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Top 120 Names From Lord of the Rings for Dogs (by Genger)

Are you a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series? Are you looking for a cool name for your dog that’s inspired by Middle-earth? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of 120 famous names from the series, divided by gender. Whether your furry friend is a male or female, or you prefer gender-neutral names, we’ve got something for you. Each name has a special meaning that’s connected to Tolkien’s magical world. So, go ahead and give your pet a touch of fantasy with one of these enchanting titles!

Top 120 names from Lord of the Rings for dogs 

Lord of the Rings female dog names

names from lord of the rings for dogs
    1. Aerin – Elven maiden mentioned in the Silmarillion
    2. Amarie – Elven maiden mentioned in the Silmarillion
    3. Anaire – Wife of Fingolfin and mother of Fingon and Turgon
    4. Andreth – Human woman in the Silmarillion
    5. Aranel – Meaning “noble maiden” in Elvish
    6. Aredhel – Elven princess, mother of Eöl and wife of Fingolfin
    7. Arwen – Elven princess and love interest of Aragorn
    8. Belladonna – Mother of Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit
    9. Diamond – Wife of Samwise Gamgee
    10. Elanor – Flower in Lothlórien and Sam’s daughter’s name
    11. Elenwe – Elven maiden in the Silmarillion
    12. Elwing – Elven princess, wife of Eärendil
    13. Emeldir – Human woman in the Silmarillion
    14. Este – Vala of rest and healing
    15. Finduilas – Daughter of Orodreth in the Silmarillion
    16. Galadriel – Powerful Elf queen and Lady of Lothlórien
    17. Goldberry – River-spirit, wife of Tom Bombadil
    18. Haleth – Human leader of the Haladin in the Silmarillion
    19. Idril – Elven princess, daughter of Turgon
    20. Indis – Elven queen, second wife of Finwë
    21. Ioreth – Woman of Gondor in the Lord of the Rings
    22. Ithilwen – Meaning “moon maiden” in Elvish
    23. Lalaith – Youngest child of Húrin and Morwen in the Silmarillion
    24. Lobelia – Hobbit, often seen in Hobbiton
    25. Lothiriel – Princess of Rohan and wife of Éomer
    26. Lúthien – Elven princess, known for her love with Beren
    27. Melian – Powerful Maia, wife of Thingol, and mother of Lúthien
    28. Miriel – Wife of Finwë and mother of Fëanor
    29. Nerdanel – Wife of Fëanor in the Silmarillion
    30. Nimloth – Wife of Dior and mother of Elwing
    31. Nimrodel – Elven maiden in the Lord of the Rings
    32. Primula – Mother of Frodo Baggins
    33. Rosie – Hobbit and love interest of Samwise Gamgee
    34. Tar Ancalimë – Númenórean queen in the Second Age
    35. Tauriel – Elven warrior in the Hobbit movies
    36. Varda – Queen of the Valar and goddess of the stars
    37. Yavanna – Vala of nature and spouse of Aulë
    38. Éowyn – Rohirrim shieldmaiden who defeats the Witch-king

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Lord of the Rings male dog names

do akitas like the cold
    1. Aragorn – Ranger and eventual king of Gondor
    2. Arathorn – Father of Aragorn
    3. Azog – Orc chieftain in the Hobbit
    4. Balin – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    5. Beorn – Skin-changer and ally to Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    6. Bifur – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    7. Bofur – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    8. Bombur – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    9. Boromir – Gondorian warrior and member of the Fellowship
    10. Celeborn – Elven lord and husband of Galadriel
    11. Denethor – Steward of Gondor and father of Boromir and Faramir
    12. Dori – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    13. Dwalin – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    14. Elladan – Elf, son of Elrond
    15. Elrohir – Elf, son of Elrond
    16. Elrond – Elven lord and leader of Rivendell
    17. Faramir – Gondorian ranger and brother of Boromir
    18. Frodo – Hobbit and Ring-bearer
    19. Gandalf – Istari wizard and guide to the Fellowship
    20. Gil-galad – Last High King of the Noldor
    21. Glorfindel – Elf who aids Frodo in Rivendell
    22. Glóin – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    23. Gollum – Former Ring-bearer corrupted by the One Ring
    24. Gríma – Counselor to Théoden, known as Wormtongue
    25. Gwaihir – Leader of the Eagles
    26. Haldir – Elf of Lothlórien
    27. Isildur – Gondorian king who cut the One Ring from Sauron’s hand
    28. Meriadoc – Hobbit and member of the Fellowship
    29. Nori – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    30. Oin – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    31. Ori – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit
    32. Peregrin – Hobbit and member of the Fellowship
    33. Samwise – Hobbit and loyal friend to Frodo
    34. Saruman – Istari wizard corrupted by power
    35. Sauron – Dark Lord and main antagonist
    36. Thrain – Father of Thorin Oakenshield
    37. Thranduil – Elven king of Mirkwood in the Hobbit
    38. Thror – Grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield
    39. Théoden – King of Rohan
    40. Treebeard – Ent, shepherd of the trees
    41. Éomer – King of Rohan and brother of Éowyn

