacterial properties of fresh lemon juice make it an ideal choice for neutralizing bad dog smells. Squeeze the juice over the affected area, leveraging its cleansing properties to combat both the odor and any potential bacterial presence, leaving your outdoor space smelling citrusy-fresh and free from lingering pet-related scents.

11. Cornstarch

Cornstarch can be a valuable tool in this case. To use it, sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch over the affected area and let it sit for some time. The cornstarch will seep into the ground and absorb any odors, leaving your outdoor area fresh and clean. Once you are done, you can easily remove the cornstarch using a brush or vacuum cleaner.

12. Grass reseeding

If your dog’s urine has caused damage to your lawn, you can take a proactive approach by reseeding the affected areas. This will repair the visible damage and promote the growth of new, fresh grass that may be less prone to retaining odors. 

13. Prevention is key

Prevention is key when it comes to managing outdoor dog urine smells. Training your dog to use designated areas for elimination through positive reinforcement techniques will significantly reduce the need for subsequent odor removal. Not only does this create a cleaner and more pleasant outdoor environment for you and your pet, but it also helps establish clear boundaries and promotes responsible pet ownership. So, take action today and start training your furry friend to use a designated spot for their business!

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How to keep your backyard clean with dogs

shih tzu dogs

Keeping your backyard clean when you have dogs can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The key is to designate specific areas for them to play and do their business so you can keep things under control. Don’t forget to clean up after them immediately to avoid any bad smells or messy situations. Always have poop bags ready!

When choosing furniture for your outdoor space, go for materials that are durable and easy to clean. If you’re tired of dealing with yellow spots on your lawn, consider using fake grass. This will make cleaning up much easier and keep your backyard looking fantastic. And remember to groom your dog to minimize shedding! By following these tips, you will have a clean backyard that your furry friend can enjoy!


There are many ways to keep your outdoor fresh and inviting. You can use commercial odor neutralizers, sprinkle baking soda, and let the sun and air work their magic. You can also try natural remedies like vinegar, activated charcoal, coffee grounds, and plants to help keep the area smelling great. Although it might take some work, the result is a cozy, harmonious place where you and your furry friend can enjoy spending time together.

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