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290 Best Old Lady Names for Dogs – Popular & Unique

Are you looking for the perfect name for your furry best friend? We’ve got an awesome list of 290 old lady names for dogs, complete with their meanings and origins. You’ll find everything from classic to funny and unique options inspired by literature, flowers, old Hollywood, and more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

290 old lady names for dogs with meanings

Best old lady dog names

shih tzu dogs
    1. Ada (Noble, prosperous)
    2. Agnes (Pure, holy)
    3. Ann (Grace)
    4. Annie (Gracious)
    5. Beatrice (Bringer of joy)
    6. Beryl (Green semi-precious gem)
    7. Billie (Resolute protection)
    8. Blanche (White, fair)
    9. Carol (Free man)
    10. Carolyn (Free man)
    11. Catherine (Pure)
    12. Cleo (Pride, fame)
    13. Connie (Steadfast)
    14. Daphne (Laurel tree)
    15. Dory (Gift of God)
    16. Elsa (Noble)
    17. Estelle (Star)
    18. Esther (Star)
    19. Ethel (Noble)
    20. Eunice (Good victory)
    21. Eve (Life)
    22. Evelyn (Life)
    23. Faye (Fairy)
    24. Florence (Blossoming)
    25. Gertrude (Strength of a spear)
    26. Ginger (Pure, chaste)
    27. Grace (Grace of God)
    28. Gracie (Graceful)
    29. Greta (Pearl)
    30. Hazel (Hazelnut tree)
    31. Hilda (Battle woman)
    32. Imogene (Maiden)
    33. Iris (Rainbow)
    34. Janice (God is gracious)
    35. Joan (God is gracious)
    36. Julia (Youthful)
    37. Lucille (Light)
    38. Mabel (Lovable)
    39. Martha (Lady)
    40. Mary (Bitter)
    41. Mary Jo (Combination of Mary and Jo)
    42. Maude (Mighty in battle)
    43. Millie (Strength)
    44. Minnie (Beloved)
    45. Nancy (Grace)
    46. Nellie (Shining light)
    47. Odessa (Odyssey)
    48. Olive (Olive tree)
    49. Olivia (Olive tree)
    50. Opal (Gemstone)
    51. Patricia (Noble)
    52. Pearl (Precious gem)
    53. Phyllis (Foliage)
    54. Rosemary (Dew of the sea)
    55. Roxy (Dawn)
    56. Ruby (Red gemstone)
    57. Sadie (Princess)
    58. Sophie (Wisdom)
    59. Stacey (Resurrection)
    60. Stella (Star)
    61. Susan (Lily)
    62. Sylvia (Forest)
    63. Tabitha (Gazelle)
    64. Tallulah (Leaping water)
    65. Viola (Violet)
    66. Wilma (Determined protector)
    67. Winifred (Blessed peace)
    68. Zelda (Grey fighting maid)

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Funny old lady names for dogs

    1. Agnes (Pure, holy)
    2. Barb (Foreign)
    3. Deborah (Bee)
    4. Doris (Gift)
    5. Edna (Delight, pleasure)
    6. Flora (Flower)
    7. Francine (Freeman)
    8. Genevieve (Woman of the people)
    9. Geraldine (Rule of the spear)
    10. Gladys (Lame)
    11. Harriet (Ruler of the household)
    12. Helga (Holy, sacred)
    13. Irene (Peace)
    14. Jan (God is gracious)
    15. Judith (Praised)
    16. Karen (Pure)
    17. Linda (Beautiful)
    18. Lorraine (From Lorraine, France)
    19. Louise (Renowned warrior)
    20. Margaret (Pearl)
    21. Maxine (Greatest)
    22. May (Pearl)
    23. Michelle (Who is like God?)
    24. Mildred (Gentle strength)
    25. Millicent (Strong worker)
    26. Minerva (Goddess of wisdom)
    27. Moira (Destiny)
    28. Myrtle (Evergreen shrub)
    29. Ophelia (Help)
    30. Prudence (Caution)
    31. Star (Astronomical object)
    32. Tina (Short for Christina, follower of Christ)
    33. Trudy (Spear of strength)
    34. Velma (Will)

