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168 Excellent Dog Names From Movies to Get Inspired

Check it out! We’ve got a super cool list of 168 dog names from movies that will make your pup feel like a Hollywood star! Our list features names from classic movies like “Lady and the Tramp” to epic adventures in Middle-earth, each with a special meaning inspired by some of the most beloved characters on the big screen. Let’s get inspired by the magic of the movies and find your beloved pet the perfect name!

Top 168 dog names from movies with meanings

Dog names from Paw Patrol

dog names from movies
    1. Chase: The police pup with a keen sense of duty.
    2. Marshall: The clumsy but brave fire pup.
    3. Skye: The adventurous and agile aviation pup.
    4. Rocky: The resourceful mixed-breed pup who loves recycling.
    5. Rubble: The energetic construction pup who drives a bulldozer.
    6. Zuma: The playful and skilled water rescue pup.
    7. Everest: The fearless snow rescue pup who loves the mountains.
    8. Tracker: The bilingual jungle rescue pup who can sniff out anything.
    9. Rex: The dinosaur-loving pup who knows all about prehistoric times.
    10. Liberty: The Dachshund pup who joins the team in the movie.

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Dog names from 101 Dalmatians

    1. Pongo (Father)
    2. Perdita (Mother)
    3. Lucky
    4. Patch
    5. Rolly
    6. Penny
    7. Freckles
    8. Pepper
    9. Dipstick
    10. Wizzer
    11. Two-Tone
    12. Fidget
    13. Spotty
    14. Cadpig (in some versions)
    15. Dot (in some versions)

Dog names from Snow Dogs

    1. Diesel: The fierce lead dog.
    2. Mack: The playful and energetic member.
    3. Sniff: The tracker with a keen nose.
    4. Yodel: The vocal Husky.
    5. Scooper: The dog who loves digging.
    6. Duchess: The elegant and wise German Shepherd.
    7. Demon: The initially rebellious member.
    8. Yukon: A classic choice, referencing the Alaskan territory.
    9. Denali: The magnificent mountain range.
    10. Aurora: The breathtaking Northern Lights.
    11. Kiska: A type of Alaskan owl.
    12. Kodiak: The largest brown bear species.
    13. Nanook: The Inuit word for “polar bear.”
    14. Blizzard: A powerful winter storm.

Dog names from Lady and the Tramp

    1. Lady: Elegant and timeless choice.
    2. Darling: Sweet and innocent, like Lady’s owner.
    3. Pidge (or Pidgeon): Tramp’s cheeky nickname for Lady.
    4. Miss Lady: A playful take on Lady’s full title.
    5. Lassie: Kind and loyal, similar to Lady.
    6. Collie: Graceful and intelligent, referencing Lady’s breed.
    7. Trusty: Reliable and trusting, inspired by Lady’s bloodhound friend.
    8. Peg: Sassy and confident, like Lady’s Pekinese friend.
    9. Lulu: Gentle and caring, similar to Scamp and Angel’s mother.
    10. Diane: Stylish and sophisticated, inspired by Darling’s sister.
    11. Tramp: Rough around the edges but ultimately lovable.
    12. Butch: Tough and playful, inspired by Tramp’s friend.
    13. Scamp: Mischievous but with a good heart, Lady and Tramp’s son.
    14. Champ: Strong and confident, inspired by the handsome bulldog at the pound.
    15. Tony: Friendly and energetic, named after the Italian restaurant owner.
    16. Joe: Loves food and cooking, named after Tony’s chef.
    17. Jim Dear: Kind and gentle, Lady’s owner.
    18. Trusty: Reliable and loyal, a fitting name for a male dog.
    19. Bull: Big and boisterous, inspired by Tramp’s other friend.
    20. Woof-gang: Adventure-loving, inspired by the alley dogs’ gang.

Dog names from Homeward Bound

    1. Chance: The playful and optimistic American Bulldog who narrates the film’s journey.
    2. Shadow: The wise and loyal Golden Retriever, devoted to his young owner, Peter.
    3. Sassy: The sassy and resourceful Himalayan cat provides comic relief and unexpected solutions.
    4. Belle: The Golden Retriever who teaches Shadow some puppy tricks.
    5. Old Blue: The wise mountain lion who offers Shadow guidance.
    6. Sally: The friendly farm collie who helps Chance and Sassy escape a fox.
    7. The Raccoons: A mischievous trio who tries to steal Chance and Sassy’s food.

