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300+ Best Italian Names for Puppies – Popular & Unique

Last updated on January 13th, 2024 at 08:50 pm

We’ve got everything you need to find the perfect name for your furry friend, from popular choices to unique names inspired by Italy’s history, food, music, places, and nature. Your pup deserves a name that’s as special as they are, and our guide will help you find just that. So let’s dive in!

What makes good Italian dog names?

name for a shih tzu puppy

When it comes to Italian dog names, you want to go for something that reflects Italy’s cool heritage. Think of words that sound strong and elegant and have a charming vibe. The name should also match your dog’s personality and physical features. Simple words with clear sounds are great for easy communication and bonding with your furry friend.

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300+ best ideas of Italian names for puppies

Most popular Italian pet names

    1. Angelina (little angel)
    2. Angelo (angel)
    3. Aurora (dawn)
    4. Bella (beautiful)
    5. Bianca (white)
    6. Bruno (brown-haired)
    7. Cleo (pride, fame)
    8. Daisy (flower)
    9. Dante (enduring)
    10. Enzo (ruler of the household)
    11. Gia (God is gracious)
    12. Gigi (earth worker)
    13. Giovanni (God is gracious)
    14. Giuseppe (God will add)
    15. Isabella (beautiful)
    16. Leo (lion)
    17. Lorenzo (from Laurentum)
    18. Luca (light)
    19. Luigi (famous warrior)
    20. Luna (moon)
    21. Marco (warlike)
    22. Matteo (gift of God)
    23. Maya (water)
    24. Mia (mine)
    25. Milo (gracious)
    26. Nico (victory)
    27. Nicoletta (victory of the people)
    28. Olive (olive tree)
    29. Rocco (rest)
    30. Rocky (strong)
    31. Romeo (romantic)
    32. Rosie (rose)
    33. Siena (from the city in Tuscany)
    34. Sofia (wisdom)
    35. Sophia (wisdom)
    36. Stella (star)
    37. Toby (God is good)
    38. Valentino (brave, strong)
    39. Viola (violet)
    40. Vito (life)
    41. Vivi (alive)
    42. Zoe (life)

Italian names for female puppies

    1. Isabella (beautiful)
    2. Sofia (wise)
    3. Bella (pretty)
    4. Mia (mine)
    5. Gianna (God is gracious)
    6. Chiara (clear, bright)
    7. Rosa (rose)
    8. Valentina (strong, healthy)
    9. Giulia (youthful)
    10. Eleonora (shining light)
    11. Lucia (light)
    12. Aurora (dawn)
    13. Vittoria (victory)
    14. Ginevra (fair one)
    15. Beatrice (bringer of joy)
    16. Allegra (joyful)
    17. Camilla (young ceremonial attendant)
    18. Caterina (pure)
    19. Amalia (industrious)
    20. Gabriella (God is my strength)
    21. Rosalia (rose)
    22. Isadora (gift of Isis)
    23. Renata (reborn)
    24. Serena (serene, calm)
    25. Romina (from Rome)
    26. Alessia (defender of the people)
    27. Elisa (pledged to God)
    28. Siena (from the city in Tuscany)
    29. Noemi (pleasantness)
    30. Elena (bright, shining light)

Male Italian dog names

    1. Leonardo (brave lion)
    2. Dante (enduring)
    3. Marco (warlike)
    4. Luca (light)
    5. Matteo (gift of God)
    6. Alessandro (defender of the people)
    7. Lorenzo (from Laurentum)
    8. Vincenzo (conquering)
    9. Giuseppe (God will add)
    10. Carlo (man)
    11. Enzo (ruler of the household)
    12. Roberto (bright fame)
    13. Franco (free man)
    14. Fabio (bean farmer)
    15. Antonio (priceless)
    16. Paolo (small)
    17. Alberto (noble, bright)
    18. Davide (beloved)
    19. Elio (sun)
    20. Simone (hearkening)
    21. Giovanni (God is gracious)
    22. Umberto (bright, shining light)
    23. Stefano (crown)
    24. Angelo (angel, messenger)
    25. Pietro (rock, stone)
    26. Emilio (rival)
    27. Fabrizio (craftsman)
    28. Diego (supplanter)
    29. Gino (well-born)

