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300+ Best Spanish Nicknames for Dogs – Popular & Unique

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Picking the perfect name for your new furry buddy is a fun part of welcoming them into your home. If you’re thinking of giving your dog a Spanish name, it’s a great idea! Spanish names add an extra touch of culture and sound super cool. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best name for your pup and give you a list of over 300 Spanish nicknames for dogs to consider.

What’s a good Spanish name for a dog?

name for a shih tzu puppy

Choosing a Spanish name for your dog requires carefully considering what would suit them best. A short and sweet name would be ideal so that they can learn it quickly. In addition, make sure to avoid confusing sounds and choose a name that is unique to help them easily recognize it. Ultimately, the perfect name is the one that feels right to you and brings joy to both you and your dog.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why I’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

300+ ideas of Spanish nicknames for dogs

Common Spanish dog names

    1. Pepito (Little Joe)
    2. Mochi (Soft rice cake)
    3. Estrella (Star)
    4. Nacho (Ignatius)
    5. Luna (Moon)
    6. Pippin (Frequent laugher)
    7. Paloma (Dove)
    8. Chispa (Spark)
    9. Bandido (Bandit)
    10. Sombra (Shadow)
    11. Dulce (Sweet)
    12. Cisco (Little one)
    13. Margarita (Daisy)
    14. Pacho (Free)
    15. Tita (Tiny)
    16. Torito (Little bull)
    17. Blanca (White)
    18. Canela (Cinnamon)
    19. Alba (Dawn)
    20. Pancho (Free)
    21. Marta (Lady)
    22. Curro (Free man)
    23. Pepita (Little seed)
    24. Mimo (Mime)
    25. Trigo (Wheat)
    26. Osito (Little bear)
    27. Carmelo (Garden)
    28. Pinta (Spot)
    29. Zorro (Fox)
    30. Brisa (Breeze)

Spanish names for male puppies

    1. Mateo (Gift of God)
    2. Diego (Supplanter)
    3. Nico (Victory of the people)
    4. Cesar (Emperor)
    5. Ramiro (Famous advice)
    6. Julio (Youthful)
    7. Dante (Enduring)
    8. Hector (Steadfast)
    9. Gordo (Chubby)
    10. Pancho (Free)
    11. Esteban (Crown)
    12. Nacho (Ignatius)
    13. Bruno (Brown-haired)
    14. Chico (Little boy)
    15. Alvaro (Noble guardian)
    16. Javi (Bright)
    17. Raul (Wolf counsel)
    18. Fidel (Faithful)
    19. Pepe (God will add)
    20. Pablo (Small)
    21. Rocco (Rest)
    22. Miguel (Who is like God)
    23. Tito (Giant)
    24. Taz (Tasmanian Devil)
    25. Enzo (Winner)
    26. Jorge (Farmer)
    27. Paco (Free)
    28. Zorro (Fox)
    29. Leo (Lion)
    30. Simba (Lion)

Spanish female dog names

shih tzu dogs
    1. Isabella (Devoted to God)
    2. Luna (Moon)
    3. Carmela (Garden)
    4. Sofia (Wisdom)
    5. Esperanza (Hope)
    6. Pilar (Pillar)
    7. Valentina (Strong, healthy)
    8. Chica (Girl)
    9. Martina (Warrior of Mars)
    10. Bella (Beautiful)
    11. Rosa (Rose)
    12. Mariposa (Butterfly)
    13. Carmencita (Little Carmen)
    14. Paloma (Dove)
    15. Mimi (Mention of God)
    16. Catalina (Pure)
    17. Lulu (Famous warrior)
    18. Nena (Baby)
    19. Dulce (Sweet)
    20. Amiga (Friend)
    21. Rocio (Dew)
    22. Renata (Reborn)
    23. Carmen (Garden)
    24. Nala (Successful)
    25. Estrella (Star)
    26. Juana (God is gracious)
    27. Suki (Beloved)
    28. Pepita (Little seed)
    29. Frida (Peaceful)
    30. Ximena (Hearkening)