Names from Game of Thrones for dogs

    1. Ghost: For a loyal and silent presence, like Jon Snow’s faithful companion.
    2. Grey Wind: Ideal for a swift and strong dog, like Robb Stark’s loyal friend.
    3. Shaggydog: Perfect for a playful and shaggy pup, like Rickon Stark’s direwolf.
    4. Lady: Suitable for a graceful and gentle dog, like Sansa Stark’s beloved companion.
    5. Summer: Great for a happy and energetic dog, like Bran Stark’s playful direwolf.
    6. Stark: Simple and powerful, reflecting the family’s strength and loyalty.
    7. Lannister: A bold name highlighting the house’s wealth and cunning.
    8. Targaryen: For a dog with a fiery spirit and unique traits, like the dragons.
    9. Baratheon: A strong and honorable name, referencing the stag sigil.
    10. Greyjoy: Ideal for a fearless and adventurous dog, like the ironborn warriors.
    11. Arya: For a brave and independent dog with a mischievous streak.
    12. Tyrion: Perfect for a clever and resourceful dog with a big personality.
    13. Drogon: If your dog has a fierce appearance and fiery spirit, like Daenerys’ dragon.
    14. Samwell: Ideal for a gentle and loyal dog with a kind heart.
    15. Brienne: Suitable for a strong and noble dog with a protective instinct.
    16. Hodor: A funny and memorable name for a goofy and lovable dog.
    17. Varys: If your dog is a master of secrets and loves eavesdropping.
    18. Melisandre: For a mysterious and captivating dog with an unusual look.
    19. Hot Pie: A lighthearted name for a friendly and cheerful pup.
    20. Bronn: Perfect for a skilled fighter with a playful and sarcastic side.

Dog names from Lord of the Rings

    1. Aragorn: The heroic king.
    2. Boromir: A noble Gondorian warrior.
    3. Faramir: Boromir’s brother.
    4. Gimli: The fearless dwarf.
    5. Shadowfax: Gandalf’s powerful steed.
    6. Bilbo: The adventurous hobbit.
    7. Samwise Gamgee: Frodo’s loyal companion.
    8. Peregrin Took (Pippin): Merry’s mischievous partner.
    9. Legolas: The skilled elf archer.
    10. Arwen: Aragorn’s graceful elf love.
    11. Lórien: The serene elven realm.
    12. Goldberry: A river spirit known for her kindness.
    13. Barliman Butterbur: The friendly innkeeper at The Prancing Pony.
    14. Rosie Cotton: Sam’s love interest.
    15. Tom Bombadil: The mysterious forest guardian.
    16. Huán: The noble hound loyal to Beren and Luthien.
    17. Carcharoth: The monstrous wolf defeated by Huan.
    18. Ungoliant: The giant spider.
    19. Smaug: The greedy dragon.
    20. Morgoth: The first Dark Lord.

Dog names from Star Wars

dog names from movies
    1. Jedi: A classic choice, reflecting their inner wisdom and potential.
    2. Yoda: For a dog with wise eyes and a knack for unexpected pronouncements.
    3. Anakin: If your pup has a bit of a fiery spirit and mischievous streak.
    4. Rey: For a strong and resourceful dog who’s always ready for an adventure.
    5. Kylo Ren: Perfect for a dog with a mysterious aura and a playful, villainous side.
    6. Chewbacca: The iconic Wookiee, ideal for a furry friend who’s always by your side.
    7. Han Solo: For a quick-witted and adventurous dog who loves a good chase.
    8. Finn: Loyal and determined, perfect for a dog who always wants to help.
    9. Leia: A strong and independent pup with a commanding presence.
    10. Luke Skywalker: If your dog embodies hope and heroism with a touch of naivety.
    11. Jabba the Mutt: A funny name for a relaxed and cuddly dog who loves to lounge.
    12. Boba Fetch: For a playful pup who’s always up for a game of fetch.
    13. Wicket: If your dog is small and quick, like the Ewoks!
    14. BB-8: A cute and energetic name for a dog who loves to zoom around.
    15. Porgs: Adorable and squeaky, ideal for a small and vocal dog.
    16. Mandalorian: A cool and enigmatic name for a dog with a hidden warrior spirit.
    17. Snoke: If your dog has a wise and observant gaze, like the Supreme Leader.
    18. Dathomir: The home planet of the Nightsisters, for a dog with a touch of mystery.
    19. Ahsoka Tano: A strong and independent name for a female dog with a fiery spirit.
    20. Rex: A loyal and reliable name for a dog who stands by your side, like Captain Rex.

Dog names in Eight Below

    1. Max: The strong and confident leader of the pack, known for his loyalty and determination.
    2. Maya: The wise and experienced older dog, respected by the pack for her knowledge and calm presence.
    3. Old Jack: The gruff but reliable veteran, respected for his strength and resilience.
    4. Dewey: The playful and mischievous one, always ready to bring some fun to the pack.
    5. Shorty: The smallest and fastest dog, known for his agility and quick thinking.
    6. Truman: The quiet but observant one, often the first to sense danger.
    7. Buck: The powerful and independent Alaskan Malamute, known for his courage and independence.
    8. Shadow: The other Alaskan Malamute, a loyal companion who follows Buck’s lead.