Cool Italian dog names

    1. Zephyr (gentle breeze)
    2. Nero (black)
    3. Blaze (flame)
    4. Jax (son of Jack)
    5. Matrix (source)
    6. Viper (snake)
    7. Diesel (diminutive of Matthew)
    8. Karma (destiny)
    9. Orion (hunter)
    10. Mocha (coffee)
    11. Zara (princess)
    12. Koda (friend)
    13. Tango (dance)
    14. Rocco (rest)
    15. Jetta (jet black)
    16. Zenith (highest point)
    17. Nimbus (cloud)
    18. Vortex (whirlwind)
    19. Phoenix (rising from the ashes)
    20. Storm (tempest)
    21. Nova (new)
    22. Sable (black)
    23. Titan (powerful giant)
    24. Rebel (defiant)
    25. Zara (princess)
    26. Summit (peak)
    27. Echo (reverberating sound)
    28. Nova (new)
    29. Pixel (tiny picture element)
    30. Blitz (swift, lightning)

Cute Italian dog names

chinese names for puppies
    1. Pippa (lover of horses)
    2. Fifi (the flower)
    3. Pucci (kiss)
    4. Gigi (earth worker)
    5. Cupcake (small cake)
    6. Nutella (sweet spread)
    7. Ciccio (chubby)
    8. Bambino (baby)
    9. Noodle (long, thin strip)
    10. Ciao (hello/goodbye)
    11. Pistachio (green nut)
    12. Bubbles (spherical object)
    13. Muffin (small cake)
    14. Mochi (Japanese rice cake)
    15. Zucchini (small squash)
    16. Spritz (mixed drink)
    17. Cuddle (affectionate embrace)
    18. Peaches (fruit)
    19. Spaghetti (pasta)
    20. Kisses (gentle touch of the lips)
    21. Gnocchi (dumplings)
    22. Cupid (god of love)
    23. Marshmallow (soft confection)
    24. Scooter (small motorbike)
    25. Sushi (Japanese dish)

Famous Italian dog names

    1. Da Vinci (artist, inventor)
    2. Sophia (actress)
    3. Vespa (Italian scooter)
    4. Pavarotti (opera singer)
    5. Fellini (film director)
    6. Versace (fashion designer)
    7. Ferrari (luxury car)
    8. Michelangelo (artist)
    9. Sofia (actress)
    10. Dolce (fashion designer)
    11. Ferrari (luxury car)
    12. Giotto (artist)
    13. Prada (fashion designer)
    14. Raffaello (artist)
    15. Armani (fashion designer)
    16. Vittorio (director)
    17. Gucci (fashion designer)
    18. Botticelli (artist)
    19. Valentino (fashion designer)
    20. Caravaggio (artist)
    21. Verdi (composer)
    22. Donatella (fashion designer)
    23. Tiziano (artist)
    24. Martini (vermouth brand)
    25. Rossini (composer)
    26. Ferragamo (fashion designer)
    27. Bellini (cocktail)
    28. Galileo (scientist)
    29. Maserati (luxury car)
    30. Peroni (beer)
    31. Enzo (founder of Ferrari)

Cuisine-inspired Italian dog names

    1. Cannoli (Italian pastry)
    2. Espresso (strong coffee)
    3. Pesto (sauce)
    4. Risotto (Italian rice dish)
    5. Bruschetta (toasted bread)
    6. Gnocchi (potato dumplings)
    7. Amaretto (almond-flavored liqueur)
    8. Panini (pressed sandwich)
    9. Biscotti (twice-baked cookie)
    10. Calzone (folded pizza)
    11. Caprese (tomato and mozzarella)
    12. Cannelloni (tube-shaped pasta)
    13. Carbonara (pasta sauce)
    14. Chianti (Italian wine)
    15. Fettuccine (ribbon-shaped pasta)
    16. Limoncello (lemon-flavored liqueur)
    17. Martini (cocktail)
    18. Parmesan (cheese)
    19. Prosciutto (cured ham)
    20. Ragù (meat sauce)
    21. Ravioli (filled pasta)
    22. Saffron (spice)
    23. Spaghetti (long, thin pasta)
    24. Tiramisu (pick me up)
    25. Ziti (pasta)
    26. Cappuccino (coffee with frothy milk)
    27. Farfalle (bowtie-shaped pasta)
    28. Frittata (egg dish)
    29. Oregano (herb)
    30. Zucchero (sugar)