Badass Spanish dog names

    1. Diablo (Devil)
    2. Bravio (Fierce)
    3. Conquistador (Conqueror)
    4. Tormenta (Storm)
    5. Furia (Fury)
    6. Venganza (Vengeance)
    7. Calavera (Skull)
    8. Cazador (Hunter)
    9. Trueno (Thunder)
    10. Hacha (Axe)
    11. Bandido (Bandit)
    12. Vendetta (Revenge)
    13. Veneno (Poison)
    14. Asesino (Assassin)
    15. Cicatriz (Scar)
    16. Zafiro (Sapphire)
    17. Escarlata (Scarlet)
    18. Vikingo (Viking)
    19. Tempestad (Tempest)
    20. Lobo (Wolf)
    21. Espada (Sword)
    22. Sombra (Shadow)
    23. Azote (Scourge)
    24. Desperado (Outlaw)
    25. Guerrero (Warrior)
    26. Titan (Titan)
    27. Cuchillo (Knife)
    28. Centinela (Sentinel)
    29. Draco (Dragon)
    30. Colmillo (Fang)

Cool names for dogs in Spanish

car trips with dogs
    1. Zéfiro (Zephyr)
    2. Rey (Rex)
    3. Orión (Orion)
    4. Neo (Neo)
    5. Trueno (Thunder)
    6. Jazz (Jazz)
    7. Cometa (Comet)
    8. Llamarada (Blaze)
    9. Titán (Titan)
    10. Maverick (Maverick)
    11. Cénit (Zenith)
    12. Jaxon (Jaxon)
    13. Raptor (Raptor)
    14. Diesel (Diesel)
    15. Bala (Bullet)
    16. Eco (Echo)
    17. Astro (Astro)
    18. Orión (Orion)
    19. Sombra (Shadow)
    20. Nova (Nova)
    21. Matrix (Matrix)
    22. Tango (Tango)
    23. Cuantum (Quantum)
    24. Vapor (Vapor)
    25. Rayo (Bolt)
    26. Sirio (Sirius)
    27. Sónico (Sonic)
    28. Cosmo (Cosmo)
    29. Zero (Zero)
    30. Ciclón (Cyclone)

Cute Spanish names for puppies

    1. Osito (Little bear)
    2. Pepito (Little Pepe)
    3. Canela (Cinnamon)
    4. Chiquito (Tiny)
    5. Mi Amor (My Love)
    6. Piquito (Little beak)
    7. Conejito (Little rabbit)
    8. Dulzura (Sweetness)
    9. Chispa (Spark)
    10. Estrellita (Little star)
    11. Chinito (Little Chinese)
    12. Nube (Cloud)
    13. Osita (Little female bear)
    14. Copito (Little snowflake)
    15. Tesoro (Treasure)
    16. Pollito (Little chick)
    17. Gatito (Little cat)
    18. Lunita (Little moon)
    19. Pelusa (Fluff)
    20. Bombón (Chocolate bonbon)
    21. Bebito (Little baby)
    22. Perlita (Little pearl)
    23. Solcito (Little sun)
    24. Florcita (Little flower)
    25. Amorcito (Little love)
    26. Gatita (Little female cat)
    27. Rayito (Little ray)
    28. Perla (Pearl)
    29. Pastelito (Little pastry)
    30. Pececito (Little fish)

Unique Spanish dog names

Tibetan Terrier in Tibet
    1. Pintor (Painter)
    2. Azulejo (Tile)
    3. Sirena (Mermaid)
    4. Cielo (Sky)
    5. Zafiro (Sapphire)
    6. Enigma (Enigma)
    7. Jabón (Soap)
    8. Lluvia (Rain)
    9. Travesía (Journey)
    10. Burbuja (Bubble)
    11. Aventura (Adventure)
    12. Espejo (Mirror)
    13. Alquimia (Alchemy)
    14. Melodía (Melody)
    15. Órbita (Orbit)
    16. Celaje (Twilight)
    17. Murmullo (Whisper)
    18. Sombrero (Hat)
    19. Quimera (Chimera)
    20. Elixir (Elixir)
    21. Máscara (Mask)
    22. Ocaso (Sunset)
    23. Cañón (Canyon)
    24. Esencia (Essence)
    25. Índigo (Indigo)
    26. Chispeante (Sparkling)
    27. Nébula (Nebula)
    28. Cúspide (Summit)
    29. Trébol (Clover)
    30. Serenata (Serenade)

Funny Spanish dog names

    1. Chistoso (Funny)
    2. Risueño (Smiley)
    3. Payaso (Clown)
    4. Travesura (Mischief)
    5. Comedia (Comedy)
    6. Locura (Madness)
    7. Bufón (Jester)
    8. Divertido (Amusing)
    9. Bromista (Prankster)
    10. Risa (Laughter)
    11. Puchero (Pout)
    12. Risitas (Giggles)
    13. Locuelo (Silly)
    14. Carcajada (Guffaw)
    15. Payasito (Little clown)
    16. Jocoso (Jocular)
    17. Picarón (Mischievous)
    18. Ríete (Laugh)
    19. Gracioso (Graceful)
    20. Trampolín (Trampoline)
    21. Chiflado (Whacky)
    22. Monada (Cuteness)
    23. Payasote (Big clown)
    24. Piltrafa (Rag)
    25. Chiripa (Stroke of luck)
    26. Bobo (Silly)
    27. Tontito (Little silly)
    28. Jolgorio (Merriment)
    29. Alocado (Crazy)
    30. Patán (Clumsy)