Names from Harry Potter for dogs

    1. Harry: Classic and familiar, for a brave and adventurous dog.
    2. Hermione: Intelligent and loyal, ideal for a dog who loves solving problems.
    3. Ron: Friendly and playful, perfect for a mischievous and fun-loving pup.
    4. Sirius (or Padfoot): For a mysterious and loyal dog with a playful side.
    5. Dumbledore: Wise and kind, suitable for a calm and gentle dog.
    6. Gryffindor: Brave and bold, ideal for a courageous and energetic dog.
    7. Ravenclaw: Intelligent and witty, perfect for a clever and curious pup.
    8. Hufflepuff: Loyal and hard-working, suitable for a friendly and reliable dog.
    9. Slytherin: Cunning and resourceful, ideal for a dog with a confident and independent streak.
    10. Hedwig: Loyal and fearless, perfect for a dog who loves adventures.
    11. Fang: Hagrid’s gentle giant, suitable for a big and protective dog.
    12. Scabbers: Ron’s pet rat, could be a funny name for a small and mischievous pup.
    13. Crookshanks: Hermione’s cat, ideal for a clever and independent dog.
    14. Norbert: A dragon hatchling, perfect for a fiery and energetic pup.
    15. Patronus: A powerful charm, ideal for a dog who always protects you.
    16. Expecto Patronum: The Patronus charm incantation, for a unique and magical name.
    17. Hogwarts: The iconic school of magic, for a dog who’s full of wonder and potential.
    18. Diagon Alley: The hidden wizarding street, perfect for a mysterious and adventurous pup.
    19. Honeydukes: The sweets shop, suitable for a dog with a sweet tooth.
    20. Luna: For a quirky and unique dog like Luna Lovegood.
    21. Dobby: A loyal and selfless house elf, suitable for a loving and helpful dog.

Nightmare Before Christmas dog name

    1. Zero: Classic and iconic, for a loyal and ghostly companion.
    2. Jack: For a mischievous dog with a big imagination.
    3. Sandy Claws: Jack’s mangled version of Santa, for a playful and quirky pup.
    4. Sparky: Zero’s original name, for a sparky and energetic dog.
    5. Pumpkin King: Jack’s self-proclaimed title, for a confident and leader-like pup.
    6. Oogie Boogie: The creepy bug monster, for a dog with a playful monster side.
    7. Lock, Shock, & Barrel: The mischievous trio, for a playful and spirited dog (or three!).
    8. Mayor: The bumbling yet lovable leader, for a friendly and goofy pup.
    9. Sally: The kind and creative ragdoll, for a gentle and artistic dog.
    10. Beetlejuice: The mischievous poltergeist, for a dog with a knack for getting into trouble.
    11. Santa Paws: An adorable twist on Santa Claus, for a jolly and generous dog.
    12. Elfie: A playful take on the elves, for a helpful and energetic pup.
    13. Reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, or any other reindeer name, for a festive and spirited dog.
    14. Nutcracker: The heroic toy soldier, for a brave and protective pup.
    15. Snowflake: A beautiful and delicate name, for a calm and elegant dog.
    16. Spooky: A universal Halloween-themed name for a dog with a mysterious aura.
    17. Nightmare: Embrace the film’s title for a playful or edgy name.Boogie: Short and sweet, referencing Oogie Boogie for a mischievous pup.

Dog from Smokey and the Bandit

The dog from Smokey and the Bandit is named Fred! He’s a loveable Basset Hound who belongs to Snowman (Jerry Reed), Bandit’s partner in the beer-smuggling adventure. Fred may not be the most active participant in the race, but he adds a touch of humor and warmth to the film with his relaxed attitude and occasional sassy reactions.

Dog name from Little Rascals

The “Little Rascals” is a classic American comedy short film series about a group of poor neighborhood children and their adventures. One of the most famous characters in the series is a dog named Petey, who is an American Pit Bull Terrier with a distinctive black ring around his eye.

I Am Legend dog name

In the movie “I Am Legend,” the main character, Robert Neville (played by Will Smith), has a loyal companion, a German Shepherd. The dog’s name is Sam. If you’re looking for a dog name inspired by “I Am Legend,” Sam could be a fitting and meaningful choice for your canine friend.

Name of dog in Wizard of Oz

The dog in Wizard of Oz has one iconic name: Toto. He is a small Cairn Terrier whose presence alongside Dorothy adds a touch of loyalty, humor, and charm to the film. While various breeds were used throughout filming, the name Toto stuck and became synonymous with the character.

Name of John Wick’s dog

In the “John Wick” film series, the character John Wick, portrayed by Keanu Reeves, has a dog named Daisy. Daisy is a Beagle puppy given to John by his late wife as a final gift before her death. The tragic events that unfold in the first movie are set in motion when John Wick’s car and Daisy are targeted by a group of criminals. Daisy holds sentimental value for John, making her an important character in the series.

How to teach your dog their movie dog names

car trips with dogs

Teaching movie dog names can be fun. First, pick a name that’s easy to say and matches their personality. Don’t choose names that sound like commands or commonly used words. 

During training, reward your dog for responding to their name by praising them, giving them treats, or petting them. This will help them learn faster. Use the name in exciting situations, like when it’s mealtime, playtime, or walks, to reinforce the connection. That’s it!

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