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520+ Best Tibetan Mastiff Dog Names – Popular & Unique

Welcome to a comprehensive list of over 520 Tibetan Mastiff dog names, combining popularity and uniqueness. Whether you’re searching for a name for your male, female, or neutral Mastiff, exploring color-related or size-inspired options, or seeking ones inspired by destinations, famous people, or Tibetan origins, you’ll find the perfect ideal for your majestic companion. Let’s dive right in!

Top 520+ Tibetan Mastiff dog names with meanings

Male Tibetan Mastiff dog names

lion tibetan mastiff dog
    1. Ajax (Eagle)
    2. Apollo (God of music and arts)
    3. Asher (Happy, blessed)
    4. Bruno (Brown-haired)
    5. Cairo (Victorious)
    6. Caspian (From The Chronicles of Narnia)
    7. Dante (Enduring)
    8. Diesel (Powerful and energetic)
    9. Finnegan (Fair)
    10. Goliath (Great warrior)
    11. Griffin (Strong lord)
    12. Groot (Big, great)
    13. Hagrid (Giant from Harry Potter)
    14. Hiro (Generous)
    15. Jasper (Treasure)
    16. Jax (Son of Jack)
    17. Kairo (Victorious)
    18. Khan (Leader, ruler)
    19. Koda (Friend)
    20. Leo (Lion, brave)
    21. Loki (Trickster god)
    22. Magnum (Greatness)
    23. Maverick (Independent thinker)
    24. Orion (Hunter in Greek mythology)
    25. Ozzy (Divine power)
    26. Ragnor (Warrior’s judgment)
    27. Rocco (Rest)
    28. Rocky (Strong, solid)
    29. Sampson (Sun)
    30. Shadowfax (Horse from Lord of the Rings)
    31. Simba (Lion, strength)
    32. Sirius (Brightest star)
    33. Thor (Thunder god)
    34. Thorin (Bold)
    35. Titan (Powerful giant)
    36. Zeus (Sky god)
    37. Ziggy (Victorious protector)
    38. Zorro (Fox)

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Female Tibetan Mastiff dog names

    1. Aphrodite (Goddess of love)
    2. Aria (Melody)
    3. Arya (Noble)
    4. Athena (Goddess of wisdom)
    5. Calypso (Sea nymph)
    6. Celestia (Heavenly)
    7. Freesia (Flower)
    8. Freya (Norse goddess of love and fertility)
    9. Indira (Beautiful)
    10. Isolde (Fair lady)
    11. Jinx (Magical charm)
    12. Kali (Goddess of time and change)
    13. Kiara (Bright)
    14. Kiera (Dark-haired)
    15. Luna (Moon)
    16. Lyra (Lyre, musical instrument)
    17. Lyric (Words of a song)
    18. Moxie (Courage)
    19. Mystique (Enigmatic)
    20. Nala (Successful)
    21. Nymeria (Warrior queen from Game of Thrones)
    22. Nyx (Goddess of the night)
    23. Ophelia (Help)
    24. Pandora (All-gifted)
    25. Sable (Black)
    26. Selene (Moon goddess)
    27. Seraphina (Fiery-winged)
    28. Serenity (Tranquil)
    29. Solstice (Sun’s standstill)
    30. Soraya (Gem of the sky)
    31. Valencia (Strength, vigor)
    32. Valkyrie (Chooser of the slain)
    33. Vega (Falling star)
    34. Vespera (Evening star)
    35. Xena (Warrior princess)
    36. Zara (Princess)
    37. Zephyra (Gentle breeze)

