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250+ Best Mexican Names for Puppies With Meaning

Looking for the perfect Mexican name for your furry friend is not just about picking a name; it’s about honoring Mexican culture and giving your pet a unique identity. Whether you want a name inspired by tasty Mexican food, stories, or history, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of 250+ Mexican names for puppies and find the perfect one with a special meaning.

What is a good Mexican name for a dog?

chinese names for puppies

Mexican names are great as they reflect the vibrant culture of Mexico. You can choose names inspired by their cuisines, like Taco or Salsa, or traditional ones like Diego or Frida. Whatever you choose, make sure it resonates with your dog’s personality and is easy to pronounce for everyone in your household.

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250+ Mexican names for puppies to choose from

Mexican female puppy names

    1. Adelita (noble or kind)
    2. Alejandra (defender of the people)
    3. Alma (soul)
    4. Camila (perfect)
    5. Carmen (garden)
    6. Catalina (pure)
    7. Celeste (heavenly)
    8. Chiquita (little one)
    9. Esperanza (hope)
    10. Frida (beautiful)
    11. Guadalupe (river of black stones)
    12. Isabella (devoted to God)
    13. Juana (God is gracious)
    14. Lucia (light)
    15. Luna (moon)
    16. Lupita (little wolf)
    17. Margarita (daisy)
    18. Mariposa (butterfly)
    19. Mia (mine or bitter)
    20. Nina (little girl)
    21. Paloma (dove)
    22. Renata (reborn)
    23. Rosa (rose)
    24. Rosita (little rose)
    25. Selena (moon goddess)
    26. Sofia (wisdom)
    27. Valentina (strong, healthy)
    28. Ximena (hearth or listener)
    29. Xochitl (flower)

Mexican male names for dogs

    1. Alejandro (defender of the people)
    2. Antonio (priceless)
    3. Arturo (bear)
    4. Carlos (strong and manly)
    5. Cesar (hairy)
    6. Emilio (rival)
    7. Enrique (ruler of the household)
    8. Felipe (lover of horses)
    9. Fernando (adventurous)
    10. Hector (holding fast)
    11. Hugo (intelligent)
    12. Ignacio (fiery)
    13. Javier (bright)
    14. Jorge (farmer)
    15. Juan (God is gracious)
    16. Lorenzo (laurel-crowned)
    17. Mario (warlike)
    18. Mateo (gift of God)
    19. Miguel (who is like God?)
    20. Pedro (rock)
    21. Rafael (God has healed)
    22. Ramon (wise protector)
    23. Raul (wolf council)
    24. Rico (strong ruler)
    25. Roberto (bright fame)
    26. Salvador (savior)
    27. Santiago (Saint James)
    28. Victor (conqueror)

Cute Mexican dog names

    1. Amigo (friend)
    2. Bombón (candy)
    3. Bonbon (sweet)
    4. Carita (little face)
    5. Chiquito (tiny)
    6. Churro (sweet pastry)
    7. Cosita (little thing)
    8. Cuddlebug (affectionate)
    9. Cupcake (sweet treat)
    10. Cutie Pie (adorable)
    11. Dulce (sweet)
    12. Estrellita (little star)
    13. Fideo (noodle)
    14. Flan (caramel custard)
    15. Galleta (cookie)
    16. Muffin (adorable)
    17. Nenito (little baby)
    18. Nenúfar (water lily)
    19. Nube (cloud)
    20. Osito (little bear)
    21. Pajarito (little bird)
    22. Panchito (little Pancho)
    23. Pelusa (fluff)
    24. Pepito (little Joseph)
    25. Pollito (little chick)
    26. Pompom (fluffy)
    27. Poppet (cute)
    28. Snickers (sweet candy)
    29. Sparky (full of life)
    30. Ternura (tenderness)

Funny Mexican dog names

    1. Amigo (friend)
    2. Burrito (small donkey or rolled-up tortilla)
    3. Cactus (spiky desert plant)
    4. Cajeta (caramel-like syrup)
    5. Chalupa (boat-shaped fried tortilla)
    6. Chicharrón (fried pork skin)
    7. Chimichanga (deep-fried burrito)
    8. Chispa (spark)
    9. Coco (animated film)
    10. Colita (little tail)
    11. Colmillo (fang)
    12. Enchilada (rolled tortilla with filling)
    13. Fiesta (celebration)
    14. Guayaba (guava, a tropical fruit)
    15. Guero (blond or fair-skinned)
    16. Huevito (little egg)
    17. Luchador (wrestler, inspired by Mexican wrestling)
    18. Macho Nacho (playful twist on “macho”)
    19. Maraca (traditional musical instrument)
    20. Nachos (tortilla chips with melted cheese)
    21. Pepito (common name in funny anecdotes)
    22. Piñata (decorated container filled with candies)
    23. Queso (cheese)
    24. Sombrero (traditional Mexican hat)
    25. Taco Bell (fast-food chain)
    26. Tamale (traditional Mesoamerican dish)
    27. Tequila (famous drink)
    28. Tortilla (flatbread)
    29. Tostada (toasted tortilla)
    30. Zorro (Spanish for fox, inspired by the masked hero)

