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250 Best Latin Words for Dog Names With Meanings

Check out our collection of over 200 Latin words for dog names inspired by Latin culture! We have handpicked each word to offer a range of options for your furry buddy, from classic and stylish choices to fun and adorable ones. Every name has a fascinating backstory that adds a touch of class to your pet’s identity. So, let’s pick a perfect name for them! 

Top 250 Latin words for dog names 

Latin female dog names

red shiba inus
    1. Amabella (Lovable)
    2. Aurelia (Golden)
    3. Bellona (Goddess of war)
    4. Caelia (Heavenly)
    5. Calista (Most beautiful)
    6. Cordelia (Heart)
    7. Fabiola (Bean grower)
    8. Felicitas (Happiness)
    9. Florentia (Blooming)
    10. Isidora (Gift of Isis)
    11. Juniana (Youthful)
    12. Lavinia (Graceful)
    13. Lucilla (Light)
    14. Magnolia (Magnificent)
    15. Natalina (Christmas)
    16. Octavia (Eighth)
    17. Ondina (Little wave)
    18. Priscilla (Ancient)
    19. Quintessa (Fifth)
    20. Salvia (Wise)
    21. Seraphina (Burning one)
    22. Tullia (Born to the people)
    23. Valeria (Strong, healthy)
    24. Venetia (Belonging to Venus)
    25. Veridiana (True)

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Latin male dog names

    1. Augustus (Majestic)
    2. Cassius (Hollow)
    3. Claudius (Lame)
    4. Crispus (Curly-haired)
    5. Cyprian (From Cyprus)
    6. Fabianus (Bean grower)
    7. Florian (Flowering)
    8. Gaius (Rejoice)
    9. Horatius (Hourly)
    10. Julius (Youthful)
    11. Lucius (Light)
    12. Marcellus (Little warrior)
    13. Maximus (Greatest)
    14. Nerva (Vigorous)
    15. Octavian (Eighth)
    16. Otho (Wealth)
    17. Plinius (Full)
    18. Quintus (Fifth)
    19. Rufus (Red-haired)
    20. Seneca (Old)
    21. Severus (Strict)
    22. Tiberius (Of the Tiber river)
    23. Valentinus (Strong, healthy)
    24. Varro (Versatile)
    25. Virgil (Flourishing)

Cute Latin dog names

    1. Adorabilis (Adorable)
    2. Amorette (Little love)
    3. Bambino (Little child)
    4. Bumblepaws (Bumbling paws)
    5. Bunbun (Cute bunny)
    6. Charmulus (Charming)
    7. Chirpylus (Chirpy)
    8. Cuddlus (Cuddly)
    9. Cupidito (Little Cupid)
    10. Dulcinea (Sweet)
    11. Fluffyicus (Fluffy)
    12. Giggletta (Giggly)
    13. Luluca (Little pearl)
    14. Minimus (Tiny)
    15. Nectarius (Sweet nectar)
    16. Petalito (Little petal)
    17. Pippin (Small)
    18. Puddlekins (Little puddle)
    19. Snickers (Laughing)
    20. Snugglita (Snuggly)
    21. Sparklito (Sparkly)
    22. Sprinklina (Sprinkly)
    23. Sweetsie (Sweet)
    24. Tickletus (Ticklish)
    25. Twinklepup (Twinkling puppy)

Cool Latin dog names

    1. Aetherius (Heavenly)
    2. Avalanche (Snowslide)
    3. Blizzardus (Blizzard)
    4. Draco (Dragon)
    5. Echo (Reflection of sound)
    6. Equinox (Equal night)
    7. Galactus (Devourer of light)
    8. Helix (Twist)
    9. Infinity (Endless)
    10. Nebula (Mist)
    11. Nimbus (Cloud)
    12. Obsidian (Black volcanic glass)
    13. Orion (Hunter)
    14. Phoenix (Reborn)
    15. Saberix (Saber)
    16. Sable (Black)
    17. Solstice (Sun)
    18. Stygian (Dark)
    19. Thunderus (Thunder)
    20. Titanicus (Titan)
    21. Valkyrie (Chooser of the slain)
    22. Voltus (Electric)
    23. Vortex (Whirlwind)
    24. Zenith (Highest point)
    25. Zephyrus (West wind)

Latin dog names with positive meanings

    1. Amicus (Friend)
    2. Beatus (Blessed)
    3. Benevolens (Kind)
    4. Bonita (Beautiful)
    5. Caritas (Love)
    6. Clarus (Clear)
    7. Clementia (Merciful)
    8. Concordans (Agreeable)
    9. Concordia (Harmony)
    10. Felix (Happy)
    11. Fortunatus (Fortunate)
    12. Gratus (Grateful)
    13. Jovialis (Jovial)
    14. Jubilantia (Joyful)
    15. Laetus (Happy)
    16. Munificentia (Generous)
    17. Nobilis (Noble)
    18. Pax (Peace)
    19. Placidus (Peaceful)
    20. Praeclarus (Illustrious)
    21. Providentia (Provident)
    22. Salutarius (Healthy)
    23. Serenus (Calm)
    24. Spes (Hope)
    25. Victor (Victorious)