Neutral Tibetan Mastiff dog names

    1. Arlo (Fortified hill)
    2. Ash (Tree)
    3. Aspen (Tree)
    4. Blaze (Flame)
    5. Casey (Brave)
    6. Dakota (Friend, ally)
    7. Echo (Reverberating sound)
    8. Ember (Burning coal)
    9. Finley (Fair warrior)
    10. Harper (Harp player)
    11. Indigo (Deep blue-purple color)
    12. Jasper (Treasure)
    13. Juniper (Evergreen shrub)
    14. Juno (Queen of the heavens)
    15. Marlowe (Driftwood)
    16. Mika (Beautiful fragrance)
    17. Phoenix (Mythical bird of fire)
    18. Quinn (Wise)
    19. Reese (Enthusiastic)
    20. Remy (Oarsman)
    21. Riley (Valiant)
    22. River (Flowing water)
    23. Rowan (Little red one)
    24. Sage (Wise and judicious)
    25. Skylar (Eternal life)
    26. Sydney (Wide meadow)
    27. Willow (Graceful)

Color-related Tibetan Mastiff puppy names

    1. Amber (Fossilized tree resin, golden-brown)
    2. Blu (Blue)
    3. Cinder (Ash-gray)
    4. Cobalt (Deep blue)
    5. Cocoa (Dark brown)
    6. Copper (Metallic reddish-brown)
    7. Coral (Pinkish-orange)
    8. Cyan (Greenish-blue)
    9. Ebony (Deep black wood)
    10. Fawn (Light yellow-brown)
    11. Hazel (Light brown)
    12. Indigo (Deep blue-purple)
    13. Ivory (White, creamy color)
    14. Jasper (Red or brown gemstone)
    15. Jet (Black mineral)
    16. Marigold (Bright yellow)
    17. Mocha (Dark brown coffee)
    18. Onyx (Black gemstone)
    19. Pearl (Smooth, white)
    20. Raven (Black bird)
    21. Ruby (Red gemstone)
    22. Rusty (Reddish-brown color)
    23. Sable (Black)
    24. Sage (Grayish-green)
    25. Sapphire (Blue gemstone)
    26. Shadow (Dark area, gray or black)
    27. Sienna (Brownish-red)
    28. Slate (Gray color)
    29. Tawny (Light brown)
    30. Velvet (Smooth and soft, dark color)

Size-based names for Tibetan Mastiff

lion tibetan mastiff dog
    1. Atlas (Mighty)
    2. Atom (Smallest particle)
    3. Button (Small and round)
    4. Colossal (Huge)
    5. Colossus (Giant statue)
    6. Everest (Tallest mountain)
    7. Gargantuan (Enormous)
    8. Goliath (Enormous)
    9. Hercules (Strong and large)
    10. Itsy (Tiny)
    11. Jumbo (Extremely large)
    12. Magnum (Greatness)
    13. Massive (Extremely large)
    14. Maxi (Maximum size)
    15. Micro (Very tiny)
    16. Midge (Very small)
    17. Mighty (Powerful and strong)
    18. Mini (Miniature)
    19. Mite (Very small insect)
    20. Munchkin (Very small and cute)
    21. Nano (Tiny)
    22. Pebble (Small stone)
    23. Peewee (Very small)
    24. Pint (Small amount)
    25. Pipsqueak (Very small and insignificant)
    26. Pixie (Tiny mythical creature)
    27. Sumo (Japanese heavyweight wrestler)
    28. Tinkerbell (Tiny and magical)
    29. Titan (Gigantic)
    30. Whopper (Extra large)