Mexican food dog names

akita names
    1. Burrito (rolled-up tortilla)
    2. Cajeta (caramel-like syrup)
    3. Carnitas (slow-cooked pork)
    4. Ceviche (seafood dish)
    5. Chilaquiles (tortilla chips with sauce)
    6. Chimichanga (deep-fried burrito)
    7. Chocoflan (combination of chocolate cake and flan)
    8. Churro (fried-dough pastry)
    9. Cochinita (marinated pork)
    10. Empanada (filled pastry)
    11. Enchilada (rolled tortilla with filling)
    12. Flan (caramel custard dessert)
    13. Guacamole (avocado-based dip)
    14. Horchata (sweet rice drink)
    15. Mazamorra (sweet pudding)
    16. Michelada (beer-based cocktail)
    17. Mole (rich, flavorful sauce)
    18. Mollete (open-faced sandwich)
    19. Papaya (tropical fruit)
    20. Pastelito (small cake)
    21. Picante (spicy)
    22. Pozole (traditional soup)
    23. Queso (cheese)
    24. Salsa (spicy sauce)
    25. Sopapilla (fried pastry)
    26. Taco (delicious Mexican dish)
    27. Tamale (traditional Mesoamerican dish)
    28. Tamarindo (tamarind, a fruit)
    29. Tlayuda (large, crispy tortilla)
    30. Tostada (toasted tortilla)

Mexican gangster dog names

    1. Calavera (skull)
    2. El Bandido (the bandit)
    3. El Cazador (the hunter)
    4. El Chapo (infamous drug lord)
    5. El Diablo (the devil)
    6. El Fantasma (the ghost)
    7. El Gato Negro (the black cat)
    8. El Granuja (the rascal)
    9. El Intruso (the intruder)
    10. El Jinete (the rider)
    11. El Maleante (the thug)
    12. El Matador (the killer)
    13. El Rudo (the tough one)
    14. El Vengador (the avenger)
    15. La Callejera (the streetwise)
    16. La Cobra (the cobra)
    17. La Dama Negra (the black lady)
    18. La Fiera (the fierce one)
    19. La Ganga (the gang)
    20. La Garra (the claw)
    21. La Noche (the night)
    22. La Pantera (the panther)
    23. La Pistolera (the female gunman)
    24. La Reina (the queen)
    25. La Serpiente (the serpent)
    26. La Sombrita (the little shadow)
    27. La Víbora (the viper)
    28. Máquina (machine or tough)
    29. Sicario (hitman)
    30. Sombra (shadow)

Unique Mexican dog names

    1. Amoxtli (book)
    2. Atl (water)
    3. Cipactli (crocodile)
    4. Coatl (serpent)
    5. Cuauhtémoc (descending sun)
    6. Cuetlaxochitl (flower with leather petals)
    7. Ichtaca (dew)
    8. Itzcuintli (dog)
    9. Izquixochitl (white flower)
    10. Iztac (white)
    11. Mazatl (deer)
    12. Metztli (moon)
    13. Mizquic (deer)
    14. Nahualli (shapeshifter)
    15. Ocelotl (jaguar)
    16. Ohtli (path)
    17. Quetzalli (beautiful)
    18. Tecpatl (flint)
    19. Teocalli (temple)
    20. Tepoztecatl (god of pulque)
    21. Tezcatlipoca (smoking mirror)
    22. Tlamacazqui (high priest)
    23. Tlatoani (ruler)
    24. Tochtli (rabbit)
    25. Xipil (noble one)
    26. Xiuhcoatl (fire serpent)
    27. Xiuhuitl (turquoise)
    28. Xochiquetzal (flower feather)
    29. Yolotl (heart)
    30. Zolin (quetzal)

Badass Mexican dog names

    1. Anarquía ( anarchy)
    2. Calibre (caliber)
    3. Ciclón (cyclone)
    4. Desperado (desperate, bold)
    5. El Bravo (the brave)
    6. El Infierno (hell)
    7. El Jefe (the boss)
    8. El Lobo (the wolf)
    9. El Rayo (the lightning)
    10. El Titan (the titan)
    11. Escorpión (scorpion)
    12. Fuego (fire)
    13. Furia (fury)
    14. Goliat (inspired by the biblical giant)
    15. Gran Tormenta (great storm)
    16. La Bestia (the beast)
    17. La Guerrera (the warrior)
    18. Machete (a sharp, long knife)
    19. Némesis (revenge)
    20. Reina Negra (black queen)
    21. Sable (sword)
    22. Sanguinario (bloodthirsty)
    23. Sombra Oscura (dark shadow)
    24. Tigre (tiger)
    25. Tormenta (storm)
    26. Tornado (powerful and destructive force)
    27. Veneno (poison)
    28. Venganza (vengeance)
    29. Voraz (voracious)

How to teach your dog their Mexican name

chow chow puppy names

The first step is to pick a name that is easy to say and unique. Begin training your dog in a quiet and familiar place where there are fewer distractions. Use a happy and lively tone to say the name, and quickly reward your furry friend with a treat or a loving gesture. 

Keep practicing consistently to help them associate that new name with positive outcomes. Over time, with regular practice and positive reinforcement, your dog will learn their Mexican title and respond happily to you. 

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