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410+ Best Aussie Names for Dogs – Popular & Unique

Choosing a name for your furry buddy can be a super fun experience, and I’m here to help you find the perfect one from over 410 amazing Aussie names for dogs. How about we take inspiration from Australia’s unique culture, wildlife, or even other aspects? Let’s dive in and explore together!

What is a good Aussie dog name?

japanese spitz puppy names

When you are thinking about giving your pup a name, consider their personality, looks, and breed traits. It’s better to pick a name that’s short and sweet, with one or two syllables for easy recall. Just make sure it’s not too similar to common commands.

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most memorable moments of life. But before bringing your new best friend home, it’s vital to have all the right things to make sure the adoption is really smooth and makes them feel right. You may feel overwhelmed by tons of puppy products on sale and not sure what items your puppy actually needs. That’s why I’ve compiled this minimalist puppy checklist to help you get started.

410 best Aussie names for dogs with meanings

Most popular Aussie dog names

    1. Archie (Bold and brave)
    2. Bailey (Bailiff)
    3. Bear (Strong and brave)
    4. Bella (Beautiful)
    5. Buddy (Companion)
    6. Charlie (Free man)
    7. Chloe (Young green shoot)
    8. Coco (Chocolate)
    9. Cody (Helpful)
    10. Daisy (Day’s eye)
    11. Duke (Noble leader)
    12. Harley (Harsh meadow)
    13. Holly (To prick)
    14. Jasper (Treasure)
    15. Louie (Famous warrior)
    16. Luna (Moon)
    17. Max (Greatest)
    18. Molly (Star of the sea)
    19. Murphy (Sea warrior)
    20. Nala (Beloved)
    21. Oscar (Divine spear)
    22. Pepper (Spicy)
    23. Poppy (Red flower)
    24. Rocky (Solid as a rock)
    25. Rosie (Rose)
    26. Ruby (Precious gem)
    27. Sasha (Defender of mankind)
    28. Sophie (Wisdom)
    29. Stella (Star)
    30. Toby (God is good)
    31. Winston (Joyful stone)
    32. Zeus (God of the sky)
    33. Zoe (Life)

Male Aussie dog names

    1. Baz (Australian nickname for Barry)
    2. Bluey (Blue)
    3. Boomer (Large male kangaroo)
    4. Bronte (Thunder)
    5. Bundi (Short for Bundaberg)
    6. Bundy (Australian rum brand)
    7. Cobar (Place name)
    8. Croc (Crocodile)
    9. Digby (Farm by the ditch)
    10. Dingo (Wild Australian dog)
    11. Ernie (Earnest)
    12. Hunter (One who hunts)
    13. Jackaroo (Trainee farmer)
    14. Jett (Black gem)
    15. Joey (Baby kangaroo)
    16. Kai (Sea)
    17. Kip (Chicken)
    18. Neddy (Courageous)
    19. Nugget (Small lump of gold)
    20. Remy (Oarsman)
    21. Ringer (Skilled worker)
    22. Ripper (Excellent)
    23. Rocco (Rest)
    24. Rusty (Red-haired)
    25. Snags (Sausages)
    26. Taz (Tasmanian Devil)
    27. Turbo (Energetic)

Female Aussie dog names

    1. Billie (Resolute protector)
    2. Bindi (Little girl)
    3. Bonnie (Beautiful)
    4. Brandy (After the Australian drink)
    5. Delta (Change)
    6. Dolly (Gift of God)
    7. Evie (Life)
    8. Gemma (Precious stone)
    9. Jindy (Jindabyne – Australian town)
    10. Keira (Dark-haired)
    11. Kelpie (Australian sheepdog breed)
    12. Kimber (From Kimberly region)
    13. Maddy (Mighty in battle)
    14. Marnie (Rejoice)
    15. Nell (Bright, shining light)
    16. Nellie (Shining light)
    17. Nia (Purpose)
    18. Opal (Precious gem)
    19. Quinn (Wise)
    20. Roo (Short for kangaroo)
    21. Shazza (Australian nickname for Sharon)
    22. Tasha (Born on Christmas Day)
    23. Tilly (Mighty in battle)
    24. Willow (Graceful)
    25. Yara (Water lady)
    26. Zali (Victorious)
    27. Zara (Princess)