Food-inspired Tibetan Mastiff names

    1. Baba (Baba au Rhum – French dessert)
    2. Bagel (Ring-shaped bread roll)
    3. Baguette (Long, thin French bread)
    4. Biscotti (Italian almond biscuits)
    5. Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage)
    6. Brie (Soft, creamy cheese – French)
    7. Calzone (Folded pizza – Italian)
    8. Cannoli (Italian pastry filled with sweet cream)
    9. Caramel (Sweet, chewy confection)
    10. Ceviche (Citrus-marinated seafood – Peruvian)
    11. Ciabatta (Italian white bread)
    12. Colada (Pineapple-based Cuban drink)
    13. Croqueta (Small fried food roll – Spanish)
    14. Empanada (Stuffed pastry – Spanish)
    15. Fajita (Mexican grilled meat dish)
    16. Falafel (Fried chickpea balls – Middle Eastern)
    17. Falooda (Indian dessert beverage)
    18. Frittata (Italian egg dish)
    19. Gnocchi (Italian potato dumplings)
    20. Gouda (Dutch cheese)
    21. Gumbo (Louisiana soup with meat and vegetables – Creole)
    22. Gyro (Greek dish with roasted meat)
    23. Horchata (Mexican rice milk beverage)
    24. Jambalaya (Louisiana dish with meat, vegetables, and rice)
    25. Kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables)
    26. Latke (Potato pancake – Jewish)
    27. Macchiato (Espresso with a splash of milk – Italian)
    28. Marmite (Yeast extract spread – British)
    29. Miso (Japanese soybean paste)
    30. Mochi (Japanese rice cake)
    31. Mousse (Light and airy dessert)
    32. Muffin (Small baked quick bread)
    33. Naan (Indian flatbread)
    34. Nori (Edible seaweed – Japanese)
    35. Paella (Spanish saffron-infused rice dish)
    36. Panini (Italian pressed sandwich)
    37. Paprika (Ground spice made from peppers – Hungarian)
    38. Peking (Peking duck – Chinese)
    39. Pesto (Sauce with basil, garlic, pine nuts, and Parmesan – Italian)
    40. Quinoa (Nutrient-rich grain – Incan)
    41. Risotto (Creamy Italian rice dish)
    42. S’mores (Sweet treat with chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers)
    43. Saffron (Spice with a rich yellow color)
    44. Sashimi (Thinly sliced raw fish – Japanese)
    45. Scone (Baked pastry)
    46. Tahini (Middle Eastern sesame paste)
    47. Tikka (Indian dish with marinated and grilled meat)
    48. Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
    49. Udon (Japanese thick wheat noodles)
    50. Ziti (Pasta)