Cute old lady names for dogs

    1. Abigail (Father’s joy)
    2. Adelaide (Noble and kind)
    3. Angelica (Angelic)
    4. Ava (Bird)
    5. Bea (Blessed)
    6. Belle (Beautiful)
    7. Beth (Pledged to God)
    8. Betsy (God is my oath)
    9. Betty (God is my oath)
    10. Bonnie (Beautiful)
    11. Cecilia (Blind, but with inner vision)
    12. Claire (Clear, bright)
    13. Clementine (Gentle, merciful)
    14. Darcy (Dark-haired)
    15. Delilah (Delicate)
    16. Dolly (Gift of God)
    17. Dora (Gift)
    18. Duchess (Female ruler)
    19. Edith (Riches, blessed)
    20. Effie (Well-spoken)
    21. Eliza (Pledged to God)
    22. Ella (Beautiful fairy)
    23. Elsie (Noble, God is my oath)
    24. Emmeline (Industrious)
    25. Etta (Little one)
    26. Evelyn (Life)
    27. Faith (Faith)
    28. Georgia (Farmer)
    29. Georgina (Farmer)
    30. Goldie (Precious metal)
    31. Hattie (Home ruler)
    32. Isabella (Devoted to God)
    33. Ivy (Climbing vine)
    34. Jacqueline (Supplanter)
    35. Josephine (God will add)
    36. June (Youthful)
    37. Justine (Fair, righteous)
    38. Laurie (Laurel)
    39. Leigh (Meadow)
    40. Leonora (Light)
    41. Lottie (Little and womanly)
    42. Louisa (Renowned warrior)
    43. Lucy (Light)

Old lady dog names inspired by literature

    1. Agatha (Good, kind)
    2. Alice (Noble)
    3. Austen (Noble stone)
    4. Brontë (Surname of literary sisters)
    5. Cathy (Pure)
    6. Charlotte (Free man)
    7. Cosette (Little thing)
    8. Daisy (Day’s eye)
    9. Darcy (Dark-haired)
    10. Dorothy (Gift of God)
    11. Edith (Riches, blessed)
    12. Elinor (Light, sun ray)
    13. Elizabeth (Pledged to God)
    14. Emily (Industrious, striving)
    15. Emma (Universal)
    16. Guinevere (Fair, white)
    17. Hester (Star)
    18. Jane (God is gracious)
    19. Jo (God is gracious)
    20. Lavinia (Mother of Rome)
    21. Louisa (Renowned warrior)
    22. Madeline (High tower)
    23. Ophelia (Help)
    24. Rebecca (Bound, tied)
    25. Rosalind (Pretty rose)
    26. Scarlett (Red)
    27. Tess (Harvester)
    28. Virginia (Maiden, virgin)

Royal old lady dog names 

name for a shih tzu puppy
    1. Adelaide (Noble and kind)
    2. Alexandra (Defender of the people)
    3. Alice (Noble)
    4. Amelia (Work of the Lord)
    5. Anastasia (Resurrection)
    6. Anne (Gracious)
    7. Augusta (Majestic)
    8. Caroline (Free woman)
    9. Catherine (Pure)
    10. Cecilia (Blind, but with inner vision)
    11. Charlotte (Free man)
    12. Christina (Follower of Christ)
    13. Constance (Steadfast)
    14. Diana (Divine)
    15. Eleanor (Bright, shining one)
    16. Helena (Bright, shining light)
    17. Henrietta (Ruler of the household)
    18. Isabeau (Beautiful Isabel)
    19. Isabella (Devoted to God)
    20. Lettice (Joy)
    21. Louisa (Renowned warrior)
    22. Marie (Bitter)
    23. Matilda (Mighty in battle)
    24. Sophia (Wisdom)
    25. Victoria (Victorious)