Neutral Australian puppy names

    1. Banksia (Australian flower)
    2. Bicky (Australian slang for biscuit)
    3. Boof (Slang for a friend)
    4. Bunyip (Australian folklore creature)
    5. Coral (Australian Great Barrier Reef)
    6. Croco (Short for crocodile)
    7. Digger (Excavator)
    8. Dunny (Australian slang for toilet)
    9. Esky (Australian slang for cooler)
    10. Gumdrop (Sweet)
    11. Gumnut (Seed of a eucalyptus tree)
    12. Kooka (Short for kookaburra)
    13. Nipper (Young one)
    14. Opie (Opal)
    15. Outback (Remote and rural areas of Australia)
    16. Pippin (Youngster)
    17. Puddle (Small pool)
    18. Ripple (Small wave)
    19. Sandy (From the sand)
    20. Slinky (Slinky, agile)
    21. Snaggle (Sausage)
    22. Snickers (Australian candy)
    23. Snuggle (Cozy)
    24. Tazzy (Short for Tasmanian Devil)
    25. Tinnie (Australian slang for a can of beer)
    26. Wallaby (Australian marsupial)
    27. Wattle (Australian flower)

Cute Australian dog names

shiba inu names
    1. Bubbles (Playful and bubbly)
    2. Bumblebee (Buzzing with cuteness)
    3. Buttercup (Bright and cheerful)
    4. Cuddlebug (Loves to cuddle)
    5. Cuddlepup (Loves to cuddle)
    6. Cupcake (Sweet and small)
    7. Dimples (Cute cheek indents)
    8. Doodlebug (Playful and doodly)
    9. Furrykins (Furry and cute)
    10. Fuzzy Wuzzy (Fluffy and lovable)
    11. Giggles (Happy and playful)
    12. Jellybean (Colorful and delightful)
    13. Lollipop (Sweet and joyful)
    14. Marshmallow (Soft and sweet)
    15. Muffin (Sweet and fluffy)
    16. Niblet (Small and cute)
    17. Noodle (Long and cute)
    18. Nugget (Small and precious)
    19. Peaches (Sweet and fuzzy)
    20. Poppet (Endearing and small)
    21. Puddle (Adorable and tiny)
    22. Snickers (Sweet and giggly)
    23. Snugglebug (Adorable cuddler)
    24. Snugglypaws (Cuddly and adorable)
    25. Sparky (Energetic and cute)
    26. Sprout (Small and growing)
    27. Squeaky (High-pitched and cute)
    28. Tickles (Ticklish and cute)
    29. Tinkerbell (Tiny and magical)
    30. Tootsie (Small and sweet)
    31. Twinkle (Sparkling with cuteness)
    32. Wiggles (Wiggly and cute)
    33. Wigglywoo (Wiggly and cute)

Badass Aussie dog names

    1. Banshee (Wailing spirit)
    2. Blade (Sharp and deadly)
    3. Blitz (Swift and aggressive)
    4. Cobra (Venomous snake)
    5. Diablo (Devilish and fierce)
    6. Draco (Dragon-like)
    7. Eclipse (Dark and mysterious)
    8. Fang (Sharp tooth)
    9. Goliath (Giant and powerful)
    10. Havoc (Destructive chaos)
    11. Inferno (Intense and fiery)
    12. Jinx (Bringer of bad luck)
    13. Maverick (Independent and bold)
    14. Nitro (Explosive and powerful)
    15. Nyx (Goddess of the night)
    16. Onyx (Black gemstone)
    17. Orion (Mighty hunter)
    18. Orion (Mighty hunter)
    19. Ragnar (Legendary warrior)
    20. Reaper (Harvester of souls)
    21. Riptide (Strong and forceful)
    22. Rogue (Rebellious and daring)
    23. Stormy (Tempestuous and wild)
    24. Stryker (Strong and aggressive)
    25. Tempest (Violent storm)
    26. Thunder (Powerful and loud)
    27. Titan (Powerful giant)
    28. Valkyrie (Warrior maiden)
    29. Valkyrie (Warrior maiden)
    30. Venom (Poisonous substance)
    31. Vortex (Powerful whirlpool)
    32. Zephyr (Powerful wind)

Elegant Aussie dog names

    1. Alaric (Ruler of all)
    2. Alessandra (Defender of the people)
    3. Ambrosia (Food of the gods)
    4. Anastasia (Resurrection)
    5. Arabella (Beautiful altar)
    6. Augustus (Great and magnificent)
    7. Aurelia (Golden and graceful)
    8. Caspian (From the Caspian Sea)
    9. Celestia (Heavenly)
    10. Elowen (Elf-friend)
    11. Evangeline (Bearer of good news)
    12. Felicity (Happiness)
    13. Genevieve (Of the race)
    14. Ignatius (Fiery)
    15. Isabella (Devoted to God)
    16. Isolde (Fair lady)
    17. Leonardo (Bold as a lion)
    18. Leopold (Bold people)
    19. Lorenzo (From Laurentium)
    20. Lucius (Light)
    21. Lysander (Liberator)
    22. Maximilian (Greatest)
    23. Octavia (Eighth)
    24. Odette (Wealthy)
    25. Ophelia (Help)
    26. Percival (Pierce the valley)
    27. Raphael (God heals)
    28. Remington (From the raven estate)
    29. Sebastian (Venerable and revered)
    30. Seraphim (Fiery and elegant)
    31. Seraphina (Fiery and elegant)
    32. Serenity (Peaceful and calm)
    33. Thaddeus (Courageous heart)
    34. Valentina (Strong and healthy)