Destination-based names for Tibetan Mastiff

    1. Adria (Adriatic Sea)
    2. Alpine (Alps mountain range)
    3. Amalfi (Italian coastal town)
    4. Andes (Mountain range in South America)
    5. Aspen (Colorado ski resort town)
    6. Bali (Indonesian island)
    7. Berlin (Capital city of Germany)
    8. Bodhi (Enlightenment)
    9. Cairo (Capital city of Egypt)
    10. Capri (Italian island)
    11. Casablanca (Moroccan city)
    12. Caspian (Caspian Sea)
    13. Ceylon (Former name for Sri Lanka)
    14. Choephel (Excellent)
    15. Congo (River in Africa)
    16. Corsica (French island in the Mediterranean)
    17. Dakar (Capital city of Senegal)
    18. Dawa (Moon)
    19. Delhi (Capital city of India)
    20. Dharam (Religious duty or righteousness)
    21. Dolma (Tara, a female Bodhisattva)
    22. Dorje (Thunderbolt, diamond)
    23. Drolma (Tara, a female Bodhisattva)
    24. Dubai (City in the United Arab Emirates)
    25. Dublin (Capital city of Ireland)
    26. Durban (City in South Africa)
    27. Everest (Highest mountain in the world)
    28. Fiji (Pacific island country)
    29. Galapagos (Archipelago in Ecuador)
    30. Geneva (City in Switzerland)
    31. Grenada (Caribbean island)
    32. Havana (Capital city of Cuba)
    33. Helsinki (Capital city of Finland)
    34. Iceland (Nordic island country)
    35. Inca (Ancient civilization in South America)
    36. Istanbul (City in Turkey)
    37. Jampa (Maitreya, the future Buddha)
    38. Jamyang (Gentle voice)
    39. Java (Indonesian island)
    40. Jigme (Fearless)
    41. Kailash (Sacred mountain in Tibet)
    42. Karma (Action or destiny)
    43. Kilimanjaro (Mountain in Tanzania)
    44. Kunga (All-knowing)
    45. Kyoto (Japanese city known for its temples)
    46. Lhakpa (Good fortune)
    47. Lhasa (Capital city of Tibet)
    48. Lhundup (Spontaneously accomplished)
    49. Lombok (Indonesian island)
    50. Madrid (Capital city of Spain)
    51. Malibu (Beach city in California, U.S.)
    52. Malta (Mediterranean island country)
    53. Maui (Hawaiian island)
    54. Nairobi (Capital city of Kenya)
    55. Namgyal (Victorious)
    56. Napa (Napa Valley, California, U.S.)
    57. Nepal (Landlocked country in South Asia)
    58. Ngawang (Peerless one)
    59. Norbu (Jewel)
    60. Nyima (Sun)
    61. Odessa (City in Ukraine)
    62. Oslo (Capital city of Norway)
    63. Palden (Glorious)
    64. Pampas (South American grasslands)
    65. Panama (Central American country)
    66. Paris (Capital city of France)
    67. Pema (Lotus)
    68. Petra (Ancient city in Jordan)
    69. Pisa (Italian city known for the Leaning Tower)
    70. Prague (Capital city of the Czech Republic)
    71. Quebec (Province in Canada)
    72. Rangoon (Former capital city of Myanmar)
    73. Rhodes (Greek island)
    74. Rigzin (Knowledgeable one)
    75. Rio (River, also a city in Brazil)
    76. Sahara (African desert)
    77. Sangye (Buddha)
    78. Santiago (Capital city of Chile)
    79. Santorini (Greek island)
    80. Sedona (Arizona town known for red rocks)
    81. Seoul (Capital city of South Korea)
    82. Sierra (Mountain range in North America)
    83. Sonam (Merit or good fortune)
    84. Sydney (Australian city)
    85. Tahoe (Lake Tahoe, U.S.)
    86. Tashi (Good fortune)
    87. Tasmania (Australian island)
    88. Tenzin (Holder of Buddha Dharma)
    89. Tiber (River in Italy)
    90. Tobago (Island in the Caribbean)
    91. Trinley (Wish-fulfilling)
    92. Tsering (Long life)
    93. Tsomo (Beautiful)
    94. Ural (Mountain range in Russia)
    95. Valencia (City in Spain)
    96. Venice (Italian city known for canals)
    97. Vienna (Capital city of Austria)
    98. Yeshi (Meaning “meaning” or “wisdom”)
    99. Yonten (Quality or excellence)

Tibetan Mastiff names inspired by famous people

    1. Adele (Singer Adele)
    2. Amelia (Aviator Amelia Earhart)
    3. Angelou (Author and poet Maya Angelou)
    4. Aristotle (Philosopher Aristotle)
    5. Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom)
    6. Austen (Author Jane Austen)
    7. Bellatrix (Character from J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter”)
    8. Bowie (Musician David Bowie)
    9. Bowie (Musician David Bowie)
    10. Bronte (Authors Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë)
    11. Chaplin (Comedian and actor Charlie Chaplin)
    12. Cleopatra (Queen of ancient Egypt)
    13. Coco (Fashion designer Coco Chanel)
    14. Da Vinci (Artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci)
    15. Dali (Artist Salvador Dalí)
    16. Darwin (Naturalist Charles Darwin)
    17. Dumbledore (Character from J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter”)
    18. Edison (Inventor Thomas Edison)
    19. Einstein (Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein)
    20. Elton (Musician Elton John)
    21. Frida (Artist Frida Kahlo)
    22. Galadriel (Character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”)
    23. Galileo (Astronomer Galileo Galilei)
    24. Gatsby (Fictional character from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”)
    25. Harriet (Abolitionist Harriet Tubman)
    26. Hemingway (Author Ernest Hemingway)
    27. Hendrix (Musician Jimi Hendrix)
    28. Hepburn (Actress Audrey Hepburn)
    29. Houdini (Escape artist Harry Houdini)
    30. Jolie (Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie)
    31. Mandela (Nelson Mandela, anti-apartheid revolutionary)
    32. Marley (Musician Bob Marley)
    33. Monroe (Iconic actress Marilyn Monroe)
    34. Oprah (Media mogul Oprah Winfrey)
    35. Picasso (Artist Pablo Picasso)
    36. Sagan (Astronomer Carl Sagan)
    37. Serena (Tennis champion Serena Williams)
    38. Seuss (Author Dr. Seuss)
    39. Shakespeare (Legendary English playwright)
    40. Sinatra (Singer Frank Sinatra)
    41. Tesla (Inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla)