Latin names for dogs representing colors

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    1. Albus (White)
    2. Argenteus (Silver)
    3. Atratus (Dark)
    4. Aureus (Golden)
    5. Caeruleus (Blue)
    6. Cinereus (Ashen)
    7. Cinnamomeus (Cinnamon)
    8. Coccineus (Scarlet)
    9. Coerulescens (Azure)
    10. Flavus (Yellow)
    11. Fulvus (Tawny)
    12. Fusca (Brown)
    13. Glaucus (Gray-blue)
    14. Indicus (Indigo)
    15. Lavandula (Lavender)
    16. Nigra (Black)
    17. Pallidus (Pale)
    18. Prasinus (Emerald)
    19. Purpureus (Purple)
    20. Rosaceus (Rosy)
    21. Roseus (Rose)
    22. Rubra (Red)
    23. Vinaceus (Wine-colored)
    24. Violaceus (Violet)
    25. Viridis (Green)

Latin pet names based on temperament

    1. Amicus (Friendly)
    2. Assertor (Assertive)
    3. Audax (Bold)
    4. Audientia (Attentive)
    5. Curiosus (Curious)
    6. Diligens (Diligent)
    7. Docilis (Docile)
    8. Facilis (Easygoing)
    9. Festivus (Playful)
    10. Fidelis (Loyal)
    11. Gratiosus (Gracious)
    12. Humilis (Humble)
    13. Intrepidus (Fearless)
    14. Jocundus (Jovial)
    15. Pacificus (Peaceful)
    16. Placidus (Gentle)
    17. Praetentus (Confident)
    18. Robustus (Robust)
    19. Sociabilis (Social)
    20. Sollicitus (Caring)
    21. Temperans (Temperate)
    22. Temperatus (Well-behaved)
    23. Tranquillus (Calm)
    24. Vigilans (Watchful)
    25. Vivax (Lively)

Historical Latin dog names

    1. Agrippina (Roman empress)
    2. Attila (King of the Huns)
    3. Augustus (First Roman emperor)
    4. Caesar (Roman dictator)
    5. Cato (Roman statesman)
    6. Cicero (Roman statesman)
    7. Cleopatra (Queen of Egypt)
    8. Commodus (Roman emperor)
    9. Constantine (Roman emperor)
    10. Galileo (Astronomer and physicist)
    11. Hypatia (Mathematician and philosopher)
    12. Livia (Roman empress)
    13. Lucretia (Roman noblewoman)
    14. Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor)
    15. Nero (Roman emperor)
    16. Ovid (Roman poet)
    17. Pliny (Roman author and naturalist)
    18. Pompeius (Roman general)
    19. Romulus (Founder of Rome)
    20. Seneca (Philosopher)
    21. Spartacus (Roman gladiator)
    22. Theodora (Byzantine empress)
    23. Theodosius (Roman emperor)
    24. Trajan (Roman emperor)
    25. Virgil (Roman poet)

Food-inspired Latin dog names

    1. Amaretto (Almond-flavored liqueur)
    2. Biscotti (Italian cookies)
    3. Bruschetta (Toasted bread)
    4. Cacao (Cocoa)
    5. Cannoli (Italian pastry)
    6. Caprese (Tomato, mozzarella, and basil)
    7. Caramelus (Caramel)
    8. Ciabatta (Italian bread)
    9. Espresso (Coffee)
    10. Frittata (Italian omelet)
    11. Gelato (Italian ice cream)
    12. Gnocchi (Italian dumplings)
    13. Latte (Milk)
    14. Mochi (Japanese rice cake)
    15. Panna (Cream)
    16. Pesto (Sauce)
    17. Pistachio (Nut)
    18. Risotto (Italian rice dish)
    19. Saffron (Spice)
    20. Salsa (Sauce)
    21. Sorbetto (Sorbet)
    22. Sushi (Japanese dish)
    23. Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
    24. Tortellini (Italian pasta)
    25. Truffle (Mushroom)

Latin words for dog names inspired by nature

    1. Aether (Ether, upper air)
    2. Aqua (Water)
    3. Arbor (Tree)
    4. Aurora (Dawn)
    5. Caelum (Sky)
    6. Calypso (Hidden)
    7. Flora (Flower)
    8. Glacier (Glacies)
    9. Iris (Rainbow)
    10. Litoralis (Coastal)
    11. Luna (Moon)
    12. Montanus (Mountain)
    13. Natura (Nature)
    14. Nebula (Cloud)
    15. Pratum (Meadow)
    16. Rivulus (Small stream)
    17. Rutilus (Reddish, like autumn leaves)
    18. Sirius (Star)
    19. Solis (Sun)
    20. Sylvanus (Wooded, forest)
    21. Tempestas (Storm)
    22. Terra (Earth)
    23. Tropicus (Tropical)
    24. Vesper (Evening)
    25. Vesuvius (Volcano)

How to teach your dog their Latin name

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