Unique Australian dog names

    1. Banksia (Australian flower)
    2. Barramundi (Australian fish)
    3. Billabong (Australian pond)
    4. Boof (Slang for a friend)
    5. Boomer (Large male kangaroo)
    6. Brizzie (Australian nickname for Brisbane)
    7. Bunyip (Australian folklore creature)
    8. Didge (Short for didgeridoo)
    9. Dunny (Australian slang for toilet)
    10. Esky (Australian slang for cooler)
    11. Eucalyptus (Australian tree)
    12. Gumnut (Seed of a eucalyptus tree)
    13. Jarrah (Australian hardwood)
    14. Jumbuck (Australian slang for sheep)
    15. Kelpie (Australian sheepdog breed)
    16. Kookaburra (Australian bird)
    17. Nipper (Young one)
    18. Nullah (Waterhole)
    19. Opal (Precious gem)
    20. Quandong (Australian fruit)
    21. Quokka (Australian marsupial)
    22. Roo (Short for kangaroo)
    23. Snags (Sausages)
    24. Tazzy (Short for Tasmanian Devil)
    25. Tinnie (Australian slang for a can of beer)
    26. Yabbie (Australian freshwater crayfish)
    27. Yabby (Australian freshwater crayfish)
    28. Yowie (Australian folklore creature)

Famous Aussie dog names

    1. Banjo (Banjo Paterson – Poet)
    2. Cate (Cate Blanchett – Actress)
    3. Cathy (Cathy Freeman – Olympic athlete)
    4. Delta (Delta Goodrem – Singer)
    5. Elle (Elle Macpherson – Model)
    6. Hemsworth (Chris and Liam Hemsworth – Actors)
    7. Hugh (Hugh Jackman – Actor)
    8. Iggy (Iggy Azalea – Rapper)
    9. Jacko (Paul Hogan’s character in “Crocodile Dundee”)
    10. Keith (Keith Urban – Singer)
    11. Margot (Margot Robbie – Actress)
    12. Mel (Mel Gibson – Actor)
    13. Miranda (Miranda Kerr – Model)
    14. Naomi (Naomi Watts – Actress)
    15. Nick (Nick Cave – Musician)
    16. Nicole (Nicole Kidman – Actress)
    17. Olivia (Olivia Newton-John – Singer)
    18. Phar Lap (Famous racehorse)
    19. Rebel (Rebel Wilson – Actress)
    20. Ruby (Ruby Rose – Actress)
    21. Russel (Russell Crowe – Actor)
    22. Steve (Steve Irwin – Wildlife expert)
    23. Tim (Tim Minchin – Musician)
    24. Tottie (Tottie Goldsmith – Actress)
    25. Yvonne (Yvonne Strahovski – Actress)

Destination-inspired Aussie dog names

    1. Adelaide (Capital of South Australia)
    2. Alice (Alice Springs)
    3. Ayers (Ayers Rock – Uluru)
    4. Barossa (Barossa Valley)
    5. Bellarine (Bellarine Peninsula)
    6. Bondi (Famous beach)
    7. Brisbane (Capital of Queensland)
    8. Broome (Town in Western Australia)
    9. Byron (Byron Bay)
    10. Cottesloe (Beach suburb in Perth)
    11. Daintree (Daintree Rainforest)
    12. Darwin (City in the Northern Territory)
    13. Esperance (Town in Western Australia)
    14. Flinders (Flinders Ranges)
    15. Fraser (Fraser Island)
    16. Hobart (Capital of Tasmania)
    17. Hunter (Hunter Valley)
    18. Jervis (Jervis Bay)
    19. Kiama (Coastal town)
    20. Kimberley (Region in Western Australia)
    21. Lorne (Coastal town in Victoria)
    22. Melbourne (Cultural capital)
    23. Murray (Murray River)
    24. Ningaloo (Ningaloo Reef)
    25. Noosa (Noosa Heads)
    26. Perth (City in Western Australia)
    27. Portsea (Coastal town in Victoria)
    28. Reef (Great Barrier Reef)
    29. Rotto (Rottnest Island)
    30. Shoal (Great Australian Bight)
    31. Surfer (For beach-loving dogs)
    32. Sydney (City in Australia)
    33. Tasman (Tasman Sea)
    34. Whitsun (Whitsunday Islands)
    35. Wilson (Wilsons Promontory)