Tibetic names for your Tibetan Mastiff

lion tibetan mastiff dog
    1. Choekyi (Goddess Saraswati)
    2. Choephel (Intelligent)
    3. Dawa (Moon)
    4. Dolma (Goddess Tara)
    5. Dorje (Diamond)
    6. Dorjee (Indestructible)
    7. Drolma (Goddess Tara)
    8. Dzogchen (Great perfection)
    9. Gonpo (Protector)
    10. Gyalmo (Queen)
    11. Gyatso (Ocean)
    12. Jampa (Kindness)
    13. Jampa (Maitreya Buddha)
    14. Jamyang (Gentle)
    15. Jigme (Fearless)
    16. Kalsang (Good fortune)
    17. Karma (Action)
    18. Kelden (Golden)
    19. Kelsang (Good fortune)
    20. Khandro (Sky dancer)
    21. Kunga (All-knowing)
    22. Kunsang (Good fortune)
    23. Lhakpa (Goddess of fortune)
    24. Lhamo (Goddess)
    25. Lhundup (Spontaneously accomplished)
    26. Lobsang (Kind-hearted)
    27. Losang (Glorious)
    28. Namgyal (Victorious)
    29. Ngawang (Victorious in speech)
    30. Norbu (Jewel)
    31. Nyima (Sun)
    32. Palden (Glorious)
    33. Palzang (Stainless)
    34. Pema (Lotus)
    35. Phuntsok (Abundant)
    36. Rigzin (Holder of knowledge)
    37. Rinchen (Precious)
    38. Sangye (Buddha)
    39. Sonam (Merit)
    40. Tashi (Auspicious)
    41. Tenzin (Holder of the teachings)
    42. Thubten (Wise one)
    43. Thupten (Sublime)
    44. Topgyal (King of Dharma)
    45. Trinley (Compassion)
    46. Tsering (Long life)
    47. Tsomo (Goddess)
    48. Tsultrim (Discipline)
    49. Yangchen (Goddess of music)
    50. Yeshi (Wisdom)
    51. Yonten (Conqueror of the mind)

Chinese names for Tibetan Masstiff

    1. Bao (Treasure)
    2. Cai (Colorful)
    3. Chen (Morning)
    4. Cui (Green)
    5. Dào (Way)
    6. Fang (Fragrance)
    7. Gǔ (Ancient)
    8. Hua (Flower)
    9. Huan (Joy)
    10. Hóng (Red)
    11. Jia (Family)
    12. Jie (Clean)
    13. Jing (Calm)
    14. Jun (King)
    15. Jīng (Crystal)
    16. Kuai (Fast)
    17. Li (Strength)
    18. Lian (Graceful)
    19. Liang (Good)
    20. Ling (Delicate)
    21. Mei (Charming)
    22. Ming (Bright)
    23. Mèng (Dream)
    24. Qian (Modest)
    25. Shu (Kind)
    26. Shui (Water)
    27. Shàn (Kind)
    28. Tao (Peach)
    29. Tian (Heavenly)
    30. Wei (Precious)
    31. Xiao (Small)
    32. Xin (Heart)
    33. Xing (Star)
    34. Xiu (Elegant)
    35. Xuan (Mysterious)
    36. Xun (Swift)
    37. Ying (Cherry blossom)
    38. Yue (Moon)
    39. Yuán (Origin)
    40. Yuè (Moon)
    41. Yīng (Cherry blossom)
    42. Zhen (True)
    43. Zhi (Ambitious)
    44. Zong (Respected)