Old lady dog names inspired by floral and feminine

    1. Blossom (Flower)
    2. Bluebell (Bluebell flower)
    3. Calla (Beautiful)
    4. Camellia (Noble, perfect)
    5. Clover (Meadow flower)
    6. Daffodil (Asphodel)
    7. Hyacinth (Blue larkspur flower)
    8. Iris (Rainbow)
    9. Jasmine (Gift from God)
    10. Lavender (Lavender flower)
    11. Lily (Pure, majestic)
    12. Magnolia (Magnol’s flower)
    13. Marigold (Mary’s gold)
    14. Orchid (Orchid flower)
    15. Peony (Paeon, a healing deity)
    16. Petunia (Trumpet-shaped flower)
    17. Poppy (Poppy flower)
    18. Primrose (First rose)
    19. Rose (Rose flower)
    20. Sunflower (Sunflower)
    21. Tulip (Tulip flower)
    22. Violet (Purple/blue flower)
    23. Zinnia (Zinn’s flower)

Old lady dog names inspired by old Hollywood 

    1. Audrey (Noble strength)
    2. Ava (Bird)
    3. Bette (God is my oath)
    4. Carole (Free man)
    5. Clara (Clear, bright)
    6. Doris (Gift)
    7. Greta (Pearl)
    8. Hedy (Strife for wealth)
    9. Ingrid (Beautiful)
    10. Judy (Praised)
    11. Lana (Little rock)
    12. Lauren (Laurel, symbol of honor)
    13. Lillian (Lily)
    14. Mae (Bitter)
    15. Marilyn (Sea of bitterness or sea of sorrow)
    16. Marlene (High tower)
    17. Myrna (Beloved)
    18. Norma (Precept, rule)
    19. Rita (Pearl)
    20. Veronica (True image)
    21. Vivien (Alive, lively)

Foreign-origin old lady dog names

    1. Aida (Help, Arabic)
    2. Alma (Nurturing Soul, Spanish)
    3. Amara (Graceful, Igbo)
    4. Anya (Grace, Russian)
    5. Asta (Love, Scandinavian)
    6. Astrid (Beautiful, Norse)
    7. Aurelia (Golden, Latin)
    8. Celia (Heavenly, Latin)
    9. Cleo (Pride, Greek)
    10. Edda (Great Grandmother, Norse)
    11. Elise (Consecrated to God, French)
    12. Esme (Beloved, French)
    13. Eva (Life, Spanish)
    14. Fleur (Flower, French)
    15. Giselle (Pledge, French)
    16. Hana (Flower, Japanese)
    17. Ingrid (Beautiful, Norse)
    18. Irina (Peace, Russian)
    19. Isla (Island, Scottish)
    20. Ivy (Climbing Vine, English)
    21. Juna (Youthful, Sanskrit)
    22. Kira (Sun, Russian)
    23. Lena (Bright, Greek)
    24. Leocadia (Bright, Spanish)
    25. Lila (Night, Arabic)
    26. Liora (I Have Light, Hebrew)
    27. Lisette (Consecrated to God, French)
    28. Lucia (Light, Italian)
    29. Luna (Moon, Spanish)
    30. Lyra (Lyre, Greek)
    31. Maeve (Intoxicating, Irish)
    32. Mila (Gracious, Slavic)
    33. Mira (Wonderful, Sanskrit)
    34. Nia (Purpose, Swahili)
    35. Nina (Dreamer, Spanish)
    36. Noemi (Pleasantness, Hebrew)
    37. Nora (Honor, Irish)
    38. Odette (Wealthy, French)
    39. Rhea (Flowing, Greek)
    40. Rosalie (Rose, French)
    41. Selma (Protected, German)
    42. Sylvie (Forest, French)
    43. Thais (Belonging to Thaïs, Greek)
    44. Vera (Faith, Russian)
    45. Yara (Water Lady, Arabic)
    46. Zara (Princess, Arabic)
    47. Zelda (Gentle, Yiddish)
    48. Zita (Little Girl, Italian)

How to teach your beloved puppy their name

dog training classes

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