Food-inspired Aussie dog names

    1. Anzac (Anzac biscuit)
    2. Avocado (Popular fruit)
    3. Barramundi (Australian fish)
    4. Bickie (Short for biscuit)
    5. Caramel (Aussie caramel slice)
    6. Cherry Ripe (Chocolate bar)
    7. Choccy (Chocolate)
    8. Damper (Traditional Aussie bush bread)
    9. Esky (Iconic Australian cooler)
    10. Ginger (Ginger beer)
    11. Golden Gaytime (Iconic ice cream)
    12. Kakadu (National park)
    13. Lamby (Lamb meat)
    14. Lamington (Classic Aussie cake)
    15. Macadamia (Native Australian nut)
    16. Milo (Chocolate malt drink)
    17. Pavlova (Popular dessert)
    18. Pawpaw (Tropical fruit)
    19. Pippie (Shell used in Aussie cuisine)
    20. Prawn (Popular seafood)
    21. Tim Tam (Famous chocolate biscuit)
    22. Tim Tammy (Playful twist on Tim Tam)
    23. Tinnie (Australian slang for beer can)
    24. Vegemite (Australian food icon)
    25. Wallaby (Native Australian animal)
    26. Wattle (National floral emblem)

Culture-inspired Australian names for dogs

    1. Boomerang (Iconic Aboriginal tool)
    2. Boondie (Aboriginal word for good)
    3. Bunbury (Town in Western Australia)
    4. Bunjil (Creator spirit in Aboriginal mythology)
    5. Clancy (From “Clancy of the Overflow” poem)
    6. Cobber (Australian slang for friend)
    7. Cooee (Australian Aboriginal call)
    8. Coorong (Lagoon in South Australia)
    9. Corroboree (Aboriginal ceremonial gathering)
    10. Dharug (Aboriginal language group)
    11. Digger (Term for Australian soldiers)
    12. Dreamtime (Aboriginal creation mythology)
    13. Fair Dinkum (Genuine or true)
    14. Gidgee (Type of Australian tree)
    15. Jindabyne (Town in the Snowy Mountains)
    16. Kookaburra (Native bird known for laughter)
    17. Matilda (“Waltzing Matilda” anthem)
    18. Murri (Indigenous Australian slang for person)
    19. Ned (Iconic outlaw Ned Kelly)
    20. Nullah (Character in “Australia” film)
    21. Nullarbor (Vast plain in South Australia)
    22. Sundown (“The Man from Snowy River” poem)
    23. Swagman (Traveler with a bedroll)
    24. Tidda (Indigenous Australian slang for sister)
    25. Tiddalik (From an Aboriginal Dreamtime story)
    26. Tucka (Slang for food in Aboriginal language)
    27. Warragul (Aboriginal word for “wild”)
    28. Wombat (Native Australian animal)
    29. Yabba (Australian slang for talk)
    30. Yarra (Yarra River in Melbourne)
    31. Yidaki (Indigenous Australian musical instrument)
    32. Yindi (Band Yothu Yindi)

Music-inspired Aussie dog names

    1. Amity (Amity Affliction, Australian metalcore band)
    2. Anika (Anika Moa, New Zealand-born singer)
    3. Bee Gees (Famous group)
    4. Bliss (Bliss N Eso, Australian hip-hop group)
    5. Casey (Casey Donovan, Australian singer)
    6. Crowded (Crowded House, rock band)
    7. Delta (Delta Goodrem)
    8. Eskimo (Eskimo Joe, Australian rock band)
    9. Flume (Electronic music producer)
    10. Gossy (Ricki-Lee Coulter’s song “Gossy”)
    11. Gotye (Singer Gotye)
    12. Gurrumul (Indigenous musician)
    13. Hoodoo (Hoodoo Gurus, rock band)
    14. INXS (Legendary band)
    15. Jet (Rock band Jet)
    16. Jimmy (Jimmy Barnes, Australian rock singer)
    17. John (John Farnham, Australian rock artist)
    18. Keith (Keith Urban, Australian country singer)
    19. Kimbra (New Zealand-Australian singer)
    20. Kylie (Pop sensation Kylie Minogue)
    21. Men at Work (Famous band)
    22. Missy (Missy Higgins, Australian singer-songwriter)
    23. Molly (“Countdown” music show)
    24. Parkway (Parkway Drive, Australian metalcore band)
    25. Paul (Paul Kelly, Australian singer-songwriter)
    26. Preatures (Band The Preatures)
    27. Sheppard (Band Sheppard)
    28. Sia (Australian singer-songwriter)
    29. Tame (Tame Impala, Australian music project)
    30. Tash (Tash Sultana, Australian musician)
    31. Temper (Temper Trap, indie rock band)
    32. Tina (Tina Arena, Australian singer)
    33. Vance (Vance Joy, Australian singer-songwriter)
    34. Wolfmother (Rock band)