Gender-neutral names from Lord of the Rings for dogs

shiba inu names
    1. Aegnor – A noble Elf lord known for his bravery and swordsmanship.
    2. Alatar – One of the two Blue Wizards, known for their wisdom and courage.
    3. Amdír – A King of Lórien known for his wisdom and love of trees.
    4. Arien – The maiden who guides the Sun.
    5. Balrog – Ancient demon of fire in Moria.
    6. Bard – Bowman who slays Smaug in the Hobbit
    7. Beleriand – A beautiful region in Middle-earth.
    8. Bilbo – Hobbit and central character in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
    9. Calantha – A beautiful Elf princess who died tragically young.
    10. Caranthir – A fiery Elf lord with a love of hunting.
    11. Círdan – The Shipbuilder, a wise Elf who welcomed many travellers to his havens.
    12. Durin – The first Dwarf lord, known for his strength and resilience.
    13. Eärendil – The Mariner, who sailed to Valinor and begged the Valar for help.
    14. Fili – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit.
    15. Finarfin – A wise and noble Elf lord, father of Galadriel and Finrod.
    16. Gildor – An Elf lord who helped the hobbits escape the Black Riders.
    17. Gimli – Dwarf warrior and member of the Fellowship.
    18. Huorn – An ancient tree-like Ent, for a wise and patient dog.
    19. Hurin – A mighty warrior who faced great suffering and remained courageous.
    20. Kili – Dwarf member of Thorin’s company in the Hobbit.
    21. Laurelin – One of the Two Trees of Valinor, which provided light to the world, for a dog who brings joy.
    22. Legolas – Elven archer and member of the Fellowship.
    23. Luthónien – A valiant Elf warrior who fought alongside Túrin.
    24. Maedhros – A brave Elf lord who sacrificed a hand to escape captivity.
    25. Merry – Hobbit and member of the Fellowship.
    26. Morry – A hobbit who enjoys eating and drinking, perfect for a dog who loves treats.
    27. Morwen – Mother of Túrin Turambar in the Silmarillion.
    28. Narfin – An Elf lord who helped Beren and Lúthien defeat Morgoth.
    29. Nessa – The Huntress, a swift and graceful Valar.
    30. Nienna – Vala associated with mourning and pity.
    31. Oliphant – A large, elephant-like creature used by the Haradrim, for a big and gentle dog.
    32. Pharazon – The last King of Númenor, who led his people to ruin. 
    33. Pippin – Hobbit and member of the Fellowship.
    34. Radagast – Istari wizard associated with nature.
    35. Shelob – Giant spider in the Lord of the Rings.
    36. Telcontar – Aragorn’s Elf name, meaning “High Hope.”
    37. Thuringwethil – A beautiful but deadly vampire who served Sauron.
    38. Ulmo – The Lord of the Waters, a powerful Maia. 
    39. Ungoliant – Mother of Shelob, a dark spider-like creature.
    40. Vaire – Vala associated with weaving and spouse of Mandos.
    41. Wormtongue – Counselor to Théoden, known as Gríma.

How to teach your dog their cool name

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Step 1. Get their attention: Start in a quiet, low-distraction area. Wait until your dog isn’t looking at you, then say their name once in a happy, upbeat voice. You can add a kissy sound or clap your hands to draw their focus.

Step 2. Reward and mark: The moment your dog looks at you, mark the behavior with a clicker (if you have one) or a clear, happy word like “Yes!” or “Good!”. This tells them they did the right thing.

Step 3. Treat time: Immediately follow the marker word with a delicious treat. Aim for high-value treats they love, like small pieces of chicken or cheese. Make the reward fun and exciting.

Step 4. Repeat and build: Repeat steps 1-3 at least 10-15 times in a row. As your dog gets the hang of it, gradually wait a beat or two after saying their name before giving the treat. This encourages them to focus on the sound of their name alone.

Step 5. Practice everywhere: Gradually increase distractions by practicing in different locations, both inside and outside. Get other people to say your dog’s name and reward them if they respond. Remember to always be patient, positive,

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