Names for white dogs in Spanish

    1. Blanco (White)
    2. Nieve (Snow)
    3. Algodón (Cotton)
    4. Leche (Milk)
    5. Perla (Pearl)
    6. Nublado (Cloudy)
    7. Copo (Flake)
    8. Ceniza (Ash)
    9. Espuma (Foam)
    10. Crema (Cream)
    11. Paloma (Dove)
    12. Mármol (Marble)
    13. Jazmín (Jasmine)
    14. Linaza (Flax)
    15. Vainilla (Vanilla)
    16. Galleta (Cookie)
    17. Porcelana (Porcelain)
    18. Azúcar (Sugar)
    19. Merengue (Meringue)
    20. Lirio (Lily)
    21. Yeso (Plaster)
    22. Merlín (Merlin)
    23. Polvo (Dust)
    24. Ángel (Angel)
    25. Estuco (Stucco)
    26. Casper (Casper)
    27. Crepúsculo (Twilight)
    28. Pálido (Pale)
    29. Nácar (Mother of pearl)
    30. Neblina (Fog)

Spanish food-inspired dog names

games to play with dogs outside
    1. Churro (Churro)
    2. Paella (Paella)
    3. Queso (Cheese)
    4. Tostada (Toasted)
    5. Pimiento (Pepper)
    6. Gazpacho (Gazpacho)
    7. Ensalada (Salad)
    8. Mole (Mole)
    9. Jamón (Ham)
    10. Salsa (Sauce)
    11. Tortilla (Omelette)
    12. Manchego (Manchego)
    13. Guacamole (Guacamole)
    14. Flan (Flan)
    15. Tapenade (Tapenade)
    16. Albóndiga (Meatball)
    17. Chorizo (Chorizo)
    18. Empanada (Empanada)
    19. Piquillo (Piquillo)
    20. Pesto (Pesto)
    21. Tiramisu (Tiramisu)
    22. Dulce (Sweet)
    23. Croqueta (Croquette)
    24. Tarta (Cake)
    25. Piquante (Spicy)
    26. Horchata (Horchata)
    27. Canela (Cinnamon)
    28. Tequila (Tequila)
    29. Tofu (Tofu)
    30. Picante (Hot)

Spanish music-inspired dog names

    1. Bolero (Bolero)
    2. Samba (Samba)
    3. Rumba (Rumba)
    4. Tango (Tango)
    5. Cumbia (Cumbia)
    6. Mariachi (Mariachi)
    7. Salsa (Salsa)
    8. Flamenco (Flamenco)
    9. Banda (Banda)
    10. Reggae (Reggae)
    11. Mambo (Mambo)
    12. Son (Son)
    13. Bachata (Bachata)
    14. Fandango (Fandango)
    15. Zamba (Zamba)
    16. Merengue (Merengue)
    17. Cha-Cha (Cha-Cha)
    18. Reaggeton (Reggaeton)
    19. Bolero (Bolero)
    20. Jarabe (Jarabe)
    21. Jota (Jota)
    22. Guaracha (Guaracha)
    23. Milonga (Milonga)
    24. Tango (Tango)
    25. Canto (Song)
    26. Gaita (Gaita)
    27. Malagueña (Malagueña)
    28. Pasillo (Pasillo)
    29. Porro (Porro)
    30. Vals (Waltz)

How to teach your dog their Spanish name

japanese spitz dog

Teaching your dog their name is a wonderful process that involves rewarding them with treats and attention. The first step is to find a quiet place with few distractions, get down to your dog’s level, and make eye contact. Use a cheerful tone and say their name once to get their attention. 

The next step is to reward your dog with a treat as soon as they look at you, using a clicker or an excited “Yes!” to mark the moment. This reinforces the idea that responding to their name brings positive outcomes. Consistent repetition throughout the day is essential for effective learning, and it should be done in a fun and engaging way. 

To ensure that keeping your dog is not a nightmare…

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About us: Pet Chao is a community for Asian dog breed enthusiasts. Our goal is to keep you and your four-legged friend healthy and happy by providing valuable resources and fostering a like-minded community.

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