Animal-inspired Aussie dog names

    1. Bandicoot (Small marsupial)
    2. Bilby (Native marsupial)
    3. Bluey (Blue-colored animal)
    4. Boobook (Southern Boobook owl)
    5. Brumby (Wild Australian horse)
    6. Budgie (Budgerigar)
    7. Bunyip (Legendary Australian creature)
    8. Cassowary (Large flightless bird)
    9. Cockatoo (Australian parrot)
    10. Coral (Great Barrier Reef)
    11. Coralie (Coral reefs)
    12. Dingo (Wild dog native to Australia)
    13. Echidna (Spiky anteater)
    14. Emu (Large flightless bird)
    15. Frill (Frilled-neck lizard)
    16. Goanna (Australian monitor lizard)
    17. Jabiru (Large stork)
    18. Koala (Iconic Australian marsupial)
    19. Kookaburra (Native bird with laughter)
    20. Lyre (Lyrebird)
    21. Numbat (Termite-eating marsupial)
    22. Numbray (Numbat)
    23. Pademelon (Small marsupial)
    24. Platypus (Unique Australian mammal)
    25. Strider (Australian thoroughbred)
    26. Tas (Tasmanian tiger)
    27. Tasman (Tasmanian devil)
    28. Tawny (Tawny frogmouth)
    29. Thumper (Hopping kangaroo)
    30. Thylacine (Extinct Tasmanian tiger)
    31. Wallaby (Native Australian animal)

Sport-inspired Aussie dog names

    1. Cadel (Cyclist Cadel Evans)
    2. Cathy (Olympic sprinter Cathy Freeman)
    3. Cricket (Popular Australian sport)
    4. Dawn (Swimmer Dawn Fraser)
    5. Dusty (AFL star Dustin Martin)
    6. Ellia (Paralympic swimmer Ellie Cole)
    7. Farah (Rugby league player Robbie Farah)
    8. Footy (Australian slang for football)
    9. Freeman (Olympic champion Cathy Freeman)
    10. Hawk (AFL team Hawthorn)
    11. Hewitt (Tennis player Lleyton Hewitt)
    12. Kerr (Soccer player Sam Kerr)
    13. Kooka (Kookaburras, Australian field hockey team)
    14. Kyrgios (Tennis player Nick Kyrgios)
    15. Lang (Rugby union player David Campese)
    16. Lleyton (Tennis player Lleyton Hewitt)
    17. Makybe (Racehorse Makybe Diva)
    18. Phar Lap (Legendary racehorse)
    19. Ponting (Cricket legend Ricky Ponting)
    20. Ricciuto (AFL star Mark Ricciuto)
    21. Shazza (Tennis player Margaret Court)
    22. Slats (Cricket commentator Michael Slater)
    23. Steffi (Tennis player Steffi Graf)
    24. Tahu (Rugby league player Timana Tahu)
    25. Thorpe (Swimmer Ian Thorpe)
    26. Torvill (Ice skater Jayne Torvill)
    27. Wally (Rugby league legend Wally Lewis)
    28. Warne (Cricket legend Shane Warne)
    29. Winx (Champion racehorse)

How to teach your pet their Aussie dog name

japanese spitz puppy names

When you’re teaching your dog their name, start in a quiet place so that they don’t get distracted. Use treats or toys to get their attention and say their name loudly and clearly. Keep repeating their name in a positive tone while giving them rewards. Start with short sessions every day and then increase the difficulty level gradually. 

Also, try to incorporate the name into your daily routines, such as feeding or walks, to make it stick better. Consistency and positive reinforcement will help your pet learn and respond to their name reliably.

To ensure that keeping your dog is not a nightmare…

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For more valuable insights, check out the Free Online Dog Training Workshop conducted by Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall, renowned figures in dog training. This workshop can help your dog become calmer and more obedient, just like a service dog. It’s a free resource, but I’m not sure how long it’ll be available online, so it’s best to take advantage of it now.

About us: Pet Chao is a community for Asian dog breed enthusiasts. Our goal is to keep you and your four-legged friend healthy and happy by providing valuable resources and fostering a like-minded community.

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