Long Haired Akita: 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know

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If you’ve ever seen an Akita covered in standard short hair, you certainly know how striking they are. But many people may not know that the long haired Akita also exists! They are very stunning and attractive. In today’s post, we will cover everything about long haired Akitas. 

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Difference between long haired Akitas and standard Akitas

long hair akita

The main difference between long haired Akitas and standard Akitas is coat length. So their coat is a few inches longer, but it can vary.

The coats of long haired dogs are softer, fluffier, and have a more silk-like texture.

That’s why they have the nickname Woolies and the appearance of attractive bears.

However, not like many people think, these dogs don’t have much more hair than short coat dogs. It just creates an illusion of a fuller coat.

Anyway, long haired dogs need more grooming and attention to maintain their beauty.

Akita breeders have noted that they can be a little bigger-boned and have a more powerful and muscular body frame than the standard.

But surprisingly, many people say that long haired dogs have sweeter temperaments and are a bit friendlier.

No matter how different they are, long coat Akitas are still 100% Akita Inus and deserves to be treated with the same love and respect as standard dogs.

Why Do Akitas Have Long Hair?

long cost akita

The long coat Akita is the result of a recessive gene and is considered a fault in the show ring.

The most popular theory says that they are the outcome of Akita and Karafuto Ken, also called the Sakhalin Husky. And the purpose of this combination is to produce a more insulating coat for Akitas.

So, the breed originated in the mountains of northern Japan that were widely known for wind, snow, and low temperatures up to -30 degrees.

The Sakhalin Husky, originally from Russia, has a dense coat that breeders felt helped Akitas fight the harsh winters of the northern provinces of Japan.

Are Long Haired Akitas Rare?

Yes, long coat Akitas are rare. They are not common like short coat dogs and are more difficult to find.

As you know, the Akita breed is a national treasure in Japan. This is a part of the reasons for their rarity. They want to keep Akita’s short coat standard.

Because the long coat Akita does not fit the breed standards, most breeders would not intentionally produce in the hope of creating a long coat dog.

Moreover, as mentioned above, long coat Akitas are created by a recessive gene, so they only pop up in litters, especially when breeders don’t do genetic testing to check for long haired alleles.

But the good news is that today, many breeders are fighting the stigma against long haired dogs.

What colors do Akita come in?

white japanese akita

There are four types of Akita Inu colors identified by the Japan Kennel Club: red fawn, brindlewhite, and sesame. Red fawn is the most popular color and sesame is the rarest.

Long haired Akita size

Long coat Akitas are naturally big bones so they can be slightly taller and heavier than standard dogs. But it also depends on many factors like nutrition, exercise…

This is the standard size of Akita:

 Female Male
Height24-26 inches 26-28 inches
Weight70-110 pounds 85-130 pounds

Long haired Akita lifespan and health issues

Long coat Akitas do not exhibit any health problems related to the length of their coat. The average Akita Inu lifespan is between 10 and 13 years.

However, the Akita Inu lifespan also depends on many factors like diet, exercise, temperament… Some Akitas live a good life longer than thirteen. But some, unfortunately, don’t even reach ten by unexpected accident or illness.

Read here to know more thoroughly about Akita Inu’s lifespan.

Long haired Akita temperament

long haired akita inu

Long coat Akitas are affectionate, extremely loyal, and loving to family members. But they are also very wary of strangers.

There are many good traits in Akitas that make them great for you.

So, first of all, no one can deny the loyalty of the Akita breed. Hachiko is the perfect example of this statement. A dog waited for the owner in the same place for nine years!

Akitas have a protective instinct and are one of the best guard dogs. They are loveable and great protectors for your family. But they may get aggressive and physical towards new people.

One thing to note, you need to train and socialize them early to avoid aggression with other people or animals. Akitas are intelligent but also stubborn as well.

Many owners say that long coat Akitas are friendlier than short haired dogs a little bit. While an investigation still needs to be conducted to confirm this, we can’t deny how adorable they are.

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Do long haired Akitas shed?

Long haired Akitas are heavy shedders and have two large shedding events in a year.

You’ll find their fur all over your house, on clothing, furniture… in these periods. During this time, you need to comb your dog and vacuum the house often.

Long haired Akita grooming

As you can guess, long coat Akitas require more grooming than standard dogs. You need to spend more time and attention on their coat and skin.

Their long hair can be more prone to tangles so regular brushing is essential.

You should groom as early as possible to make them feel familiar and also prevent the fur from matting or forming knots. Weekly grooming is recommended.

Invest quality grooming supplies like a good brush and comb that won’t hurt your Akita. The best brush for their hair is large slickers and/or long-toothed pin brushes and combs.

When brushing Akita’s coat, start from the outer coat and slowly brush to the inner layers of the coat.

Additionally, they may need more bathing as their long coat can be a magnet for dirt, debris, and other things you don’t want to leave in their beautiful coat.

By being proactive and spending time taking care of your long haired Akita’s coat, you’ll avoid frequent shedding from them.

Long haired Akita puppy

akita inu puppies

It is not easy to tell if an Akita puppy has long hair if the dog is too young due all Akita puppies typically appear like plump fluff balls. However, experienced breeders can tell if a puppy has long hair at 8 to 10 weeks of age.

In addition, breeders who perform genetic testing on Akita parents should know if their children will get long coat puppies or not.

Because long haired Akitas are rare and not bred as much as short haired dogs, you will find breeders advertising them for a higher price than standard dogs.

Before getting a long coat Akita puppy, you should prepare your wallet for the recurring expenses apart from the initial cost of an Akita puppy.

Initial costs include pet insurance, vaccinations, vet visits, and needs such as a leash, bed, bowl, grooming tools, dog food, and toys.

Recurring expenses to consider weekly or monthly are food, treats, vet checkups, and grooming.

Is the long haired Akita the right dog for you?

akita inu hair

Long coat Akitas are rare and substandard. But they are loyal, protective, intelligent, and lovable as the standard ones. Today, more and more people are interested and adore their gorgeous long coats. You can never go wrong in choosing them as your pet friend.


A long haired Akita is an Akita Inu with the result of a recessive gene that causes them to grow a longer, softer, and fluffier coat than typical Akitas. Long coated Akitas are still purebred dogs that can be entered onto breed registries. But their coats disqualify them from the show bench.

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