Music-inspired Italian dog names

    1. Allegro (fast tempo)
    2. Adagio (slow tempo)
    3. Sonata (musical composition)
    4. Diva (female opera singer)
    5. Virtuoso (skilled musician)
    6. Crescendo (gradual increase in loudness)
    7. Aria (melody)
    8. Tempo (speed)
    9. Melodia (melody)
    10. Soprano (high-pitched singer)
    11. Forte (loud)
    12. Crescendo (increase in volume)
    13. Tenor (male high-pitched singer)
    14. Solo (a piece performed by one)
    15. Staccato (short and detached)
    16. Coda (concluding section)
    17. Maestro (master, conductor)
    18. Arpeggio (broken chord)
    19. Capella (chapel)
    20. Serenade (musical performance)
    21. Lyric (expressing personal emotions)
    22. Rhapsody (freely expressive piece)
    23. Cantata (vocal composition)
    24. Bravo (well done)
    25. Minuet (elegant dance)
    26. Harmony (combination of musical notes)
    27. Viola (string instrument)
    28. Cadence (sequence of chords)
    29. Crescendo (increase in intensity)
    30. Fugue (polyphonic composition)
    31. Largo (slow and stately)

Destination-inspired Italian dog names

    1. Florence (city in Tuscany)
    2. Venice (city of canals)
    3. Milan (fashion capital)
    4. Rome (capital city)
    5. Capri (island in the Tyrrhenian Sea)
    6. Amalfi (coastal town)
    7. Verona (city of love)
    8. Positano (picturesque village)
    9. Siena (medieval city)
    10. Como (lake in northern Italy)
    11. Pisa (home of the Leaning Tower)
    12. Cinque Terre (group of coastal villages)
    13. Tuscany (region in central Italy)
    14. Sicily (largest Mediterranean island)
    15. Bologna (culinary capital)
    16. Sorrento (cliffside town)
    17. Assisi (medieval town)
    18. Genoa (port city)
    19. Matera (ancient city)
    20. Pompeii (ancient Roman city)
    21. Turin (northern city)
    22. Umbria (region in central Italy)
    23. Lucca (walled city)
    24. Ravenna (mosaic city)
    25. Calabria (southern region)
    26. Bellagio (picturesque town on Lake Como)
    27. Orvieto (hilltop town)
    28. Padua (city in northern Italy)
    29. Cortina (alpine town)
    30. Bari (port city)
    31. Procida (island in the Bay of Naples)
    32. Ravello (cliffside village on the Amalfi Coast)

Nature-inspired Italian dog names

    1. Stella (star)
    2. Luna (moon)
    3. Sole (sun)
    4. Fiore (flower)
    5. Terra (earth)
    6. Bosco (woods)
    7. Nuvola (cloud)
    8. Mare (sea)
    9. Montagna (mountain)
    10. Fiume (river)
    11. Aurora (dawn)
    12. Tempesta (storm)
    13. Selva (jungle)
    14. Cielo (sky)
    15. Sogno (dream)
    16. Vento (wind)
    17. Isola (island)
    18. Rocca (rock)
    19. Prato (meadow)
    20. Cascata (waterfall)
    21. Valle (valley)
    22. Raggio (ray)
    23. Neve (snow)
    24. Orso (bear)
    25. Quercia (oak)
    26. Lupo (wolf)
    27. Sirena (mermaid)
    28. Vigna (vine)
    29. Dolcezza (sweetness)
    30. Cipresso (cypress tree)
    31. Acqua (water)
    32. Campana (bell)

How to teach your dog their Italian name

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Let’s teach your dog their Italian name using positive reinforcement. Keep it chill and say their name in a happy tone while offering treats or cuddles when they respond. Keep the sessions short and sweet so they associate their name with good times. You may want to do it in different environments to enhance their recognition. Remember, consistency and patience are key to creating a strong bond as they learn to associate their name with positive experiences.

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