Japanese names for Tibetan Mastiff

    1. Aiko (Beloved child)
    2. Aimi (Love and beauty)
    3. Akemi (Beautiful sunrise)
    4. Daichi (Earth)
    5. Genki (Energetic)
    6. Hayate (Swift)
    7. Hikaru (Shining)
    8. Hiroshi (Generous)
    9. Hoshi (Star)
    10. Ichiro (First son)
    11. Izumi (Spring, fountain)
    12. Kaiju (Strange creature, monster)
    13. Kaito (Ocean flying)
    14. Kaname (Central)
    15. Kiku (Chrysanthemum)
    16. Kiyomi (Pure beauty)
    17. Kohana (Little flower)
    18. Kumo (Cloud)
    19. Michi (Path)
    20. Momo (Peach)
    21. Nozomi (Hope)
    22. Raiden (Thunder and lightning)
    23. Rei (Grace)
    24. Renka (Love song)
    25. Riku (Land)
    26. Rina (Elegant)
    27. Sakura (Cherry blossom)
    28. Satsuki (May, fifth month)
    29. Shiro (White)
    30. Sora (Sky)
    31. Suki (Loved one)
    32. Taichi (Big first)
    33. Tora (Tiger)
    34. Tsubaki (Camellia flower)
    35. Yori (Trust)
    36. Yua (Binding love)
    37. Yuki (Snow)
    38. Yume (Dream)
    39. Yuzu (Citrus fruit)

Spanish names for Tibetan Mastiff

    1. Amigo (Friend)
    2. Anita (Grace)
    3. Aurora (Dawn)
    4. Blanca (White)
    5. Bravo (Brave)
    6. Canela (Cinnamon)
    7. Carmela (Vineyard)
    8. Chiquita (Little one)
    9. Conchita (Little shell)
    10. Dulce (Sweet)
    11. Espero (Hope)
    12. Esteban (Crown)
    13. Felipe (Lover of horses)
    14. Fuego (Fire)
    15. Gitano (Gypsy)
    16. Isidro (Gifted with many crops)
    17. Jazmín (Jasmine)
    18. Leon (Lion)
    19. Luz (Light)
    20. Mancha (Stain)
    21. Marisol (Sea and sun)
    22. Matea (Gift of God)
    23. Nacho (Ignatius, fiery)
    24. Palito (Little stick)
    25. Pastel (Cake)
    26. Pilar (Pillar)
    27. Pinta (Spotted)
    28. Querido (Dear)
    29. Ricochet (Bounce back)
    30. Rodrigo (Famous ruler)
    31. Serena (Calm)
    32. Simba (Lion)
    33. Sol (Sun)
    34. Tango (Dance)
    35. Tita (Pet form of Teresa)
    36. Tito (Little giant)
    37. Torero (Bullfighter)
    38. Viento (Wind)
    39. Xavi (New house)

How to teach your Tibetan Mastiff name

lion tibetan mastiff dog

Positive reinforcement is key when teaching your dog’s name. Make sure to use a high-pitched, excited voice when saying their name and pair it with activities they enjoy, like mealtime, playtime, or going for walks. You can also reward them with treats or enthusiastic praise whenever they turn their head or look at you when you say their name.

Remember to keep training sessions short and frequent, and avoid using names that sound similar to commands like “come” or “stay,” as it can lead to confusion. By following these tips, you can make teaching your Tibetan Mastiff their name a successful and fun experience for both you and your furry friend.

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